Monday, September 17, 2018

Crock Pots

Franco and KEVIN!!! :) WHOOT!! Ryan asks him if he as an appointment. "you said come in whenever Franco--it's your wedding present, Franco"... Franco runs off a the mouth about Liz and boys and he's scared about his trauma affecting him.  It's really fun/funny dialog, you should watch it. JL and RoHo are going to be great together. 

Drew's party lasted into the night? ahahahhaaa. Oscar is in trouble fighting. 
Liz sees Cam's eye cut. .she's all WTH? He says he fell on a ROCK ahahhahaa. She says ok and puts a bandage on it.

So, Kim calls LIZ...and BUSTS Cameron "Did you know Cameron and Oscar got in a fight at school today"??? AHAHHAA. 
OMG I like Bratty Oscar!! He was good. Liz is mad at Cam.. see we don't need any TUMOR!! This could be all teenage angst. Later, Drew goes to Kim's where she's sitting and crying.  He says they have to tell Oscar about his tumor. She says all the specialists say he'll 'make it to his next birthday' so doesn't want to tell him because it will ruin his year. HUH? Didn't she say it could be a 'month..6months ..a year'?? This is weird.  She says she wants him to be happy without a dark cloud. 

Robin and Jason--awww. She talks about Peter and wonders how he can deal with him just walking around town. She says that her dad and mom gave Peter a pass through the WSB. Jason says he'll leave him alone out of respect to she and Anna. I take it Jason doesn't know about the whole WSB Sting?? Or patient thing?? Why wouldn't Robert have Drew and Jason be in on all this? It would tie people together.

Mike and the DA..she can't question him especially since he's diagnosed with cognitive issues. You'd think Sonny would say NOPE, LAWYER LAWYER!!  Sonny said something to DA about murder. She's like How you know that?? HAHAHA. oh, Carly finally mentions a lawyer. Mike says NO NEED!! He says he was at Charlie's getting a job for Courtney his daugther. Margot tells him she's dead. He freaks out. They leave BUT HE WAS FAKING IT!! Even CarSon didn't know. (I did tho) I love it. It shows that Alzehimer's patients can have total lucidity at times--he was great. 

END: LUCY COE IN THE HOUSEEEEE!! She's going to dinner with RYAN!! Squeee!! I'm so happy!! 

Good dialog today, I enjoyed it. 


  1. I enjoyed today's episode too. Way to go Mike. Jordan was definitely not happy with Margot after that little scene. lol

    I also loved Jason and Robin, and the parent/kid talks were terrific. I liked Oscar finally giving a little attitude. I mean he's 15 and she told Liz that he was in a fight with her son. Way to ostracize a kid from his peers!

    And it's always great when we see Miss Coe. :D

    1. I'm with Jordan Di, the DA was such a "B", very insensitive. Liked bratty Oscar too.

  2. Wonder if Lucy will know something is off. She was married to Kevin and knew him very, very well. That was her "Doc". Oh, I loved them so much together. Their lighthouse. Lucy's duck. What was the ducks name? Sigmund? Miss those days

    1. Sigmund was his name yes Lindie. I think it'll be interesting to see if Lucy realizes that isn't her Doc.

  3. OMG! Lucy f'n Coe!! Haha!! I enjoyed today as well. Thought it was Laura at the end.
    Now Franco knows!!!!! Girl gonna be ticked when she finds out Liz told.
    The thing with Patrick and Sam, while not a Sam fan, they owed Jason or Robin anything (apologies) as both were presumed dead so whatever.....

  4. Lucy will notice but she probably will talk too much and Ryan will kidnap her or something? SURELY they won't go until 2019 with this.....
    and the baby swap.........
    and Jason and Sam getting together.......
    and Franco and Liz's wedding (BTW - Franco DROPPED talking Sarah too!!!!!!!!)
    and Nina finding her child....

    really I gotta have some closure on some of this......


    Robin and Patrick sing at Karaoke night 7/10/09

    I forgot how fun that was

  6. Having Robin nostalgia since she is on this week. She is one of my faves since I have been watching her since she was that little biddy 6 year old cutie.

  7. Kim Mc was one of the best kid actors to ever be on ABC's daytime lineup. Good chemistry with the cast and an energy that made you root for her. And, she could sing too, check out her background vocals on Martika's 1980's hit, "Toy Soldiers."
    It's always good to see her back but I wished they had given her more screen time with Fiola and Tris.

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  9. Q home:

    Drew, Oscar, and CarlyKim:

    CarlyKim: OH! I have to put you in a bubble, and I am going to call my bestie and tell her what is going on, because you are a 5 year old!

    Oscar wins the line of the day.

    CarlyKim: Are you saying you got into a fight with Cameron?

    Oscar: No.

