Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Just ignore that last post down there!! I made it home by 2:30 so I'll jump into the show. The rest of the week still looks like crap but at least I can catch some of today.

If you wonder why I don't post later in the evening, it's because if I don't watch the show live, I can't deal with watching them later the same day. I don't know why--it's some kind of OCD with GH lol. I CAN binge really late at night or before Sunday Surgery. Go figure. I think because the evening is for doing things around the house and being on the computer so much isn't my thing. 

Um, Curtis is telling some chick she might be Nina's kid? I missed how he found her? Is he going to ask all the women in PC if they'll take a DNA test?? How did they figure out she's in PC?? Could Britt be her kid? Hmmm or is she too old? 

OK so I came into Franco and Liz talking about Oscar's cancer. Franco: "Poor Drew"-- and he remembers about talking to Drew and saying "Thank god teenagers grow old" ... WHOOPS. 

Cam and Oscar 'make up'. Sam and Drew talk about Kim and her not telling Oscar. And I CAN'T HEAR KEMO-- as per usual. Today I could hear BM but she was retrograde LOW DECIBEL !! 

Kim and Julian Flannel Shirt. He got Hamilton Tickets-- It IS coming to Buffalo so that's right. BUT! These tickets are for April 17th-- bloop! Oscar might be ...well..not here!  Kim wants to focus on the 'here and now".  Which to Julian means sex... 

Nina and Anna..Nina tells Anna that her mom died and left her something that might be telling her that her baby is alive. I love Michelle Stafford. She and Finola are gold in this scene.

Lucy and Ryan!! I missed most of it... OH I love these two! Remember the lighthouse??? I still kinda miss Port Charles.  Maxie comes to talk to Ryan about the article-- Ryan thinks he should talk to Felicia. BRauauauahahahha.  So, Maxie and Lucy are going to get RYAN to counsel FELICIA!!  OMG. Yes. 

END: Ok, so Franco knows about the tumor, right ? He calls Drew to tell him he's sorry--Cam is coming in and overhears it.  Then Franco goes upstairs but he left the computer open to the PORT CHARLES BRAIN TUMOR PAGE! ahahahaa. 


  1. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu and Maxie's table: Oh yes. Lots to talk about. All about Ryan and about Hiney! Hiney talks a lot about Maxie and Maxie talks alot about Hiney! UGH!

    "Doc" and Lucy:

    "Doc": Lucy so good to see you.

    Wait I'm confused. Wasn't Lucy at Doc's office door yesterday? If not, then who was at the door? Ryan wins the line of the day.

    "Doc" Oh my God! Drinking from that poison well again?


    "Doc" and Lucy's table: Oh yes! Sure go see Felicia!!! Why not? :) Gee ol "Doc" keeps bringing up Felicia! Let's all have a great reunion! Mac, Felicia, Lucy, and "Doc" I can't wait! :)

    CarlyKim's home:

    Drew and CarlyKim:

    Drew: We really should get Oscar out of the bubble.

    CarlyKim: No no no! He will be Bubble boy until I say so!

    Julian and CarlyKim:

    "Karen says Kim wants to focus on the 'here and now". Which to Julian means sex..."

    ROFL! I didn't think of it that way. I just thought of it as Julian wanting to make the wuv with her. :) Maybe he wants to make babies. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Nina and Anna: Yeah Nina looks so skeered over Cassie. Can't you tell? She is SO freaked out. :)

    Friz home:

    Liz and Cam:

    Liz: You WILL apologize to Joss again!!!! Then go see Oscar, but before you do, put a hazmat suit on.

    Friz: BobTodd promises that he won't screw up, but he just did!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    The Q mansion:

    Oscar and Sam: Oh yes. You two can go out and hang out! Go out to eat, go to the movies, pick out a casket and a plot at the cemetery. That will be so much fun!

