Thursday, August 23, 2018

First We Sing...

The Wub Tub Time Machine

If there is one thing GH does really well, it is honor the memory of the actors who have passed on. We got a great clip package for both Steve Bernardino and Anna Lee (Anna's was very classy, as they included 2 of the 3 Edwards, David Lewis and John Ingle) But it was the send off for John Ingle that had me bawling like a baby. I was expecting a title card at the end of the episode stating "In Loving Memory", but wasnt prepared for the waterworks that preceded it. 

I knew there would be Quartermaine mayhem, and I expected the pizza fiasco.
There were a lot of memories, Jane's usual brilliant performance, clips of John Ingle, Skye's return... Ned's return... even Heather (I love Robin Matson!).

It was a very "Q"-centric episode. 

But when I saw the back of Edward's head and the voice started, I got teary-eyed and emotional. Then there was Lila's hair bun. Man, this big bear just cried. It was so loving - and fitting - to have Lila stand up and escort Edward up the stairs into the light. Even today, when I think about that scene I get choked up. I cant watch it with a dry eye. I am reduced to a puddle.

I hope that for me, and for all of us, when our time comes we will have our loved one(s) take our hand and escort us the way Lila did for Edward. This has to be one of my favorite scenes from all 55 years.

PS Did we ever find out definitely what Heather knew that the Qs didnt? What was the big surprise in the will?  

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  1. Yep those were well done! I always liked John Ingle, but David Lewis was "my Eddie Q" because when I watched GH the most, he was in the role. No idea what was in the will, but just a quick correction that there were 4 Edwards: David Lewis (1978–93), Les Tremayne (1987–88), John Ingle (1993–2004, 2006–12), and Jed Allan (2004–05). Both Tremayne and Allan were "blink and you miss them" gigs.

    1. Oh yeh Jed Allan, I think GH got backlash for recasting Edward with him and brought Ingle back? Ingle was by far my favorite. I think Les was before my time.

  2. I like both long term Edwards. I loved Lila. She was the best. Still love watching her on Sound of Music too. The "nice" nun.

  3. Thanks Dave. I still blubber like a baby watching that scene too.

  4. I think Jed was a temporary recast. Was Ingle sick at the time? I dont remember the backstage facts from that point. It was VERY unfortunate to have Jed on screen during Lila's death when he never really had scenes with her.

    I cant compare the 2 "main" edwards. They both made the role their own and brought different aspects to the role.

    I always felt that David Lewis portrayed Edward from a business standpoint. (think more JR from Dallas, but of course, nothing like JR from Dallas)

    John was more family oriented. And a little softer.

    TO me, it is like comparing apples to oranges. Just like the Carlys. Sarah was very manipulative and vindictive where Laura is softer but still wants to always get her way.

    It is rare when a recast can have a following like the original. SO many times they dont work. But here we have 2 care where, love them or hate them, TPTB did a great job casting for the roles.

    (in my opinion, of course)

    1. Totally agree! It took a bit but all in all they both brought they're own little crumudgeonliness,(not a real word I know) eye twinkle and Quartermaine nobility to the character.

    2. I totally Dave. You hit the nail on the head. David and John made the character their own.

  5. Jed Allan was overall a decent enough soap actor but a real problem was he was only 2 years older than Stuart Damon and 12 years older than Jane Elliot. When seeing Edward and Alan Q in particular together on screen it was really bothersome because there was no way he could pass himself off as Alan Q's father...They looked the same age! It was ridiculous and then Jed had to play Edward while the Lila Q character passed away and just couldn't convey the depth of the relationship like Lewis and Ingle could have because of their chemistry with Anna Lee...Jed was flat to watch as he mourned. Thank goodness Ingle came back fairly soon thereafter!


  6. Oh yes, this clip had me teary eyed again. I blubbered like a baby when it originally aired. I too, liked both of the 2 main Edwards. But John Ingle was my favorite. Really looking forward to today's show. I need to know what's going on with Doc, and do you think they'll really show the birth mom? Hopefully we get to see Robert today, too. I read that he's done taping at GH again. They really should make him a permanent cast member. Thanks again Dave!

  7. I think John Ingle was over at Days during that time, he played Micky for a couple of years

  8. Jed Allan was awesome as C.C. Capwell on Santa Barbara!

  9. For a hot minute I thought maybe Kristina was birth mom, now I just want it to be someone off screen since it can’t be Hayden.

  10. People were speculating about Hayden, but she was supposed to have had her baby months ago, I think.

    Now that Stephen Nichols is leaving his other soap, dare we hope that Stephan Cassadine is coming back?

  11. Ingle was put on recurring status, fans revolted, days snapped him up and put him on contract, DAYS did the same thing when they ran out of ideas and GH got him back on contract.

  12. Having Kristina be the birth mom would be perfect. That's why it obviously won't be her.

  13. Thanks for the video Dave!!! It made me cry again!!! Back when they first showed it, I cried too!!!

    The hospital:

    Friz: Hmmmm.. So let's see BobTodd has a mission. Liz isn't happy with this mission.

    Friz and Kiwi: Yeah Kiwi I am confused myself about what is going on. Bobtodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: And if for some reason I don't come back alive, I would really like a simple funeral. No extraordinary measures.

