Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Pick My Brain

Getting ready to terrorize!!

Did much move this week? Off the top of my head I'd say--no. Anna's back and.... um... Carly and Laura went to Ferncliff. That's all I have. Let's see what happens when I dig into the photos. Maybe something will spark my memory. 

I think it may be time for Dave to step in with one of his Wub Tub Time Machine posts this week? I can't believe I'll probably miss a murder (or so the promos suggest)-- because it's Halloween, the end of the month and my son is moving to his apartment. Dang, real life just swoops in!! 

Should we just eat candy corn today? Yes, I like it. My Mom LOVES it--and would buy bags and store them until they got stale (that's how she likes them...) I guess it's a child hood thing. I would bite off the yellow part and give the rest to my little brother!! LOL. 

HEYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Hof's a doin~? 
Jason.. what the..
I found her in the park, with a bottle of tequila..
I hasssss to have drunken it..Oh my gooood, Sam...he is such bigs muscles in here....
Ok, dump her on the couch. This is a Davis ritual. 
Aren't I hillaroussss? 
No. no you're not. 

AND TAH DAH!! YOU HAVE A SISTER!!! I mean, er...half sister but still..SISTER!! 
Oh, hi...who's your date? What's his name??
Sure..sure..but who's this hottie over here?? Can I see your butt? 

I see you all got my memo for proper dress attire..
Yeah, Spinelli spit it out, will ya? 
Well, I've found out that Janette Marino aka Mrs Marino is filing for her insurance claim because he departed husband's skeletal remains were unearthed in said cellar ...
That bitch... 
Well, truth be told Sir, she did hold off thirty years... 
I don't care, just get some dirt on her will ya? 
Yes..we shall.. hopefully she knows how to make The Sunday Sauce as well! 

HELP! OMG!! Laura's been stabbed!! HELP!! Wait... I'm in Ryan's  fantasy. Never mind. All that vocal abuse for nothing. 

So do I look? 
Splendifferous if I do say so myself... that bow makes you look so much more..."official"
I know right? Do I look like Melania ?? 
Well, one would need more high of a heel to pull that off. I myself,  will put on some glasses and show Mrs. Marino I am, in fact, a high functioning academic type. 
I'm so excited!
As am I! Now let's go do some hypoglycemic deflection, shall we


Ummm, hi. I got a job and a place to live..
You did ? That was fast..
Well, Charlie's Pub needed a bus boy and I am a boy so...
Wait, did you say.. Charlie's Pub?
Yeah, it's over on the waterfront and..
Yes, I know it...., go on..
And some random girl offered me a bed so I took it.
Do you know anything about this girl?
No, but she seems cool... 
Well, then, I mean what could possibly go wrong? 

But...he's sensitive
I'm sensitive...right about... here...
Just trying to spice this story up! 

Oh my god, Drew...what's wrong? I haven't seen you this animated ...well... ever
New shirt... this tag is driving me crazy, got any scissors in your bag? 

We're adorable aren't we? And our families have history and we are both legacy kids and... it sounds just about perfect....

Damn it. 


** Alexis has an office! Decorated from Target by the looks of things..

**Oscar got a job and a place to live, one step closer to emancipation
**Speaking of, Daisy (band chick) seems sketchy, we think she's in a cult
**Kim's upset.
**Diane is Kim and Drew's lawyer
**Kiki offered Sasha a place to stay
**Laura and Carly went to Ferncliff to find SOS man
**Spin and Sam found old love letters at Janette Marino's house
**Lulu got a crash course in psychology from Ryan 
**Anna's home...she and Finn made the love

NEW FACE OF THE WEEK: Janette Marino. Actually, very normal non-glam looking and a decent actress. I'd take her over Margogo any day! 

FACES OF THE WEEK: Lol...perfection

FAKE OUT OF THE WEEK: Laura's stabbed! Although 90% of us knew it wasn't real...Ryan would have stabbed her in the heart...or slit her throat.


**If Krissy was drinking in the park, VALERIE should have found her. Full stop. BTW, Valerie should be living with Kiki-- so when Kiki leaves, there's someone in there with Sasha. Just sayin'. Amy and other nurse too. 

