Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Baby Joy

SO, Lucas loves the baby all ready.. ;( Brad is going along with it. Sam comes over to see the baby-- Brad uses the chance to leave..goes to GH .

Nelle is faking Memory LOSS! GO NELLE!! She tells Michael she doesn't remember anything but having to have the baby and that he killed him in the car accident. Michael says it's her fault because she thought he was in a faulty car anyway. Michael is despondent. 

Ava, Griff and Kiki in Jake's.. she overhears Chase tell Lulu that Michael and Nelle were in a car accident. Ava goes to GH and then sees BRAD AND NELLO talking!! Oh! yes!!  Brad leaves. Ava says she's sorry about the baby but she hopes Nelle doesn't tell about her part in the whole plan to get Carly. Nelle says she won't-- throws Ava out. 

Carly says she might have to go to Canada for 3 months. She tells Josslyn. Joss is all upset that she trusted Nelle. 

Michael and Sonny are in the chapel... Michael's blaming himself.  They cry. Sonny talks to God like he always does. 

"Goodnight Little baby.. Michael and his miserable family won't be able to find you even though you are right under their noses" ... Nelle before drifting off to sleep. 


  1. This baby switch stuff is tough to watch. Will we have to watch Brad feel guilty for days/weeks/months/years? Ugh. The surviving baby should die(sorry) too...that would be different. Nelle just can't win. Unless baby mama comes to get her baby which isn't.

    1. I have a feeling this switch won't be dragged out. Hope I'm right.

  2. I hope you're right too, Michelle.

  3. The baby switch cannot be dragged out. first off, the baby born in the hospital will have his umbilical cord clipped with a cord clip. He will have been bathed. The baby born on the road will not have his cord clipped; who knows how Obrecht tied it off. Shoe string??
    Second, they will do an autopsy on the dead baby and discover that he did breathe; his lungs will have expanded and a still born baby does not have inflated lungs. There are too many things about this that keep it from dragging out. Of course, GH doesn't care so much about details, but Nelle is finished taping so she has to go soon. That is the only hope we have.

  4. The safe cabin:

    Carsason: Oh so Carly IS going to go to Canada!!!! Well I bet once she hears that Michael's "Baybay" "died" then she won't want to go to Canada!!

    Carly and Joss: FINALLY Joss believes her mother!!!! About damn time!!! I didn't really think Joss would believe her.. Great scene!!!!!

    Brucus home:

    Brucus and Sam: Sam what the hell kind of shirt are you wearing? Burn it! Okay I am giving Brad the benefit of the doubt.. He is in shock and needs to process. I will give him some time process..

    Sam and Lucas: Great scene!!!! Hmmmm do babies usually wear their hats in the crib?

    The floating rib:

    Griffin and Kiwi: Oh shut up already Kiwi!!! Enough chit chatting about the sex romp you two had! And yes your mother will take you both down! I can't wait! :)

    The hospital:

    "Karen says Nelle is faking Memory LOSS! GO NELLE!!"

    ROFL! Yeah! Go Nelle!!!! :)

    Michael and Janey: MAN!!!! JANEY IS SO EVIL!!! Chloe Lanier please change your mind and come back!!! Maybe someday come back!!!! You are such a treasure! You are really good at playing bad!!

    Janey's room:

    Ava and Janey: Of course Ava is there to save herself Janey!! That is a NO DUH!

    Brad and Janey: BRAD! Janey is SO manipulating you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Janey: You know, When she was in that car accident with Michael, she talked to her baybay and wanted to make sure the baby is alive and the baby kicked! So I was thinking, oh she cares about her baby.. :) But then gave her baby to Brad and then said goodnight little baby.. Michael and his miserable family won't be able to find you even though you are right under their noses. Then I changed my mind. She don't give a crap!

    The chapel:

    Sonny and Michael: GAH! Michael made me tear up!!! :( NO MICHAEL YOUR BABY IS NOT DEAD! That baby is not even your baby!!!!!

  5. At least the poor little baby won't be raised by that psychopath.

  6. I think that the "baby switch" will play out forever, with Michael finding out it's his kid once the kid grows up. Yes, there should be an autopsy, and all the other things that would make sense that they should do, but I think they won't do any of those things, and make up reasons why, and then drag this on and on . . . Like Drew's memory flash drive, they will torture us with this forever . . .

  7. Did I miss seeing Nelle get arrested?

  8. its funny how I've always wanted this show to speed up storylines, but now i kinda wish that the baby reveal will take place years from now.

    see, when there are surprise storylines, like monica's daughter dawn, or anna's son whats-his-name, we never see it coming and it is out of left field.

    with the Wiley storyline, we all know its there. and we will keep watching and waiting for the ball to drop and when it does happen, we know that it is real and plausible becuase we saw it happening from the beginning.

  9. I want Michael to have his baby to raise from young. It will happen. No way will the writers give Nelle what she wants. And I don’t think Brad will be able to hang in there without making himself suspicious.

  10. My attention this week has been all about Genie's return. Someone at ABC finally grew a brain and called her. I hope she has a really good story which will give Genie a chance to shine because she is one of the very best talents in TV. Oh, dear--now my two favorite super talents, Fiona and Genie, will be on the same show at the same time and I want great stories for both--which hardly ever happens to two vets.

    I have wanted the Nell story over for SOooo long now and am so relieved it is winding up for good, giving Michael a chance to mature and get back to ruling ELQ. Now if they can just get rid of Peter...

    My man favorites, Griffin, Robert, and most of all Finn, look in line for good story, and I anticipate a lovely wedding for Franco and Liz. Love them together.

    I'm surprised GH hasn't been going up in ratings--though none of the soaps are gaining much these days. I'm just grateful all are still on...

  11. After themess of storylines and they way they treated her and the character of Laura, I am shocked that Genie would want to come back. God bless her and Tristan though who love the fans of GH and are willing to go to the mat for all of us who enjoy them.

  12. I was wondering how Dr. O delivered the baby and cut the cord - probably with a nail file? Wouldn't Lucas have noticed something strange when he changes the diaper? I guess they are assuming all baby boys look alike, too. Just too far fetched. I thought Josslyn actress was really good with Carly. Usually she is a little bland for me. Can't wait for Genie to get back. Heard Donna Mills will be back, too!

  13. Was the original baby circumcised at the hospital?

    1. Both my boys had it done within the 1st 3 days of tbeir birth. If Jewish they do a bris at 8 days. It is very quick. I'm sure it is an overlooked detail.

  14. Here, here. Thank you to Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers. They make their fans happy as best they can even when they are not given a contract or treated with respect. They are completely stand up in my book. If I ever had the pleasure of meeting them, I would tell them so!!!!!!!!

  15. Didn't want a dead baby and got it. Didn't want a baby switch and got that too. Don't want a Ryan Chamberlain - Kevin switch so I guess we will get that too. Watch out Felicia and Maxie, the dead arise on the soaps as sure as kids age 6 years over a weekend.


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