Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dinner Anyone?

So, it's Thursday and I thought we'd visit more of Soaps Past. Here's a YouTube video of The Goal Post in?? PINE VALLEY!! Tom Cudahy ran it, remember?  Tom, the ex-football player came to the PA town in 1977 to open his restaurant. All sorts of things happened but the biggest one was him marrying Erica Kane. Tom was Catholic....Erica was not.  He wanted kids. Erica wanted her modeling career. She tricked him into thinking she wanted children until...HE FOUND her HIDDEN BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. BOOM! Giant moment. GIANT!! 

I keep going back to AMC because it's the first soap I watched on the regular. When I started GH there was The Floating Rib and the cafeteria at the hospital.  Kelly's is the most famous--and Ruby's Chili! 

What were some of the hang outs on the rest of the channels? I still say we need a pizza shop or Panera type place. I'm sick of coffee shops!!

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  1. YAY! AMC clip!!! I remember these scenes. When they showed Natalie, I was thinking wait, is this Janet at the goal post? Nope! Janet calls Trevor! Speaking of Trevor! YAY!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh man great memories!!! Thanks Karen! Karen when you talked about Tom and Erica, and her lying to him about having children, I thought this was going to be the clip. Well, I found the clip. :)

    Hehe. I remember!!!! Erica was a lying liar that lies! :) Constantly!!!


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