Monday, October 29, 2018

Margarita Night at Floating Rib!!

Sam and Jason.. "talk" to each other while "talking to the camera" in their heads. WEIRD SHIT And come on...SAM HAS DEAD CLUMPS OF MOSS on her coffee table? WITH TODDLERS..or however freaking old her kids are?? COME ON. Jason wants Sam to be honest with Danny about his past. 
Instead of saying "Sonny murdered a guy on orders at 18" JaSam basically said he deserved it. They read Janette's letters, she's the one that asked Scully to kill Mr. now she's incriminated in ordering the hit. 

Curtis and Jordan trying to do the seating chart. Blah blah..blah. 

Sonny talking to Michael about stuff and Margot walks in. Sonny's like "she's out to get my head"... Sounded kinky. 

Kevin finds out Laura went to Ferncliff, he's pissed..he's off to get there and Stella stops him in the hall to yell at him. AHHAAA.

Laura and Carly at Ferncliff, demand to see the "Patient" They say he's not in there--but Kevin's laying right under the door so they can't see him. They go into Carly's old room. She starts tapping SOS on the wall...Kevin stirs.  Mary Pat stops. Carly and she trade jabs. Mary Pat says "you don't know everything"... and then Ryan runs in 'What on Earth are you doing here"???  He yells at Carly and Laura.  They leave just as Kevin wakes up. 

Finn and Anna go to jail to see Britt. They stand there and talk to each other for half the show.BRITT IS IN Fine Form!! LOL... "Ooooooo, Dr. Finn, why don't you come here and give me a physical".  Anna says she can arrange a meeting at the Metro for Britt to meet Peter. Probs to get Dr. O out of the shadows.  

BEST PART OF THE SHOW: DA CHICK reminds Michael Sonny killed his father too!!  Michael says "WELL BIG EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES RIGHT THERE"! Pffffffffft. 

I think Ryan will kill Mary Pat. 


  1. OK, just started watching, but, I have to say, a SEATING CHART for Jurtis wedding? Since when has ANY wedding in the last 10 years on GH had more than 5 people attending?

  2. Sam sleep talking with her zombie stare almost made me turn the tv off. I FF'd through the rest of her and Jason. She's beyond phoning it in. She's not awake enough or interested enough for that.

  3. I totally think Mary Pat is Kevin's victim this week.

  4. Di ,I agree with you about sam. (sam and jason)stone face and stone cold. I had to turn to hgtv . cannot watch these 2.

  5. I did laugh at Stella yelling at 'Kevin', but I'm seriously over her grudge against Jordan!

    And yeah, Ryan is definitely going to kill Mary Pat.

    Was great to see Britt! She needs to be released ASAP!

  6. I loved seeing Britt;too bad she's only visiting. I think she was on set for three days& now is back in NYC.
    DA Dawson had such a superior attitude with Michael;what an entitled woman.

  7. Finchy's room:

    Anna and Finchy: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The hospital:

    Stella and "Doc" Great scene!!!!! :)


    Laura and Carly: I was thinking, nobody is in that room! Oh boy I was wrong! Doc!!!!!! :( Ladies you can't just order people around!!!!

    Laura, Carly, and Mary Pat: Come on Carly! Tell Mary Pat to stop calling you Caroline!!! Especially in that condescending tone!

    "Doc", Laura, and Carly: Great scene!!!! I love how "Doc" pretends to care! :)

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Great scene in the beginning when Sam was looking in the camera then Jason did too!!! Steve Burton and his sexy blue eyes. :)

    Jasam and Sonny: Oh okay so let me get this straight.. First it was Marino who killed Skully, then it was Sonny, NOW it's Mrs Marino who killed him? Or maybe she hired someone? I can't with this!!!

    The floating rib:

    Michael and Sonny: Great scene!!!! Awwwww! :) Well then Margoo ruined it.

    Michael and Margoo: UGH! Zzzzzzzzzzz. Michael wins the line of the day.

    Michael: I'm sorry do you think I developed amnesia?


    Jurtis: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh Marcus mention! Crap he is married?!!?!? Hmmm. Or maybe they are separated?

    Jurtis and Stella: How many times are they going to have this conversation? And how many times is Jordan going to have an I smell something bad look on her face?

    Ryan and Mary Pat:

    "Karen says I think Ryan will kill Mary Pat."

    ME TOO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Buh bye Mary Pat! :)


    Anna and Finchy: Man they went on the teleporter!! One minute they were in the hotel, and the next at the jail. At first I'm thinking, where are they? Come on stop the damn chit chatting! I want to see Britch, and I want to see her now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anna, Finchy, and Britch: BRITCH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Britch flirting with Finchy! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. Oops! I mean first it was Skully who killed Marino, then it was Sonny, NOW it's Mrs Marino who had him killed? I'm so confused either way! ROFL!

  9. They are saying that Mrs. Marino told Scully to have Marino killed, then Scully gave the orders to Sonny, who killed him. So they ALL are implicated, IMO.

  10. But, I don't think that those letters can be shown in court as evidence, as they were simply stolen. So I guess that Sam will show the letters to Margaux and threaten to have her mother implicated if she continues to go after Sonny . . .

  11. I very much agree Mary Pat is going bye-bye at the hands of Doc. Sam's whispering was the all time worst yesterday! I find her and Jason unwatchable and unhearable.

    Margoo is a pain the butt and this is a lousy story. Sonny is still a murderer, the end. I did snort when she brought up AJ, though. Most everybody else conveniently forgets all of that. Michael was at his best when he was estranged from Sonny and company.

    It was good to see Britt again. I didn't really care for her when she was a regular, but I like it when she drops in from time to time.

  12. Great one with Milo and Max!! I saw the end of the show and Britt was pretty funny.


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