Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Surgery: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Ok, some people got Friday's show on their DVR, others did not. ABC had a link up for a "full free episode" (what? do they cost money?) if you didn't have it taped. The whole world has gone nutty-- why not the digital stuff too?? 

I ate most of the food in my house this week just over nerves watching the hearings so.. I'm out. Pass 'em if you got 'em!! 

Ok if you DID miss Friday, the only real thing you need to know is: Jon Lindstrom's Ryan is chilling and... evil and totally believable. His manner, voice and everything is so on-point. Since I watched GH regularly during the Ryan/Kevin/Felicia years I am enjoying this. A LOT. The writers actually set it up perfectly, imo. How? 

 It's the Anniversary of the whole Ryan Chamberlain saga. True Crime IS huge right now--look at all the resurgence in documentary series about them. The ID channel.  So from that standpoint, Lulu doing a story about it is plausible. Also plausible that Lucy would want "Doc" to talk to Felicia about it because it will be a painful reminder of her past. Enter Felicia and Mac. Laura's coming home too. Will Laura see through the facade? Hmmmm... who will put the first chink in Ryan's armor? I'm excited to see this story. 

Ok... well.  Now, Finn and Anna are fun and cute together yes.  Nice touch to have Chase but the WSB contact in Port Charles. BTW,  I also think Roxy and Finn should just move with Anna. It's 2018 and he's still living in a damn hotel room. She has a giant place. Move him in. 

Fresh as a Daisy? Here's some girl in Charlie's, handing out things about the band that's playing in the park.  I think I told you the twitter ideas on this: New love interest or a weird cult ?? I think a cult would be awesome.  I hope it's the cult of "We don't wear cut-out shoulders anymore",  Or the Moonies--are they still around? 


Well...I ....

Well, this brings me to the clunky portion of the week.  The story I really want to FF through. It's way too Young Adult Book --(without the good stuff) and ok, I'm going to say it-- the dialog for this was just ... not up to par. At. All. They played Oscar like an old man who's finding out he has prostate cancer or something and uses words like "You betrayed me". They certainly didn't direct him to show rage-- it was more of a temperate anger mixed with--sadness? I don't know. I wasn't a fan of Tams during these scenes either. Not sure why but everything from when he entered the room until he ran out felt false, forced and awkward. 

Don't worry kid, I'm here... what's happening? Did you spill bleach on your shirt? I used to do that all the time. Now I don't even use the stuff...
Nope... my mom told me to eat right and I'd be fine...BUT I'M NOT FINE! 
Huh... looks like you have a bad hand there..
I HAVE CANCER! For YEARS!! IN my head!! Hey, didn't you die once? 
Well...once or twice, can't remember... 
If you did die, did you like it? 
Hmmmm, not sure about that either.  But I tell you what kid, you're gonna pull through this!
Am I? Seriously? Wow you're the best! 
Sure, everyone in this town has had a tumor or two and lived to tell. No problem.

Note:  The fact that Jason found him? Meh. Jason's becoming the Aunt Ruby of Port Charles, I swear. Suddenly he's the sage guy that talks about girls, regrets and dying. :eyeroll: 

So, why aren't we together again? I mean, I could be totally ruining Griffin for you right now...
Oh Franco, you know we're too good together to actually BE together. 

Hey, this is some good coffee! 
Yeah, the best. 
So... what you been doing? 
Not much. Taking care of 2 little kids is hell. 
Yeah, I can see that. 
I mean, look...Danny left his toy motorcycle out-- what's a mother to do? 
Sorry, it's been so hard on you. 
Yeah.  Brutal. 

Note: At least when Luke and Laura were a 'settled old fuddy-duddy' couple they still lived together, had good sex and blow out fights. I don't know what the heck this is. Maybe there's some grand JaSam passion coming? So far ?? That ship has sailed. 

Wait just a damn minute...I might be older but-- I know when I see a WHOLE NEW FACE! What the hell is going on!!? 

Brad thinks it's a great excuse that they don't know the baby's Dad information because he can use that as an excuse for the heart problems
Mike's going to be moving into a care facility, but I'm not sure when. He'll have 'daycare" until then.
Thankfully, I remember little talk about the Croton Body this week. I know it's the DA's Dad--but other than that I blocked the rest out. 
Same with Peter
ChaseFord is the WSB contact in Port Charles and I guess Anna's interested in going after Dr. Obrect. (Really? Why? You know she'll turn up Helena style in awhile!!) 
Finn's treating his Dad..hut he's "Just a Patient"
The gang of Lucy, Mac, Felicia and Kevin are back together only... well, we know Kevin's not Kevin. So this will make this really chilling to watch. 
Ava still hates Kiki and Griffin 
Aunt Stella still hates Jordan and isn't coming to the wedding

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I love this stuff...! Carly is at the clothing shelter and TRIES ON COATS LOL! Um... okay. Those are for people who need them!! She didn't just pick one...nope we saw at least 2 up there.  Not only did she try them on, she was like: How's this look?  I guess I like the little fun things that surprise me! 

