Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday First Aid Kit

I'm still interning with Karen so, no surgery for me yet! (But I'm practicing.) These are my observations from the show this week. 

Being in Vegas, I will hit a Brunch Buffet at one of the casinos. Sunday brunches have unlimited mimosas and well, you know... Vegas.

It is really weird to see Robert and Jason working together, but I guess Robert realizes that Jason cares about Anna because she is Robin’s mother. 

The new Cameron kinda reminds me of Adam Rich from Eight is Enough. The guy can act. I hope they utilize that. How old is Cameron? The character was born in 2004, which makes him 14. Is he 14 on the show or SORAS?

What kind of earbuds cost $165? Go to $2. plus shipping.

It’s awkward seeing Liz be a parent. I mean, she has only been in the same room with her children what, 3 or 4 times tops?

Why is Oscar wearing a tie? Is this the new “look” for his generation? Weird.

The WSB needs to update their logo. It’s dated.

I like Alexis and Scotty going up against each other in court. They play off each other well. Over the past few years, court cases on the show have been minimal. Its nice to see something with some actual dialogue and substance.

Maura kicked butt on Monday railing into Griffin. Good for her. She is such a phenominal actress. Then with Kiki. Wow. Great scene and great acting. It should be another Emmy nomination year for her. Hell, for both of them.

Is that Elevator Thug guarding Anna? Is there any way they can have him strip with Magic Milo at the next Nurse's Ball? Maybe once the bad guys lose, Sonny can hire him as a permanent guard. Does anyone have the actors name?

I'm calling it... right now... Ava is going to shoot Dr. Creepy and kill him.

You know, with the new high definition you can really see all the makeup that is used on the actors. There is a lot. A lot.

Isnt a jury supposed to be 12 people? Not 6?

I see Griffin and I cant help but think of Ross from friends when he was yelling "We...were on...a break!!"

Max Gail should get nominated for Guest Star Emmy. He is really good in this role. 

Seeing Carly playing with her hair... if they ever make a Jamie Lee Curtis biopic... I could see LW doing it. The resemblance was there (for me anyway)

Margeux was a little too obvious with Julian and Kim. We get it, you are interested in Sonny. Could it be because you are related to someone Sonny knows and you are out for revenge? I have a feeling that Dawson isnt really her last name. Could it be... Lansing? As in Trevor?

Speaking of which, I really dont see Julian and Kim as a couple. Does anyone?

The Stella/Michael scene was kind of awkward and unnecessary. 

Everything is brown in Port Charles. Inside Sonny's house, Inside Alexis' house, inside bars, inside restaurants... Did sage green and tan go out of style and nobody told me?

Liz' transgender friend is Mike Webber. 
(ok, it's not. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention and read this far.) 

Kevin/Ryan spoilered a week ago Friday. They havent been seen since, have they? They forgot about them already? As Karen would say, "well... you know... GH"

Oh look... it's Billy and Chloe from Y&R

A few weeks ago Nina was saying how much she loved kids. In fact, other people were saying how much she loved kids. Now her mother Madeline is back on the show. Gee... what are the odds that Nina finds out her daughter isn't dead and is very much alive? Maybe even in Port Charles? 

Donna Mills looks good. And very believable as Nina's mom.

Looking through the episodes this week, I noticed there were more conversations involving family and things that families talk about. Parenting, alzheimers, friendships. Limited mob stuff. And scenes with more than 2 people. And extras in the bar. (Karen would have picked up on this, so I thought I would too). The writing was good. It was about relationships and there was realistic dialogue. And people. There was people. It was a good week. It figures, the one week Karen decides to go on vacation...

Even I thought the party for the baby was stupid. But then... plot point so I get it.

I didn't see any Disney stuffed animals with the baby. Shame on ABC for missing an opportunity for a shameless plug. 

Sam is the godmother? I'm surprised. I thought we would get a guest appearance by Britt Westbourne for that role.

Julian hates Sonny but "proudly serves Corinthos Coffee" in his bar?

Ok, it is time to speculate. Who is the birth mom? Will this be done off camera or will we see her? Is it someone we know (from the past?) Are they hiring someone for this role? Is it Lila Rae, SORAS from 12 to 21? 

I hope everyone had a good week, and I will see you all tomorrow.  PS. I did a web search for a First Aid Kit from Australia in honor of the wubqueen. This is the photo that came up. Kinda dark, isnt it? No red? 

My father had early alzheimers/dementia. I was his care giver for 5 yrs. Towards the end, we needed him in a care facility. The storyline with Mike and Sonny is so very well done and very believable. (and well acted) 


  1. Haha! We were on a break! Watching FRIENDS now!
    I think because Becky Herbst has such great genes it's hard to see her with older kids. She looks like their siblings LOL!
    I think he's wearing the tie since he's working for Drew for the summer.
    Kim mentioned to Margeaux that she looked familiar, wonder who she'll be...
    Looking forward to Monday. Brad looks like he wants to pass out!

