Thursday, August 16, 2018

Robert's 80s Reunion

The Wub Tub Time Machine

This scene happened on Night Shift, not on GH. Although I really wish it did air on GH as more people would have seen it. To set the scene, Robert was in a coma at GH and Anna and Robin were at his bedside. Robert then had a dream that he was back in his old townhouse from the 80s. What is remarkable about this is the set design. I swear they had this entire set in storage and just dusted it off. It was so eerie how perfect everything looked. For those of you who watched the show in the 80s, you will agree. 

Robert was being thrown a party and the attendees are all people we remember. Luke, Anna, Robin, Mac, Sean and Tiffany. This episode was much more than just nostalgia and a reunion. There were a lot of tongue-in-cheek jokes, easter eggs, breaking character and flashbacks such as Robert and Anna's wedding and the day Robert met Robin. It was so good to see Sean and Tiffany again. The chemistry was still there with everyone and you can tell the actors were having a ball with this scene. 

Remember when groups of characters actually left the soundstage and went on an adventure? 

If you loved GH in the 80s or any of these characters/actors, you owe it to yourself to see this scene again. And if you havent seen it before, it will be a welcome surprise for you. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Delco Dave this was the best, I remember it like yesterday! I never missed an episode of Night Shift and it was very well done. Such a great soap. I also loved the scene where a gang member was shooting up the ER and Robin was taken hostage with Dr Drake looking on. Jason of course saved her, but that's when I liked him. LOL! Thanks so much for the memories. I still miss Sean and Tiffany.

  2. I loved Nightshift and also that Penthouse!!

  3. I also watched Night Shift every day. I loved it, except when the vampire stuff got crazy.

    1. I loved the vampire stuff. Michael Easton was awesome.

  4. I thought the vampire stuff was in the soap Port Charles? I could be wrong. :)

  5. Thanks Dave for some great memories! Night Shift was so much better than GH at the time.

  6. I Loved Night Shift, Claire & Kyle were my all times favorites. I had a crush on Kyle. The writing was far better than anything on GH now. Jason away from Sonny was a breath of fresh air. I can't gush enough about this.

  7. Those were the days my friends!!!!!!!

    Loved Nightshift and loved those scenes. That was the last time we saw Sean and Tiffany isn't it?

    Hope Sharon Wyatt is OK. She had osteonecrosis.

  8. Ok, quick question...

    I know it has been said that the writing was "better" (I know that is subjective) or that the show was better....


    do you think it is because it was a 30-min format? the storylines had to be more concise, so they went at a faster pace than an hour long show. does the length of the show have anything to do with the writing quality?

    just speculation...

  9. Sri Rao did the second season of Night Shift and it was phenomenal. All the vampire stuff was Port Charles, not Night Shift. I think Sri Rao had such a wonderful understanding of the characters as well as the show. He was able to bring the past into the present in such a way that made us all shed a few tears. I would love for him to write for GH!!!
    One of my favorite lines from Anna, EVER, was on Night Shift. It was during Robert's "dream". Someone, it may have been Tiffany, mentioned that Holly should have been there. Anna kind of looked around and muttered, "Her invitation was lost in the mail." I still think it was one of the best one-liners ever given, simply because of the characters involved.

  10. I never saw night shift, so thanks for the videos.. I will have to check them out! :)

    Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Sonny and Jason: Talking about the dead body.. It was boring.

    Alexis's home:

    Krissy and Sam: Oh I see!!! Krissy and Parker are still together, but Parker is established in her job, and Krissy, she says she is a drifter!!!

    Charlie's restaurant and pub:

    Jurtis: I don't blame Jordan for not wanting Stella to be at the wedding!!! The way Stella has been treating her!!! Oh hello Stella. Oh she overheard. And of course Stella digs in the knife deeper by saying Jordan is a cheater. Jordan has had enough and is about to leave, but Curtis doesn't want her to leave. Curtis stick up for Jordan!!!

    KimLian and Margot: CarlyKim introduces Margot and Julian to each other.. And of course Margot HAS to bring up Sonny!

