Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Park Place

You are going to GAG on this in a minute, Cam!! 

Oh boy-- here I am. First Sunday Surgery in a long time!! Pressure is on and I'm WOEFULLY unprepared! I found out my DVR kicks off the GH shows after 5 days so I don't even have all the episodes to watch. I had to go to and you tube to catch some clips. I admit it right now, I didn't watch all 10 days I missed. Nope!! I will try to provide you with my impressions of the show at this stage however in the only way I can, full on snark and fun. 

I ate so much on vacation, I'm giving it up for awhile. Only water and small thin mints. (don't believe it!!)

REPEATS:  Let us address the elephant in the studio. ABC decides to show FOUR repeats, all in a row at the end of August. Why? Well, according to Nathan Varni (big-pants programmer), GH only tapes so many shows. They "anticipate" x amount of interruptions due to various press conferences. This year, there wasn't that many so they didn't tape enough shows. I know, I know--but that's what he said and..welp.  Whatever. Way to get those ratings going. Do other soaps do this? I'm thinking no. Anyway, if you watched  the reruns, you saw Nathan get shot again...him dying and Peter almost dying from carbon monoxide.  Which was weird because the shows weren't even connected.  
IDEA: Why didn't you show the old Ryan/Felicia/Kevin clips? People would have LOVED that and tuned in to get caught up. Why do we have to think of all the good things anyways!? 

MOMENTS OF NOTE:  I'm going to show my fave moments from the past few weeks, see if you agree. 

DONNA MILLS!! Here comes the Nina's baby didn't die story!! Yet another 'not known or hidden kid" story.  Almost every woman on this show has had one. It's Nina's turn. Is the girl Kiki? Margot? Some newbie? I'm thinking Kiki because no one cares about Margot. Seriously. No one. 

THE GLORY OF AVA:  It was no secret that I didn't like the Ava/Griffin story. Seriously, I did not want Ava to grovel or try to be a good girl for some weak priest with puppy dog eyes. She should have slept with him for fun and retained her core bitch status. Anyway, I love her going after Griffin and hope she just keeps it up. Vengeful Ava is great Ava. Can you imagine if Kiki IS Nina's kid? Oh boy...fireworks! 

THE TWINS:  Yes, I loved Ryan Chamberlain. Very slick and evil without the cartoon villain edge we see so often. I'm intrigued. Not to say there's not problems (there's always stuff I can complain about!), but JL having this story and Genie coming back are reasons to watch. 

PENCIL DRAMA:  So much going on here. It's obvious that they are going in the direction of a gender non-conformity story with Aiden. Will he be gay? Will he just like traditional 'girlie' stuff? Will he have gender questions? Not sure but it wasn't lost on me that Franco addressed this with the boys after he had that talk with Terry. 

OMG..seriously, Kiki--SERIOUSLY? 
Well, I mean.. I... 
You KNOW this would come out in court....I told you to tell me
Well, I couldn't...because..I um..
Save it. Don't talk to me. I'm done. 

Wubs Says:
I'm really surprised that Bensch wasn't found innocent. It would have been better, imo because it would mean that the public didn't believe her due to her 'past' and she should have told Alexis in the first place. Bensch could have bragging rights at GH, go around all cocky then end up dead. That's how I would have played it anyway! 

CHANDRA'S FIX MY LIFE:  ER Star Chandra Wilson turned up for family counseling. Great dialog and acting, I enjoyed this!  It was prob a one-off but I thought it was done well. 

OH SHIT:  Poor Brad... switched his dead baby for a live baby and now the bio mama's comin' back for him. But since it's not the bio-baby but a Nello-baby, how can he not tell and allow Wiley to be raised by God only knows who? Julian is the perfect person to help him, btw. Nice mix of characters here. 

 I DON'T CARE MOMENTS: There were a few! 

Well, you see, we'll have a lot of scenes together, usually eating or drinking beers and then they have us test our chemistry in awkward ways...
Like what? 
Oh, you'll put your hair up in a pony tail...we'll kiss...we'll try to banter... 

Will it work? 


Yea... uh..huh. Ok, so you want the wings and the nachos? To Go? Yeah... ok. No, no we aren't busy. I actually spent 90 minutes on our chalk board specials for today.  Even had to take my flannel shirt off so I didn't get chalk dust on it. Ok, so cool. See you in 30 min. 

Literally--no one wanted to see this.  Of all the people in all the world....Cassandra? Really?! 

Mixed feelings. The funeral seemed so OTT for the usual baby dying on GH.  I 'get' it--but...I didn't "get it". 


TIP OF THE WEEK:  Now, kids eating is a integral part of acting. Believe me, when they bring the food out, you chomp it. 

