Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday Wed--Thurs AND Friday!!?

Oh boy-- my schedule sucks this week!! Tillie, new iPhone battery, workshop--work work!! Not sure when I get here to watch the show. 

SO... I will try to get something up in the AM for you to post in!! I really REALLY wanted to see Lucy and Ryan today but I'll have to watch later. Or maybe they won't even be on--you know GH !! They'll wait until Thursday or something. 

I didn't even watch the Emmys last night!! NOPE--just not in the mood. Not sure why but I couldn't be bothered. There are so many great shows on now and SO little awards to pass out!! 

Have a great one-- 

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  1. Hey Wubs you got a shout out on the Daytime Confidential Podcast.


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