    ROFL! And the way he said it with a straight face! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    JossCar: When Joss texted him, her name up on the top was Joss hahahaha. So the writers are even calling her Joss. :)

    CarlyKim's home:

    Drew and CarlyKim: Oh!!! Even Drew thinks CarlyKim is putting Oscar in a bubble hahahahahaha!

    Carson home:

    Jordan, Margoo, Carson and Mike: Oh this is so stupid and boring. The only good thing about it that made the scene better, was Mike's fake out! I had no idea he was faking! :) Great job mike!

    Jordan and Margoo:

    Margoo: We should have pushed harder!

    SAY WHAT?!?!?! Shut up Margoo!!!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Jason and Robin: Awww talking about the past.. Great scene!!!! :) Although I don't like how Robin is talking about her rewrite brother and calling him her brother. UGH!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Cam:

    Liz: Oh Cam! You have to be nice to Oscar! Treat him with kid gloves. No more fighting. Be friends with him.

    Doc's office:

    "Doc" and BobTodd: Oh wow! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Great scene! BRAVO! :) Jon Lindstrom pretending to be Ryan pretending to be Doc, was hysterical!!!! Great job Jon Lindstrom!!!!

    Lucy and "Doc" At first I thought it was Laura at the door. LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you, but watch out!!!!

    Nurses station:

    Friz: Great scene! I liked how BobTodd told Liz how he felt. :)

  10. "Michelle Latta said...Now Franco knows!!!!! Girl gonna be ticked when she finds out Liz told."

    Yeah she will be pissed, because CarlyKim is the only person who is supposed to tell anybody!!!!

  11. Anon,

    I agree. Kim Mc was the best child actor on GH. Spencer and Emma would be second.

    Kim Mc seemed to have a ton of energy and LOTS of lines at that young age of 6. Didn't even miss a beat. She also had chemistry with ALL of the cast. She is a talented lady. Can act, sing, direct and who knows what else. Oh, I think she has a degree from Princeton.

    Have a great day everyone. Rain remnants here from Hurricane Florence. That was my grandmother's name.

    Be safe all who have been hurt by the hurricane. I lived through Hurricane Andrew. So difficult; especially on children.

    1. I live in San Antonio and it did nothing but rain for two wks. Alls that was missing was a hurricane flooding and high winds. Finally yesterday and today we got some sun. 😁☀️😁☀️😁☀️

  12. Looking forward to the Lucy and Ryan twist. He knows Kevin is married to Laura, but barely knows her himself, and certainly has no feelings toward her. But did he have a relationship with Lucy way back when? Not sure. I don't remember. All I remember is his fanaticism toward Felicia.

  13. I don't think Ryan ever knew Lucy. I could be wrong.

  14. Brilliant bringing Lucy into the mix! She looked gorgeous, too! Very heartwarming to see Robin and Jason having a real conversation. Jordan and Margaux - very unprofessional, but I loved Mike's quick thinking. Franco still too over the top for me. He really needs a shrink.

  15. I just loved the Jason and Robin scenes. Stone Cold is a normal human being around Robin, and his eyes just sparkle and his face softens whenever they are together. Their brief discussion about Drake Junior and Sam was fantastic. I think they both had cocktails with their dinner, too! LOL!

    Sonya, totally agree about telling Margoo (ha!) to shut up. Am I supposed to feel bad when the body turns out to be her daddy? I think not! She's just nasty and I have no sympathy for her. Run Drew, run!

    Nothing to say about NuJordan but blah.

    Lindie, thanks so much for the karaoke link. I've watched that numerous times and absolutely love it!! You could tell they were having a blast. Did you see Ethan, Original Lulu and the other Lucky? Good times!

  16. Yes. I love that karaoke scene. Really shows off all their talent AND you could tell the cast was genuinely having so much fun. I miss the old Lulu and Lucky. Wasn't a fan of Ethan.

  17. Oh, I LOVED Ethan, he was HAWT!! I also thought that NuJordan was kinda blah, but Vinessa was such a firecracker, and sooo beautiful, a really hard act to follow!

  18. "Julie H said..Their brief discussion about Drake Junior and Sam was fantastic. I think they both had cocktails with their dinner, too! LOL!"

    ROFL! I don't get what the big deal is.. They were together and now they aren't. So what? I think Jason has to get over it. It's so annoying. He is acting like Sam cheated on him.

    "Sonya, totally agree about telling Margoo (ha!)"


    "to shut up. Am I supposed to feel bad when the body turns out to be her daddy? I think not! She's just nasty and I have no sympathy for her. Run Drew, run!"

    Yeah. I don't like her! I don't care about her or her getting revenge for her daddy.

    "Nothing to say about NuJordan but blah."

    Yeah I agree. Meh.


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