Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Comic Relief

Send in the Clowns...

It seems like every GH generation has had one. Sometimes two. And that is the Comic Relief character. It’s the character that breezes in a scene, acts kinda goofy, steals the scene and then breezes out. When compiling this list, I noticed a pattern of the characters. Most of them (not all of them) possessed a vulnerability of loneliness. Sure, some of them did have a significant other in their lives, but there seemed to be an air of loneliness among them. Was there any subtext that the comedy was a mask for tragedy? (get it - comedy and tragedy masks in theatre?) One thing that rang true throughout all of them was that the comic relief character always had the biggest heart on the scene. There was always an unconditional love with the people in their orbit. To paraphrase Stella Dallas, these characters “gave and gave and gave until they couldn't give no more” (I think it was her who said that. If not, someone did and it was a great line)

Comic Relief characters, although written as such, are sometimes unintentional. Amy Vining and Lucy Coe are not your typical CR characters in the same vein as Spinelli. But both of them, in their moments of hyperactivity, displayed a lunacy that was all their own and brought new life to their character and the scene.

With Karen’s help, I came up with 9 characters that I feel could be listed as Comic Relief. I am sure you will agree with many of these. And probably debate a few as well. But the beauty of the Wub Tub Time Machine is that YOU get to comment and discuss and contribute to the blog. So, if you have some comments on today’s blog, please share with the group and let’s all look back together.

PS. As lists are subjective, these are NOT in any order. And is it a coincidence that Lucy Coe is tied to so many of these characters?

Aunt Charlene (and Lucy)
Tiffany Hill (with Sean)
Spinelli (with Carly)
Lucy Coe (with Sigmund)
Richard Simmons (with Lucy)
Amy Vining

Note from Wubs: 

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  1. What about the alien from the 80s? Forget his name. Was that kind of considered comic relief?

  2. Casey the alien. I think that storyline was considered tragic for everyone involved. :)

  3. And when they first appeared Max and Milo, Sonny's bodyguards, provided a lot of comic relief. I missed their brotherly banter when they left.

  4. I so miss Reginald and Coleman. Big old sad face here! I just adored Tiffany, and her wedding to Sean is one of my favorite episodes ever. Too funny Delcodave about Casey the Alien tragedy, I almost mentioned him too. HAHAHAH!!!

    These were all great!

  5. Oh my gosh - now it is SO obvious WILLOW is the mother of Brad/Lucas' baby - gosh - grief share - upset, etc. yep, see this coming...
    SO SO SO why are we bringing in Sasha and Willow------newbies - young women -
    where is Ephinany? Felicia and Mac should be there more - DIANE should be on there much more....

  6. Dave!!! Great time machine thank you!!! :) So many great people!!!! I miss Coleman. :( Aunt Charlene was great! :)

    The hospital:

    Laura and Carly: Hmmm. They are a very unlikely duo.. I like them working together. :)

    Carly and Michael: Great scene!!!!! Poor Michael!!! :( I'm glad he is going to go to bereavement classes!!! Willow is going too!!!! Hmmm the writers going to chem test Michael and Willow? No I want Michael to be with either Francesca or Maxie!

    Hospital garage:

    Willow and Chase: At first, I had no idea who this lady was, until Lulu showed up and said who she is!!! Oh I didn't recognize her!! Hmm maybe Willow and Chase can date.:) Willow wins the line of the day.

    Willow: Your shield? What are you? Captain America?


    Willow, Chase, and Lulu: Hahaha Lulu's, Spencer gene kicked in when she helped with Willow's car!!! GO LULU! :) Ohhhh Lulu thinks Willow and Chase should date too! :)

    Waiting area for jail:

    Anna, Finchy, and Britch: I love how Britch was playing games with Anna! BAHAHAHA!

    Floating rib:

    Lulu and Michael:

    Lulu: You know I love you right?

