Friday, August 31, 2018

Susan Brown Passes Away

Kin Shriner and Susan Brown circa 1979
Long time GH  actress, Susan Brown passed away today at the age of 86. Susan played Gail Baldwin, mother of Scott and wife of Lee from 1979-2004 and was also on Port Charles from 1997-2000. She also appeared on Santa Barbara and many tv shows in the  60's, 70's and 80's. 

Photo posted by Kin on Twitter 8/31/18. Do you have any Gail memories? I always think of her as the one with the level head (and hormones) in the crazy world of Monica and Leslie! 


  1. I really loved her relationship with Monica. I know the Lee passed away earlier this year (as well as Peter Hansen), but I hope that they incorporate Gail's death in the show. That will be quite a blow to Scotty to lose both parents in one year. But it will give Leslie C. a very emotional scene to play out.

    I agree that Gail was the level headed one. She really fit her role and was so very believable in her storylines. She will be missed by the longtimers like myself.

  2. I was just going to post about this. Sad news. Really liked Gail. Great stepmother to Scotty. Think she was his stepmother.

  3. She will definitely be missed. Too much death lately.

  4. I really do hope they incorporate it into the show. Unfortunately sometimes spouses are unable to live without one another and I know they were a fictional couple but the writers should acknowledge her passing and give Scotty some scenes dealing with his grief. Bring back Serena and have a joint memorial for them both. Throw Franco in there too. Could be great, but will probably be ignored

  5. I am sad to hear this, I loved Gail and Lee Baldwin. You know, the show should take advantage of all of the vets who are left and bring them on the show while they can! (Hint, hint, Audrey, hint, hint.)

  6. The actress who played Audley is retired. She is on her upper 80s I believe. Does anyone know about her health status? That would be nice to see her

  7. Karen yesterday I saw your post about this on facebook. Wow! :(

    "delcodave said.. That will be quite a blow to Scotty to lose both parents in one year. But it will give Leslie C. a very emotional scene to play out."

    Yeah I was thinking Scotty lost both his parents!!! Poor Scotty!!! :( I hope they play this out on GH!

  8. They need to acknowledge her on the show in some way! The Baldwins were awesome!


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