    Paint and Wall: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    Paint: I am here for you! I will be in your face 24 hours a day 7 days a week! So if you need to talk, I'm here.

    Wall: But I want you back!

    Oscar and Cam: Okay guys. Kiss and make up!


    Curtis and ????? Hmmm hey it's Britch's little sister! :) Damn they look alike!

  2. GH promo!


  3. sonya, I thought she looked a lot like Britch too.

  4. I fell asleep and woke up around 2:30, eyes bury but is that the same Sasha from the hospital or did I get her name wrong? I guess Kiki isn't going to be Nina's daughter?

  5. "Di said...sonya, I thought she looked a lot like Britch too."

    YEAH!!! I wonder if they are related in real life. :)

    "Michelle Latta said..I fell asleep and woke up around 2:30, eyes bury but is that the same Sasha from the hospital or did I get her name wrong?"

    That girl is Francesca. :)

    "I guess Kiki isn't going to be Nina's daughter?"

    I guess not! Too bad.

  6. WTF was with website/group name? "Brain Tumor Institute"??? The proper name should of been "Port Charles Children's Health Institute".

    BIG flaw with the Kim's-keeping-silent-on- Oscar's-Health:What happens if Oscar lives past his 18 birthday? Kim would no longer have any legal say on Oscar's health, and the Doctor would be required tell Oscar, as he is legally an adult.

  7. GH is cruel with kids. C’mon writers!

  8. I hit the publish button too fast. I don’t understand the fixation on killing off children/babies when they should instead focus on what soaps are the foundation of- passion. Someone said they should be focused on teenage angst. I agree! Give death a rest GH. It’s constant. Oh yeah, and bring back Nikolas. Can’t wait to see Nik and Ava sizzle.

  9. Sonya, yes, Lucy was at Ryan's door, he had called her to meet for dinner, then it showed them having dinner.

    I also thought that Sasha looks like Britch. I actually love Britt, and wish she would come back!

  10. "AntJoan said...Sonya, yes, Lucy was at Ryan's door, he had called her to meet for dinner, then it showed them having dinner."

    But if she showed up at Ryan's door, why was she at the metro without him? Why didn't they go together? Why did Ryan show up saying hi Lucy how are you, like he hasn't seen her in a long time? It was a strange scene.

  11. I agree that the opening scene with Lucy and "Kevin" was weird if you saw the ending of Monday's episode. Jon Lindstrom is awesome right now. His figuring out who Maxie was, was written all over his face!

    I just knew that Franco would be the one to inadvertently spill the beans about Oscar. In my opinion Liz broke all kinds of HIPPA laws telling him in the first place. For shame, Nurse Webber!

    Karen is right, Kemo was extremely low decibel. I didn't care what she had to say though, so no big loss. HA!

    Thanks for the YouTube clip Sonya! But why does Kiki get to smack Ava again? Maybe she'll smack her back? LOL!

  12. Julie, as for Liz telling anyone about Oscar's health, the HIPAA laws only apply if the ill person is your patient. If your friend tells you that her child is sick and you tell someone, that is not a HIPAA violation.

    Of course, I don't remember now if Liz treated Oscar when he came to GH initially. But, even if she did, she learned of his diagnosis from her friend, not during the course of her work.

    1. I'm pretty sure I remember Liz telling Kim that if Franco asks what was going on she would have to tell him because they don't keep secrets from one another and Kim understood?

    2. AntJoan, I get what your saying, but Liz was working when Oscar was brought in, and yes, maybe technically she didn't break any rules, but I still think she should have kept it to herself. :)

      Gracegirl, she did tell Kim if Franco asked directly, she'd tell him. I disagreed with that toi, lol!

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  14. "Julie H said...Thanks for the YouTube clip Sonya! But why does Kiki get to smack Ava again? Maybe she'll smack her back? LOL!"

    You're welcome! :) And we now know why Kiwi slapped her mother! I just wish Ava would have slapped her back!


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