    Margot: Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny.

    CarlyKim and Margot: CarlyKim says that she looks familiar! ROFL! Margot wins the line of the day.

    Margot: Yeah we just met the other day.

    ROFL! CarlyKim is talking about that they met before. I bet they have met before, but Margot is pretending they haven't.. Hmmm very interesting scene..

    Sam and Jason: Oh Jason has to sign something for a field trip for young Cheeto! And while they are talking, Margot is looking on her phone.. What are you looking at on your phone Margot? Pictures of Sonny?

    Carson home:

    Joss and Carly: Carly confronted Joss about the stolen clothes. She says tell me the truth now, or down the line if she finds out you are lying, our relationship will change and I won't trust you. So Joss tells the truth. Come on Carly! Stop downplaying! Take her to see a therapist! Great scene though!!!!

    Carly: I love you because you are you. I know you love me because I'm me.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :(

    Sonny, Joss, and Carly: I'm glad that Joss admitted to Sonny that she stole the clothes.. I love that Sonny said to call him when she is going through something. Awww! OH Mike DID go to his bedroom. The other day he thought he got lost when he was finding his bedroom. Joss I can't believe you hid the stolen clothes in Mike's bedroom. What were you thinking?

    Q home:

    Michael and Krissy: Poor Michael!!!! :( Krissy was so supportive of him and told him it wasn't his fault.. :(

    The hospital:

    Liz and childhood friend: Forgot the friend's name.. Man this scene was so annoying!!! The hell are you laughing at childhood friend? It's not funny that Cam stole! I mean just because Liz was a hellfire as a teenager, it's still not funny that Cam stole! And Liz you are not a hypocrite and childhood friend stop nodding!!! Liz just doesn't want Cam to make the same mistakes she did! Man this childhood friend is annoying! Oh and Liz, Cam is not a kid!! That is one of my pet peeves.. Teenagers are not kids! Cam is a young boy. I hated being called a kid when I was a teenager.

  11. Dave, I don't know, but I think that the problem is not that the show is 1 hour. I think the problem is the way they conceptualize stories--I think they don't think all of them through first. Also, a lot of stories get dropped.

    Also, if they just focused more on female friendships, humor, past history, connections, legacy characters, etc., I'm sure the fans would be happier--at least this fan would be.

  12. OH HELL YES! This scene was great in so many ways. It was the last time we saw Sean and Tiffany together onscreen but I seem to remember Robert/Anna? Someone??? dropping by Ireland and running into Sean and their daughter after Fiason came back in the last few years. The actor that played Sean didn't say much and was wheel-chair bound but he was in the scene for sure. I think the daughter said Tiffany was away on a trip or something and she did most of the talking.
    At any rate THANK you for bringing up this scene...The show runner, Sri Rao, was a self-professed Scorpio fan boy and gave Tristan Rogers emmy-worth stuff to do. Rao SO MUCH got the character of Scorpio and what he meant to the show and to Anna and Robin AND LUKE more than Guza did on GH at the time.
    Robert and Anna talking about ending up on a beach somewhere sipping Mai-Tahis, Robert's long-time-coming heartfelt conversations with Robin, Luke in Robert's fever dream willing Robert back to life...OH HELL YES! This was top notch stuff and Tristan had to dig deep with his performance.
    And yeah the nostalgia and set recreation was awesome too!

  13. Oh and by the way, Tony Geary wrote a lot of his lines for this scene. He said on a podcast I saw somewhere that Sri Rao was more than open to that. Geary was completely engaged in this scene as well - he went for broke!

  14. Characters who got on my nerves yesterday - Margot, Krissy, Curtis, Aunt Stella, Liz's friend, Jason and Sam. For a slew of reasons. :(

    The Michael/Krissy scenes were great. Chad didn't cry, but he still got me in the gut. LOL!

    I also enjoyed Carly and Joss. I thought that whole situation was handled very well by Carly. And I never thought I would say those words out loud. Ever!


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