SURPRISE OF THE WEEK:  I usually see things coming. This--NOPE!! I was liking Oscar (for once) when he was giddy about riding the motorcycle. When he said "dont' tell my mom" I thought for sure there would be a head injury involved. Seizure? Hmmmm..interesting!!!

FACE OF THE WEEK: Aunt Stella isn't having it! 

STORY IDEA OF THE WEEK: (You know I have a ton)  *disclaimer: this in no way reflects the actors on the show or me "shipping anyone"--it's just a story idea. So.. chill 
Dr. Kim and Drew get killed suddenly and non-spoiled to the audience so it's a complete shock. The two of them decide to go surprise Oscar and take him to a Bills game. They have to get tailgaiting supplies and on the way get in a head on collision with Mike, who's taken Sonny's car in one of his episodes.  (solving the Mike end-solution he could either die or Sonny would have to put him in a care facility). 
Oscar is left without parents and Jason steps in to help him through HS. I really liked Burton and the kid --it would give Jason pause and reflection and a last tribute to his twin. He'd even move into the Q mansion where Monica would also help Oscar through all this.  

That's a wrap, Wubbers!! I'm still fighting the jet lag-- it's nutty. Worth it but still I'm sick of falling asleep at odd times!! As far as the state of GH goes, I'm intrigued by some stories and could leave a few too. I really am not caring about the Anna, Finn Cassandra stuff or whatever happens to Peter. Nest week I start work on Tuesday because school's in session--!!  I think I told you my schedule is looking rough for 2 days of live stuff but we shall see!! 

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! 


  1. "Well, you see, we'll have a lot of scenes together, usually eating or drinking beers and then they have us test our chemistry in awkward ways...
    Like what?
    Oh, you'll put your hair up in a pony tail...we'll kiss...we'll try to banter...
    Will it work? "

    HELL NO it won't work!!! I don't give a rats behind about Margot ever since she is keeping the flash drive of memories from Drew!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    "Literally--no one wanted to see this. Of all the people in all the world....Cassandra? Really?!"

    I rather have her, than Pinocchio nose!!! Although Cassandra's scenes could have been better. She is playing her scenes as if she has a migraine! ROFL! It was strange..

    "Wubs Says: I'm really surprised that Bensch wasn't found innocent. It would have been better, imo because it would mean that the public didn't believe her due to her 'past' and she should have told Alexis in the first place. Bensch could have bragging rights at GH, go around all cocky then end up dead. That's how I would have played it anyway!"

    Hmmm interesting storyline idea hubby Wubs has! :)


    Hmmm interesting idea!!! Although I don't really want Drew to die. :(

    1. Ditto Sonya, no Drew dying so it's good that Karen isn't serious bahaha! Can't stand Cassandra but love the actress. Can't stand Stella, loved seeing Greys Bailey actress. She was good. Also enjoyed the scene with Jason and Oscar.

  2. Wow. So Liz actually has 3 boys. Would be nice to see her with all 3. Why wasn't she in that scene?

  3. has anyone watched the new season of Roseanne? Darlene's son was very gender fluid. at times it was well done. at times it really was uncomfortable. (not the storyline, but the writing/acting)

    when I saw the Aiden scene with the pencil, it reminded me of that. Literally, 100% of Roseanne. I thought the writers here did a fantastic job. It was SUPPOSED to make Cam look like he was bullying, but in reality, if you read between the lines, he was indeed protecting his little brother. He just went about it the wrong way.

    Keep in mind that the kids are on as often as Haley's Comet, so the next time this will be brought up will be Aiden's senior prom. I felt they really did the storyline justice and was well written and acted.

    Imagine if the show is still on 10 years from now. And the 3 brothers are adults and leads on the show?

    I dont want drew to die, although it was a good scenario and would work. I adore Billy and just want them to give him scripts that are worthy of his talent. I do believe that Oscar getting sick will....

    (Dave's spoiler alert. actually, speculation alert)

    bring jason and drew together and closer when drew sees jason show a human side to him. oscar's illness will require medical attention which will reveal that kim is not his bio mom. margot is. margot is trying to repress drew's memories because she doesnt want him to remember that she is oscar's mom and gave him up for adoption. this is why kim said she recognized margot (i know, they were on another show together...) but possibly kim briefly saw margot at the adoption or afterward.

    my speculation. that's all

    great sunday surgery Karen! I couldnt have done it better myself!!!

    1. Oh that's good Dave, I could get on board with that. I love Billy too and down the road I can see Drew and Jason becoming closer, if Franco and Drew can then so can the they.

