Monday, October 1, 2018

Horses of Courses!

Diane has an assistant-- his name is "Henry". He's not really memorable. He points out to the DA that she needs to excuse herself since it was her father. Jordan says she doesn't have to yet (oh really??) Anyway, Jason was in Kindergarten when that Marino guy was killed. DA Says: "YOU'RE GONNA TALK "to Jason. AHAHHAHAA. OMG. Good luck Pip-Squeak. He says nothing as per usual. She tried being "tough"...then "nice" then tried to get his sympathy. 

Valentin doesn't want Nina to go ahead with the divorce.  Lulu talks to Nina about the hard choices of divorce. 

Ryan is trying hard to act like a human. Lucy thinks he's sick...fever. Lucy's going to get him soup. 

Mike wants to talk to Carly about "what happens next" without Sonny around. He wants to go to adult daycare. Carly says good idea.
Carly then goes over to make a phone call and Ryan is tapping on the table--SOS. She turns around and is like: Kevin! You're tapping "Help Me"!! Just like Ferncliff. He says it's a reflex because she had asked him to look into it. 

Curtis and Valentin are at GH--Valentin opens the envelope. That horse girl, Sasha. She looks just like Britt, who is her cousin so...I guess she is? Valentin wants to wait for another DNA test, Curtis is like: NOPE.  Valentin says ok and he'll tell Nina but Curtis can't tell Sasha yet. 

Ryan calls Ferncliff and they say "Ryan still thinks he's Kevin" so he says to increase his dosage of sedatives. He pulls out cord to strangle people with. 

END: Mike remembers where the gun is and tells Jason "No one will ever find it, I threw it in the Hudson River". 

Laura is home. 


  1. Carly can't be that easily duped. I'm expecting a trip to Ferncliff soon.

    They better not have him kill Lucy. Leave our talented vets alone. Have him kill Margot then we can have another murder mystery that they try to pin that on Sonny.

    I'm not liking what I heard in the previews.

  2. What did you hear in the previews that you didn't like?

  3. Yes, what did you hear in previews? Better not kill Laura off. Then, I will be REALLY, REALLY done.

  4. Jason came to Carly's door and he said Sonny's in trouble or something similar. I wasn't expecting it as Mike had just said Sonny was in the clear.

  5. lindie: I feel the say way about Laura. I know Genie signed a one-year contract, and I don't even think TPTB are stupid enough to actually kill Laura off. I'd love to see Laura, Felicia and Carly team up to bring Ryan down!

  6. I'm so bummed that the Sasha girl is her daughter, hoped it was Kiki.

  7. Maybe she had twins and the babies were given to different mothers.

  8. On October 13th lifetime is premiering the movie The Sinister Surrogate with Kelly Thiebold/Britt, John York/Mac and Mary Beth Evans/Katherine Bell in it.

  9. The police station:

    The police gang, Jason, and Diane's assistant: Blah blah blah! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh this Henry guy wins the line of the day.

    Henry: Did you actually finish law school?

    BAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA! I like Henry. :) Can we keep him? He is cute too. :)

    The hospital:

    V.C. and Curtis: OH!!! So Sasha Baron Cohen is Nina's daughter!!! :) Time to tell Nina!!!! Hmmm should they wait until the other text comes back? Hmmmmmmmm maybe they should.


    Lulu and Nina: Charlie is bossy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love that Lulu and Nina have come together for Charlie! Awwwwwww. :) I love how each of them are saying that the other one is bossy! ROFL!

    V.C. and Nina: OH! YES V.C. tell Nina her daughter is alive!!!! And her name is Sasha Baron Cohen!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    The floating rib:

    Lucy and "Doc" Oh yes Lucy! "Doc" is different because he has the sniffles!!!

    Carly and Mike: Awww so sad. :( I'm glad that Mike is lucid at the moment though.

    Lucy and Mike: Awwww so sweet!!!!

    Carly and "Doc: DOH!!!! That damn SOS! Can't get away from it eh "Doc"?

    Levin's home: Oh!!!! Levin has a nice home!!!!! LAURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Where is Spencer?!?!!

  10. I liked Henry the lawyer, too. I thought he might be wimpy, but he wasn't and did have the best line, lol! Margoo is inappropriate and yup, a pipsqueak. Not to mention I don't like anything about her, and her keeping the flash drive is just awful and dirty. Who cares if her mobster lawyer dad is sleeping with the fishes? Bah!

    The rest of the show I really liked, especially Mike. Lucy needs to quit yammering (I was ready to off her, before Ryan/Kevin) and I loved how Lulu zeroed in to remind Ryan/Kevin and Lucy of his wife. HAHAHAHA!

  11. "Julie H said... I liked Henry the lawyer, too. I thought he might be wimpy,"

    Yeah I thought he was going to be wimpy too!! Glad we were wrong! :)

  12. Sonya, we should have known Diane would never hire or work with a wimp, lol!

    And Paul, I love you're idea too! Laura, Felicia and Carly for the win over "Doc"! Lucy can help too, if she pipes down. :)

  13. "Julie H said... Sonya, we should have known Diane would never hire or work with a wimp, lol!"

    Hahahaha! Yes!!!! We should have known!!! :)

    "Lucy can help too, if she pipes down"

    ROFL! Pipes down? :) She never has piped down in her life!!! She is always over the top and that is one of the reasons why I love her! :)


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