    Michael: I do. And I love you too.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Lulu and Hiney: Oh come on! Just kiss already! :)

    Anna, Finchy, and Britch: So Britch is really going to turn on her mother? That sucks. The way Britch is eating! HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA! Not even wiping her mouth! Where is BobTodd? I want them to eat together! :)

    Lulu and Britch: BAHAHAHAHA!

    Hiney and Britch: Yes Hiney. Meet your sister! :)

    Hiney and Anna: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sam's home:

    Jasam and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Ryan and Mary Pat: Get her Ryan! Get her!!!! :)

    The pier:

    Ryan and Mary Pat: Oh what the hell is this boring chit chat about? Oh Ryan finds a weapon and is walking! Buh bye Mary Pat. :)

  7. "Barbara said...Oh my gosh - now it is SO obvious WILLOW is the mother of Brad/Lucas' baby - gosh - grief share - upset, etc. yep, see this coming..."

    Oh I didn't even think about that one! I just thought she lost a loved one from death.

  8. At first I did not know who was in the car, I thought it was Sasha.

  9. I keep forgetting that Laura is Carlys aunt or some sort of relation.

    1. I guess Laura was her Aunt. So still is I guess.

  10. Fell behind for awhile due to work, feel like I missed a whole lot of nothing really.

    Lulu should have punched her in the face after she poured margaritas on Britt's head. Agree with the Britch, Rocco is a really bad name.

    I figured out that it was The teacher in the car but at first I thought it was Francesca. I find her whiny thus far and of course she will be the mother and Michael will encourage her to take her baby back. Whoops.

    I know that Ryan is obsessed with Felicia, but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility to have him trick Laura into sleeping with him. I think the writers are hesitant because Laura is already a rape survivor and tricking someone into sleeping with you is some kind of sexual assault, I'm not sure of the legalities.

    Say goodbye Mary Pat. You were fun while it lasted. Blackmail is not on the menu at the Floating Rib. Wonder who Ryan will blame it on. Carly??

    Jason and Sam bore me soooooooo much. Please just let them jump in bed together and get it over with. This has been dragging on for a freaking year!!!!

  11. AH!! Max and Milo!! GOOD ONES!! See, you forget some of them--- Alfred was pretty funny too in his own sober way. They really should have had a REALLY funny Cassadine like Dr. Bombay was on Bewtiched!

    OMG I was so busy today--caught the end of GH tho.. yeah for BRITT!!

  12. As far as comedic relief Spenelli will always be my favorite, especially when he's spouting off at the mouth and they yell at him to speak English!

  13. "Mommyknowsall said..I keep forgetting that Laura is Carlys aunt or some sort of relation."

    She is?!?! Oh wait you are right!!! I completely forgot! :) I wish Carly would call her aunt Laura!!!

  14. I thought the whole Sam/Sonny/Jason scenes were weird. Sonny contradicted himself twice, and I thought I was having a spell, lol! Who writes this stuff??

    I do like Carly and Laura together, but why didn't Carly tell Laura that she thought she saw Kevin as the patient next door? She clearly remembered it.

    No thoughts yet on Willow. Just another story line starting that will be left hanging. And I was thinking that Johnny Zaccarra taught Lulu 1.0 the mechanics of cars. But, maybe I'm wrong. Luke only ever went fishing with Lulu, absent father that he was. HA!

    Yes, I do declare we've seen the last of May Pat. I really liked her scenes with Doc. Jon Lindstrom can do no wrong in my eyes! :)

  15. I think Carly didn't tell Laura because she did't want to upset her--you could see that she thought of telling her and then thought better of it.

    I think that Ryan will not sleep with Laura because he is not attracted to her. He is avoiding her like the plague--he can hardly stand to touch her. Does anyone really think he wants to sleep with her?

  16. I'm going to show my age and reach back for 2 comic relief characters. Lucille and Nurse Clampett. Lucille was constantly giving Nurse Clampett hell and she was a nervous wreck because of it. In today's world Lucille would be called into HR for that.

  17. Here's 2 more. At one time in the early to mid 80's especially when they were in scenes together Scotty and Heather were comic relief.


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