**Felicia should have come into Ryan's office when Laura was there, setting up Laura seeing something fishy in 'Kevin's" eyes

**The offer from Daisy to Oscar would have played out right there and then. Get him over to the 'house' and get that part of the story going. It's going to drag the hell out and I'll be all mad. 

**Cameron and Josslyn would have at least kissed by now. Conflicting Joss for when she finds out Oscar has cancer (which better happen asap). 

**Get Mac on more, he knows Kevin-- so do Lucy and Scotty. Take this opportunity to get those vets on more

BRITT is on next week---this is her next to Sasha!! WHA?? Twinlets!! 

Next week on GH: Someone will die-- Felicia's on.. and it looks like it might be...interesting??

Someone is going to die-- and everyone is betting on Kiki. Hayley has a gig on Freeform now and it would hurt Ava in a big way. BUT... I also think Griffin is disposable and may be a better bet. It seems like even if Kiki left, they'd want her in the wings to come back at some point. Griffin? Not so much. 
I like Laura and Carly working together. And I think the potential of the cult story could be good and if done right, get younger viewers in?? Kill the Marino story, cut the DA loose, get rid of Peter-- and focus on Mike, the new mayor's race, Ryan/Kevin and The Cult. There. Fixed it. 


  1. I think your fix at the end of the blog is perfect! Also would like to see Tyler Christopher back, finally get the two weddings over with, and give Michael back his son and pair him with Maxie.

  2. i also want michael and maxie together. peter and margoo are useless

  3. Yes, witch, I agree. I can't stand Peter or Margo. Yes, Jenny60, get TC back as Nicolaus. He could break up Friz, be reunited with Laura and Spencer, and cause problems for Valentine.

  4. Get Peter and Margoo together and have them leave town together.

  5. This thing with Oscar is so weird. So Kim does nothing for him for 2 YEARS and now she panics that he needs to be in a drug trial????????? Plus, if Oscar had cancer he wouldn't be walking around town feeling just fine!!!! OMG. Can't believe this story line.

  6. Well, I think that Kim couldn't find any treatments for Oscar at all until this drug trial came up.

  7. My ears were ringing today. Now I know why.

    Not sure what I can offer. Was thinking about some shows and characters from yesteryear. I have an "idea" for a Time Machine. Might ask Karen for a few suggestions for what I want to do because she remembers a lot more than I do. Time Machines go FORWARD as well as backward. But in the past, I know that my suggestions on the future have sometimes fell like a thud.

    Right now. I'm bored. I know I know. Don't watch it then, right? But I digress. Like Karen has said many times, it's just not grabbing me. I like the characters and of course the actors, but the storylines? UGH.

    Drew? who cares. Yeah I really like Billy Miller, but this is just painful to watch what they are doing to him

    Newbies? wow. really don't care

    Oscar and Kim? handled all wrong

    Ryan/Kevin? has (or rather HAD) potential because of the actors in the storyline

    Sam and Jason? Ship has sailed. Don't hurt the messenger. They had the magic at one point. Now? bland

    Ava? what exactly are they doing with her?

    maxie/lulu/griffin/chase (NO peter). this could be an interesting foursome. Dare I say rick/monica/alan/leslie ?

    I'm going to pout together a time machine.

    I admit when I heard someone was going tom die this week, I thought it would be gail baldwin. I was already researching my tribute to susan brown. but then I heard MURDER. (how scandalous) and so it wouldn't be Gail.

    Oh well. More to come

  8. I know I'm in the minority but I actually like Peter. just had to say that. Margoo story is so bad. Let Drew have his memories. We all knoe Oscar will be fine. Sasha,WHY??!

  9. I’m warming up to Peter. He’s the ladies man these days... Sasha is a good addition!

  10. I like the ACTOR who plays Peter. Wes was in one of my favorite movies of all time, LATTER DAYS and he was so so good in it. My opinion is that they really dont have a direction with the character, nor a well thought out backstory and the director is kinda winging it day by day


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