  2. Dave! I’m vacationing in Vegas! I hear the “M” Buffet is awesome! Heading there Monday but first, Silverton for the Bellini Buffet!

  3. Dave, thanks for the wonderful SS!! ITA w/everything you said! I guess it will turn out that Nina has a daughter, no adult in Port Charles can remain without children for long, especially long-lost children. There is Mac--but he raised children and became a daddy that way. And then Aunt Ruby and Aunt Stella--but they became parents to their nieces/nephews. So who will Nina's daughter be? G-d only knows . . .

  4. Yes, a big thanks Dave! Excellent!

    This is kind of good for GH nowadays. Who will Nina's daughter be? Hmmmm Don't let it be Kiki. Although we don't have anyone else Kiki's age do we? Maybe it will be Margeaux. Don't let it be her. Maybe Molly? Just kidding. Speaking of Molly has she even been on in awhile? Maybe with Kristina back.

    Can they continue to keep Brad and Lucas baby mama a secret? I think the story would be stupid as heck if we never get to see her. Hopefully Brad doesn't let her take Michael's baby, but I bet that he does. Every story line of GH takes a year or 2 or 3 to be done.

  5. Nina was pregnant with her baby at the same time that Ava was pregnant with Kiki there has been a lot of speculation over the past few years that Kiki is really Ninas daughter and not Avas. With Silas being the father of both of them and this being GH anything is possible so I guess we will have to wait and see.

  6. Lindie, Molly was on a few days ago, all Davis girls together at Alexis's. Then, for the baby party, Molly and Kristina were MIA.

  7. Did anybody pick up when Kim told Margeux she looked familiar? Maybe some past history?

  8. Oy, I am sick of Margaux already! She has Drew's memories, can't stomach her.

  9. Sunday First Aid I love it. Great job. Thank you.

    I agree with everything you said. I'll just comment on the Liz and the kids post. RIGHT ON! Liz has been reduced to a Franco doll the past year and we've all forgotten what her kids look like, except for the annointed one, of course. I know that she looks too young to have a teenager but all those kids is what happens when you get obsessed with pregnancy storylines writers. Deal with it or tone it down.

    I hope your Ava prediction comes true, and I want Kiki to turn out to be Nina's daughter. We don't need any new actors.

    And Brad better not let anyone take Michael's baby. This is the perfect opportunity for the writers to correct that wrong.

    No buffet here but left over Foo Young for me. Thanks again.

  10. It is so true that Madeleine Reeves looks amazing, one wouldn't even mind getting older if we all could look as good as she does.

  11. I don't get to watch every day. I love Alexis. And the Davis girls.

  12. Great job! Max Gail is doing a fantastic job on a topic that touches all of us. Good writing from GH. About the baby mama...Nina's daughter would be in her 20's. Never know.

  13. i never did the correlation that Nina's daughter could be the baby's birth mother. That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing that.

  14. Re. the Margaux/Kim scene. The 'you look so familiar' comment could have been an AMC shout-out. Both actresses played love interests of Bianca (Erica Kane's daughter) - who knows. ?

    Dave, you're doing a great job!

  15. Great Sunday First Aid! The pic is a nice touch! Very good points,gave me alot to ponder going into this wk. Im stumped on who Ninas daughter could be unless they go with the obvious KiKi but I was reading something about it being someone who doesn't care for her right now so? Im hoping Brad does the right thing by Michael & the birth mom. I was reading he was going to confide in Julian. I just hope he encourages Brad to man up & doesn't try to pay off the birth mom and then let them keep the baby. Because Im sure his heart will break for Lucas & Michael is Sonny's son so I don't think he'd choose his happiness over Lucass happiness.

  16. When did Kristina leave Port Charles with Parker- October? Crazy thought, isn't Kristina bi-sexual? Maybe she got pregnant after she split with Parker (if she did split up with her) and given she is all over the place (drifting, as she says) maybe she felt she couldn't raise the baby and gave it up and that is Baby Wiley? That would create some major GH drama. Dave, I'm not a fan of "Charlie" and Kim either. I see Stephen Nichols is no longer on Days. Please, jump back to GH! And bring Spencer and Nikolas! GH is truly suffering in the passion department. The couples for the most part, are so BORING. Ava is waiting for her smoldering equal! Please GH do not make Kiki Nina's daughter! Although, I think they are going that route. Ava and Kiki tended to barely tolerate each other, even before their man troubles began.


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