Thursday, August 2, 2018

I forgot to POST THIS!! DUHHH sorrry!!

Curtis and Sam are pretending to be DC agents looking into Carly's escape 

Ava is at the docks to burn/get rid of the blanket. See, THIS bothers me...not the Nelle pristine birth but this. Ava would NOT do that in public. Period.  She talks to Griffin about "influencing" Nelle. 
Maura West is so good. 

Chase wakes up on Lulu's couch. Rocco asks him if he wants pancakes. He gets up to go puke. Guess he slept it off there.  He tells her the whole Nelle back story and plan. 

Kim says the baby died due to unexplained circumstances. Nelle is like: NO.. it was the car crash, I know it.  Kim says no, no trauma and Nelle's injuries couldn't have killed it. Kim says they have to think of a name for the baby leaves. 
The baby is named Jonah. Nelle says Michael just can't LEAVE her..they are married after all. Michael, not exactly LOL!! Tells her they aren't married and Jason gave Ned a pen with invisible ink, just like she used!!  Nelle is sobbing--but you said she loved me!! I'm broken, I don't know why I do what I do!! Sobbing.
Michael "I don't know if you're mentally ill or a sociopath but I don't care"!!! 
He leaves. OMG Nelle is going to plot revenge forever. Even if Chloe is leaving-- I hope Nelle is back someday. 

Jason and Carly talk to Josslyn about going to Canada. Joss figures out she let Nelle have the baby blanket from the attic. She's upset. Jason said she's a good person and too trusting. Joss wants to go with Jarly to Canada. Carly says Jax would never allow it. (Guess those meds did work)!! 
Sonny comes in and tells them all the baby died. Joss says "it's like she planned this"!! Sonny said it was a boy-- and she gave birth alone in the woods. 

END: MICHAEL goes to the cabin.. Josslyn leaves to go to the hospital to see Michael.  Then, Chase goes to get Nelle. NELLE IS GONE!!!!!! Just GONE!! ahahha. The cop is like "I just stepped away for a minute"!! 
Later...Nelle is wandering the docks in scrubs and.....
JOSSLYN GRABS HER! Scared me!! and I had NO idea it would be her! Tomorrow Joss says "You messed with the wrong family, bitch"!!! 

Chad and Chloe were perfection today!! 


  1. OH EMMMM GEEEE! I can't wait to watch!!!!

  2. I am now officially on TEAM JOSSLYN!!!!

    I cant wait to watch tonight.

    Its gotten good. How long will this "gotta watch it" going to last for us?

    WOO HOO.

    1. probably not long so we might as well enjoy it while it's good. Hope Joss slaps her face off!

  3. The crazy town:

    Curtis, Sam and Mary Pat: Mary Pat Ingles? Is she related to the Ingles family from little house on the prairie? :) Curtis and Sam look like FBI agents! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Janey's room:

    CarlyKim and Janey: Oh! CarlyKim in her disguise again.. Hmmm so the baby had the autopsy.. Oh come on! Just say SIDS.

    Michael and Janey: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! So they aren't really married! Wait though Ned married them! Unless he doesn't really have the credentials.. I'm confused. Well, I LOVE how Michael was!!!! He was great! :)

    "Karen says OMG Nelle is going to plot revenge forever. Even if Chloe is leaving-- I hope Nelle is back someday."

    I bet she will plot revenge forever! I hope the actress comes back too someday!!!

    The cabin:

    Joss and Carly: Wait Joss! You want to go to Canada? But what about Oscar? Do you not care about him anymore since he didn't want to have the sex with you?

    Michael and Carly: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)


    Ava and Griffin: OH SHUT UP GRIFFIN! Don't you dare try to judge her again! Take responsibility?!!?!? YOU SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU DONE WITH SLEEPING WITH KIWI! SHUT UP!


    Previews for tomorrow:

    Joss: You messed with the wrong family, bitch!!!


  4. "delcodave said... I am now officially on TEAM JOSSLYN!!!!"

    WOOT WOOT! :) Me too!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

  5. Why wouldn’t Nelle be cuffed to the bed?

  6. Aren't Rocco and Dante deathly allergic to strawberries? Wasn't that how they figured out his true parents? Why did Lulu have strawberries on the plate of pancakes?

  7. Go Joss!!! Joss is going to turn into a mini Carly. Hmmm

  8. Oh forgot a couple of things.

    Jason and Joss: Jason gave her great advice! Although telling her everyone has an agenda, he should have said some people have agendas.

    Lante home: I forgot to mention about Chase and Lulu when they were at the floating rib. Hmmm they look cute together. Can Lante get a divorce and then Lulu can move on to Chase? :) Oh he isn't feeling well.. Got the preggers? Seriously they are adorable together and Rocco there, waking him up haha cute. :) What shall we call Chase and Lulu? Hmmm. Lace? Chulu? :)

  9. Sonya, right, SOME people have an agenda, not everyone . . .

    I fear for what will happen in the Joss/Nelle confrontation. I would love for Joss to take her down/take her in, but I fear that Nelle will have the upper hand. Either she will say something to manipulate her, or do some harm to her. I would think that Nelle would kill her, but the Joss actress is on contract now. . .

  10. I was hoping Joss would throw her in the harbor. lol Then just keep her in there while she called the police. I definitely want to see Joss' inner Carly come out.

    And while she's rethinking motives, I also want her to realize that Oscar was just trying not to take advantage of her while she was so upset.

    Roni said...
    Aren't Rocco and Dante deathly allergic to strawberries? Wasn't that how they figured out his true parents? Why did Lulu have strawberries on the plate of pancakes?

    *** You should write that on the official GH site and on their twitter feed. The writers need to be called out on this.

  11. Yup, Chad and Chloe were perfection. That was awesome! And I'm rooting for Joss to toss old Nellie in the harbor, too. That would be fantastic. Too many good shows in a row, I'm stunned! :)

  12. "AntJoan said...Sonya, right, SOME people have an agenda, not everyone . . ."


    Di said...

    "I was hoping Joss would throw her in the harbor. lol"

    HAHAHAHA! I would love to see that! :)

  13. Yes, Rocco has a latex allergy and is also allergic to some fruits, though I'm not sure if it was ever specified as to which fruits.

    If I remember right, it was because Dante has the same allergies that Liz suspected Nik's son "Ben" was really Rocco.

    Oh, and I'm of the opinion EVERYONE has an agenda. We all have wants/needs and take actions to get what we want/need. Nothing wrong with that. Many times agendas coincide, overlap, or are harmless to others.

  14. I think that SOMEONE is going in the harbor, but I fear it might be Joss . . .

  15. I think the first day they showed Nelle in the hospital bed her right hand was cuffed to the bed.


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