Monday, September 10, 2018

Free Pour


Sonny and Jason talk about Mike. His nurse and driver lost him??? ? Okay. SO Mike's out hacking the hell out of the gas line in the basement of Charlie's. He staggers upstairs and sees Krissy. Freaks out, tells her to leave (not the poor other saps in there). Julian and Krissy think he's just having an episode.  Mike sits down and appears to have forgotten why he's there. Julian smells something. 

*Note: Julian told Kristina she should free pour drinks-- which is the only way to do it. 

Nina makes that BABY leap again.  She didn't sing though. blah blah. Maxie thinks they should go out for a drink and movie. Does she remember she has a baby at home?? WTF? 

Michael tells Carly that Nelle wrote him from prison. Carly's all "She can't write you" Yada yada. Michael says "we both lost our son so..." and BRAD walks in. Of course. Carly asks Brad to join them. 

Ok, I am just too tired. SORRY-- I'll try to catch the rest later. Wubsy OUT. 


  1. i agree with the baby stuff.too much.GH needs romance. back to baby stuff maybe oscar is nina's.

  2. Oscar is too young and he's not a girl.

    I've getting very tired of Brad's guilty looks too, kd. Enough already with the baby stuff. Either correct it or leave it alone for a decade or two.

  3. i have a different angle about Nina's revelation she has a child.....

    I looked at it like a woman desperate to THINK that - not that she really believed it or that she was a great P I
    that everyone will tell her she's 'crazy' to think that - but she did have several meltdowns before about wanting a baby.

    SO I didn't think it was a huge leap to have her go that way...

    I will hurt people if the baby's identity isn't resolved by 2019............

    1. LOL!! Just made my day reading that!! I so agree!

  4. Nothing will be resolved until 2019. Not even Sam and Jason. At this point, I could care less about Jasam.

  5. then I will have to hurt people!!!!!!

    I could not BELIEVE their interaction last Friday - NO sparks - nothing - just a stupid form to sign - nothing indicating they are getting back together -
    writers, people are not caring anymore -

    you aren't even TEASING their chemistry like when they were in Europe having fun....and being flirty....even on a mission.

  6. please no more jasam. I prefer dream. drew is better for the children.

  7. Crimson:

    Maxie and Nina: I was thinking well, maybe Maxie finally convinced Nina that her daughter isn't alive. I hope so! I want Nina to not think about her baby and then get the surprise of her life!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    ValeNina: SAD!!!! :( When she gave him back the rings, it broke my heart! :(

    Maxie and Nina: Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: Okay that convinced absolutely no one.

    ROFL! Awww Nina still loves V.C.!!!!! :(

    Curtis and V.C.: OH!!! Spinny is part of helping? Awesome!!!!

    Michael, Carly, Brad and Jonah: I thought for a second that Brad was going to spill something on the Nelle letter!

    Michael and Carly: What a hysterical letter!!! :) Yeah Michael you are not going to believe the crap in the letter are you?

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Basement: MIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you just standing there!!! RUN!!! I thought he left the wrench at first.

    Upstairs: So glad Julian smelled the gas and got everyone out!!!! Whew! Oh rats! You left the wrench Mike!!!!!!! Oh of course Krissy fell! ROFL! Every 80's movie women fall.. What made her fall? A fallen chair? Saint Jason flew in with his cape!! :) Don't forget that damn wrench!!!!

    Outside: Poor confused Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO EXPLOSION!!!!!! How is the wrench? Is it okay?!!?!?!

  8. "Barbara said...I will hurt people if the baby's identity isn't resolved by 2019............"

    Will you cut a bitch? :) ROFL!

  9. Please give Michael his baby back!!!!

  10. I could'nt agree more with all of the above! The show has gotten so dark! The baby stuff,poor Mike and then the kicker for me was Oscar. I just lost my brother to brain cancer. Just two months ago. He was diagnosed and then gone. Im grateful he didn't have to suffer. Im not a neuro oncologist but I did do some research and can't understand how Oscar was diagnosed so long ago and hasn't had any symptoms or stayed relatively healthy for all this time but like I said, Im not a nuero oncologist. Anyway,I wish the show was a little brighter. Im glad Im not alone with that. I really LOL when I read Barbaras comment! Soo funny! Have a blessed day!

  11. Gracegirl, so sorry for your loss.


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