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Comes to you from Twitter! GH posted this as a family photo. I'm wondering if it's when Mike ends up going away?? Why else would everyone be there? 


FACE OF THE WEEK:  Finn seeing his Dad.  That was all of us, buddy. ALL. OF. US.

OK! That's a wrap! Here's hoping you have a relaxing news free Sunday. Kanye was on SNL-- :eyeroll: but I can't wait to see the cold open! I started  The Good Place on Netflix and am binging now. I hear it's really worth the watch. Still waiting for Peaky Blinders to get a move on and start up again. All the fall shows started up-- we DVR the ABC comedies and I'm still mad they moved Blackish to another night. BOO. 

See you during the week-- I have a hair appointment one of the days and a dentist appointment another.  Sorry!!!  


  1. "Poor" Ryan is like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww yuck, I want Felicia to kiss me, not you Laura. LOL. I am not necessarily into serial killers killing women and torturing them, but Lucy, Kevin, Mac, Felicia and Laura are some of my favorite actors. So, bring on a good story.

    If anyone is a Man in the High Castle fan, it is coming back Friday the 5th. Can't wait.

  2. P.S. I would like to see Felicia and Laura kick Ryan's A-- when they find out.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Blogger Barbara said...
    Actually I LIKE everyone going to talk to Jason - I don't have a 'Jason' in my life, but I wish I did ---- he is calm/doesn't lie/listens/doesn't try to solve things so I think Oscar talking to him was ABSOLUTELY perfect - who else would have worked?

    we never hear the actual DATE of Franco/Liz wedding nor Curtis/Jordan - why?

    and what happened to the big 'I'm gonna get Sarah here"......and Liz - NO NO NO!

    1. Girl you and me both, I wish I had a "Jason" in my life.
      It is odd that no dates are mentioned, although way back I do seem to remember November for Friz?

  5. Barbara, ITA with everything you said. Lindie, YES, Felicia and Laura should kick his a**, I want to see his victims getting revenge on him, why should Dr. O have all the fun?

    1. Haha!! I agree AntJoan, why should Dr O have all the fun. 😛

  6. OMG OMG!! YESSSSSS I am SO into The Man In the High Castle!! I LOVE that show

  7. Plus, Man in the High Castle had our "Jerry Jax" on last season. He is a good actor. Wonder if he'll be on again. Hope so.

  8. "I ate most of the food in my house this week just over nerves watching the hearings"

    Yeah the hearings are getting to me too!

    "I also think Roxy and Finn should just move with Anna. It's 2018 and he's still living in a damn hotel room. She has a giant place. Move him in."

    NO! Don't give the writers any ideas!!!!! :)

    "New love interest or a weird cult ?? I think a cult would be awesome."

    Yeah I heard about a cult too!!! I think it would be awesome too!!!!

    "Don't worry kid, I'm here... what's happening? Did you spill bleach on your shirt? I used to do that all the time. Now I don't even use the stuff..."


    "PREVIEW OF THE WEEK: Squeeee!!"

    SQUEEEEEEEEE! And the look on Ryan's face1 HAHAHHAHAHA!

  9. I can’t watch without signing into my cable account. I guess the networks have contracts with the cable companies

  10. The Jason/Oscar scene where Oscar asks him what it's like to die....could have been so much better. Jason could have told him what it was like to come back and see that everyone had moved on and changed. People he lost or gained back. Nope. Got some crap about white lights and hitting the water. Him hiding behind the wall while Drew and Kim found Oscar was VERY similar to the scene when he first comes back and spots Jake and Elizabeth in the park. Technically since he and Drew have identical DNA, Oscar and Scout are his genetic offspring, and vice versa with Jake/Danny and Drew. Maybe that's why they are pushing a "relationship" between Oscar and Jason.
    I actually kind of felt a little spark between Kiki and Griffin during their hospital scenes this week. If they had waited to have them sleep together and instead just have Ava think they were, I might have been able to get on board with them as a couple. Now it just feels like spite most of the time.


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