    ROFL! What?!?!?!?! :)

    Liz and Kiwi: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! BobTodd is taking the boys shopping for clothes and school supplies!! :) OH OH! Yeah make that funeral!!! :)

    Liz, Kiwi, and Dr. Scum: Man Dr. Scum is so arrogant!! He thinks nothing can touch him! Oh he got a text from Monica.. He leaves and comes back upset! He was fired!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *CHEER* WOOT WOOT! :)

    The park:

    Aidan, Cam, Jake, and BobTodd: WHOA! Holy crap! All three boys together?!!?!?!? THAT'S AMAZING! :) Cam!!! Stop being a mean jerk to Aidan! So what if he wants a Princess Calinda of Everwood pencil? It's not just for girls! Everyone can have them!!!!! CAM I SAID STOP IT!! Glad BoBTodd stopped it.

    BobTodd and Aidan: Great scene!!! Glad BobTodd is there for him. Yeah you can like or not like anything you want! Listen to BobTodd!!!! Aww Adian doesn't want the pencil now. :( Yeah

    Cam, BobTodd, and Aiden: Oh Cam that was a pathetic apology for your little brother!!!!

    Cam and BobTodd:

    Cam: At least I'm not apologizing for killing people. How about all those people you hurt? Did they buy your apology too?

    WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT?!?! Cam what the hell is wrong with you?! Does your mother know how you treat your little brother and how you talk to people? If your father was alive, he would not be very happy with you right now!!!!

    Police station:

    Jordan, Chase, and Robert: Chase wants to help find his brother!!!! Chase is part of the WSB team now. Robert is not happy about that.

    Robert: He's green, he's too invested, and he's like a puppy who hasn't been trained.

    Well Robert has a very good point there.

    Kidnaped room:

    Anna, DocFinn, and the bad guys: DocFinn is saying to the bad guys that Cassie is contagious so they have to wear masks. I was thinking is he lying? When the bad guys leave, yup DocFinn is lying! :)

    Anna, DocFinn, and Cassie: DocFinn woke Cassie up!!! She wants to know why they are not dead yet. ROFL! Geez the way she is looking, it looks like she woke up and has a bad migraine. They want her to help them. She has to pretend she is in a coma, and see if she recognizes the bad guys, then tell Anna and DocFinn.

    The floating rib:

    Lucy and Ryan: Awww Lucy you are just being a concerned friend!!! It's okay! :) But uh, he isn't Doc!!!! HE IS RYAN! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Oh it's Doc's birthday! Lucy got him a cupcake for an apology.

    Carly and Jason: They are playing pool! Whoa that made me remember back in the day with them. They talk about the body that was buried. Then she wants Jason's opinion about whether she needs therapy or not. He doesn't think so. She doesn't think so either.

    Crazy town:

    Doc and Bug eyes Gordon: DOC!!!!! Or is it Ryan? He isn't saying if he is Doc or not!!! And stop freaking out this Gordon guy! You are making his eyes bug out!!!


    1. Cam was being a little punk today! Aiden is adorable.

  14. "Michelle Latta said... Aiden is adorable."

    He sure is!!!!!!!!! :) I just want to hug him!! :)

  15. My two favorite things today: when Anna asked Finn what were the chances the Cassandra would wake up, he answered, "60-40, 70-30..." lol Then the LOOK that Robert gave Chase when Robert wanted coffee and Chase told him what kind that he wanted. Priceless!! I'd love more scenes between those two!! I bet they would be hilarious.

  16. I’m really enjoying Chase! Good addition to the cast!

  17. Wanda said...Then the LOOK that Robert gave Chase when Robert wanted coffee and Chase told him what kind that he wanted. Priceless!! I'd love more scenes between those two!! I bet they would be hilarious.

    *** I agree. Chase is so serious and that makes him a perfect foil for Robert. More scenes definitely needed.

  18. Shocked that we got to see all three of Liz's kids! I like Chase, too! He is so much better than WR (Peter) who is such a bad actor. Loved seeing Lucy with "Kevin". I'm guessing Aiden will be transgender now that we have Liz's old friend to possibly counsel him.

  19. I totally agree with everything you said LSV422. And Robert and Chase were a hoot, they could have their own show!

    Sonya, your GAAAAHHHHHH was me too yesterday, hah!

  20. "Julie H said...Sonya, your GAAAAHHHHHH was me too yesterday, hah!"

    ROFL! I mean Ryan giving Doc a cupcake for their birthday that Lucy gave him, GAHHH! Gee Ryan, Too bad Doc couldn't give you anything!!!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HIM RYAN?!!?!?!?! When did the switch happen?!?!! How are you alive Ryan?!!! So many questions!!! ROFL!

  21. I'm not sure which one is Ryan and which one is Doc. Maybe Ryan is #5 and now has Doc's memories and thinks he's Doc. That would be more interesting, I think.

  22. "Di said...I'm not sure which one is Ryan and which one is Doc."

    Yeah me neither!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Maybe Ryan is #5 and now has Doc's memories and thinks he's Doc. That would be more interesting, I think."



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