  4. Quick thoughts:
    -PUT ANNA AND ROBERT BACK TOGETHER!I'm getting sick and tired of Anna and Finn.

    - Did Margot ever explain why she has a vendetta against Sonny? I've a feeling, we going the Reese route with this.
    Bad prediction: she accidently falls in love with Drew, they become a couple, then Drew RANDOMLY FINDS the flash drive, gets pissed with Margot, Margot turns into a blubbering mess, and they break up. The problem? This going to last for at least 6 months to A YEAR!

    Mike prediction: Similar to Edward, Mike will meets his great grandson*, Jonah/Wiley, on his deathbed, and the baby will be renamed Michael "Mike/Mikey" Quatermaine IV

    *By the way, has Rocco even SEEN Mike recently or did they forget about him?

  5. Theory (sorry if this has been around before) but Kevin/Ryan - while we're made to believe that Kevin is the one free and Ryan is the patient, technically they are both Ryan. "Kevin" is really Ryan and the patient Ryan is Kevin with Ryan's memories!

  6. Dave, I watched all of the Roseanne season, sad that the show ended. ITA with your take on the show.

  7. As far as Margoo, when Curtis was going I've her history with Drew, he said her maiden name was Marino. I think this has something to do with Sonny's mob connections and possibly the body mucking up the foundation of Charlie's. Wasn't Marino a mob family Sonny did business with at some point?? I really wish they would stop with the Drew/Margoo pairing. It's unbelievable that he would have anything to do with a lawyer, let alone a DA, given his history as Jason and his connections to Sonny.
    I really, REALLY hope this is the end of Ava and Griffin. They have annoyed me for far too long and Ava is so much more interesting without him.
    I've already said that Kiki turning out to be Nina's daughter would be a huge mistake and I still stick by that. What the heck was the point of having Ava sleep with Morgan and Kiki sleep with Griffin if there's no mother/daughter angle to it??? Have it be Nelle instead.
    The Cameron/Aiden incident did remind me of Roseanne. Going to a transgender story with a kid that young is risky, especially since they already had a short blob involving the dance and Joss and Oscars friend and bullying etc. maybe this is the whole point of the Terri character, to have her lecture Aiden on following his heart, and then disappear to rewrite land.
    Oscar's seizure came out of nowhere but I'm sure Kim will find some way to blame it on mob activity. I rewatched some old Sonny Carly scenes when she was Carly and remembered that her turning Carly into a whiny wimp was one of the reasons I got back on the Carly hate-train and never quite got off of it.

  8. I have zero interest in Margot and do not feel any chemistry between her and Drew. I have no interest in watching a gender identity storyline for a child. I do not want Margot to be Nina's and she seems too old for that anyway. I do not see any point to have Nelle be Nina's since she is not on anymore. I would like Nina's child to be Kiki because Ava would still be her mom and there would be a lot of emotional scenes between the two and between Ava and Nina. I would like Drew to become involved with Liz again. I don't like Friz. I really don't mind Peter anymore , but very much wish he wasn't Anna's and that whole rewrite never happened.

  9. Alicia and Kathy M...I agree with you both about the Aiden story they've been hinting at. I don't care about GH "Breaking New Ground". They need to go back to writing some actual soap storylines with a beginning, a middle and an END and stop throwing all these short term stories in just to try to pull in more viwewers. Try keeping the ones you've got,GH because going that route is going to lose you some more. Boys and girls at that age often have interests that friends have, even ones of the opposite sex. It doesn't mean they need a label attached to them. They're kids being kids. Try having them show up on screen once in a while just being kids and we'll all be happy.

    I also can't stand Margot. And if Haley is leaving the show, don't recast her. Just start using some of the other actors you have; ones that fans have been screaming for. JMHO

  10. I agree with much of what everyone is saying. But, as far as Nina's daughter, I don't see why she has to be someone already on canvas, can't she be someone new? NOT that we need more newbies, but why would her long-lost daughter have to be in Port Charles, why would that make sense?

    1. It happened with Alexis and Sam so why not Nina and possibly Kiki. Haha!!

  11. Who is Haley that is leaving the show? Is that the actress playing Molly?

  12. Just looked it up. There's Haley Pullos playing Molly and Hayley Erin playing Kiki. Which one is leaving?

  13. I agree. Don't keep recasting. I like Jordan, but since she is leaving, I'd rather not see a recast I don't know. Have Curtis find someone else????? Just play the actors you have on a consistent basis. I agree.

  14. Hayley Erin (Kiki) has joined the cast of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars spinoff. It is only in the pilot stage. If it is picked up she would probably leave the show.But that is still a big "IF"

  15. E! News has confirmed that Freeform has handed out a 10-episode first season order to Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, the spinoff to the network's wildly successful PLL franchise from creator I.

  16. I don't really care for the role of Kiki. Hopefully if she is leaving, they won't make her Nina's daughter.


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