Friday, August 24, 2018

The Nurses' Ball

The Wub Tub Time Machine

I knew I wanted to do something about the Nurse's Ball. I know that all of you have opinions, positive and negative about the Ball, especially in recent years. I have my own vision for the ball. I think since ABC is owned by Disney, they should have it at the Disney Concert Hall in LA one Satuday night. A live, actual performing fundraiser. Fans can attend (high priced tickets) and there can be a section for signing autographs and books and a place where costumes and props can be displayed. (who wouldnt want to see the actual ice princess? or Lucy's Red wedding dress?) Performers from current and past casts of GH can perform and it will be taped and edited into a montage throughout the Nurse's Ball week on TV. By doing this, the proceeds can actually go to AIDS relief centers in LA and around the country. Tshirts and memorabilia can be on sale at the venue as well as online. Maybe some props up for auction? Televisions in the lobby playing scenes from previous Nurse's Balls. This can be a huge fan event, and also raise money for the cause. Because that is why the ball was started, right? To raise money and awareness? Remember that?

There have been some great acts through the years at the ball, but one stands out above the rest for me. I am putting that one in a link below, but I am not saying what it is. You'll have to click and be surprised!

I know that the performances were all done in character. But there was one number that I really wish they performed. It was a missed opportunity, in my opinion. Constance Towers was on broadway in The King and I with Yul Brenner. She was brilliant, as she is in everything she does. Here is the clip of her at the MDA telethon. Take a look:

Wouldnt it have been awesome if she did this number at the ball with Luke? (Or anything really) I know it would have been out of character to have Helena singing and dancing at the ball, but I would have overlooked the logistics. What an elegant woman and what an incredible talent.

Someday I would love to do a blog (with Karen?) of clips of GH stars before they were GH stars. (Leslie Charleston was in Happy Days, Stuart Damon as Cinderella, Maurice in Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter, Constance as noted above, Finola in Stayin' Alive, etc.)

And my favorite act at the ball is: (no photos or description. you have to watch and be surprised)

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  1. Dave you are full of great ideas about the ball! I don't think it will happen but at least you put it out there. :)

    Loved your clip and it's a good one! Here's mine. I kept this on the old VRC tape for years.

  2. lol Constance could have done that one with Tony and it would have been a hoot.

    I loved the Midnight Train one too.

  3. There are so many acts I loved but Emma's first one still brings a smile to my face.

  4. "Someday I would love to do a blog (with Karen?) of clips of GH stars before they were GH stars. (Leslie Charleston was in Happy Days, Stuart Damon as Cinderella, Maurice in Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter, Constance as noted above, Finola in Stayin' Alive, etc.)"

    HOLY CRAP! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I love it!!!! :) Great idea!!!!

    "And my favorite act at the ball is: (no photos or description. you have to watch and be surprised)"

    Hahaha! Yes I love it! I remember! They did a great job with midnight train to Georgia!!! And then when that was over, Luke and Lucky, Luke had got moves!!!! GO LUKE! :)

  5. "Di said...There are so many acts I loved but Emma's first one still brings a smile to my face."

    Awww! Wittle Emma was so cute!!! So adorable! :)

  6. Yes. I love your idea about having a great actual "Nurses Ball" for fans.

  7. I love that one too. I forgot about that one. Were they all singing? We know that Jonathon sings.

  8. Thanks sooo much for sharing that great clip! I even got to see my Sonny & Brenda!! That's when the ball looked like an actual event, with lots of people in the audience, so great seeing them all !!

  9. that was one of my favorite acts from the Ball too

  10. OffTopic to Delcodave...Thanks for the American Vandal recommendation. BF and I binged that this week and are looking forward to season 2 next month already. :) Please post your other shows anytime Karen does her binge-worthy posts. PS--Loving your flashbacks. You're doing an amazing job as interim blogger.

  11. So how long will you are you going to do this page

  12. Carey

    Vandal was good. I loved how it was a mockumentary and really hit things perfectly. If you liked that, try UnReal. (first season only) It totally blows apart reality TV!

    Karen will be back on Monday. She will probably have to settle in and I expected her to post on Tuesday. Tomorrow will be something cute, Sunday is Surgery and Monday will be my last horrah


  13. Police station:

    Robert and Chase: Robert's on the phone and Chase is on the phone.. Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: You don't think they went off and got married during all of this do you?

    ROFL! Chase didn't appreciate that joke. :)

    Carson home:

    Mike and Sonny: They are watching baseball! Felix is there too. They are having fun! Mike even wants to play baseball outside! :) So Mike and Sonny go out to play baseball, but we didn't even get to see it. :( After that Mike went to bed, then when he woke up, and nobody was around. He was very confused. He pressed this thing that he had, and oh oh loud sounds!!!!! Jason, Sonny, and his men all had guns drawn!!!! :0 OH NO! Poor Mike!!!

    The floating rib:

    Carly and Jason: They are still playing pool!!!! UGH! Carly can't stop talking about Drew and Margot. Blah blah blah. Then Jason explains to Carly about Margot using Drew or anybody else to get to Jason! Carly wants blood!!! So Carly goes and gives Margot a piece of her mind!

    Drew and Margot: Uh no Margot this isn't a 2nd date. It's still a 1st date!!! How dumb are you?And everytime Drew's memories gets brought up, I want to punch her in the face!!! Man this date is long and boring.. Well until Drew squirts BBQ sauce over her! Hahahahhaha!

    The kidnapped room:

    Anna, Finchy, and Cassie: This is boring too! Until Finchy drugs the bad guys! Hahahaha. Now let's get on to the other patients!!!

    Anna, Finchy, Chase, and Robert: YAY! Robert and Chase find them!!! Robert and Anna hug awwwww! :) Finchy and Chase give each other a nod. I'm glad Jason isn't with Robert.

    Margot's room: Drew did you squirt the BBQ sauce on Margot, just to search her room? :) Well guess what?!!??!?! DREW FOUND THE FLASHDRIVE!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Margot said don't touch that! OH SHUT UP!

    The park:

    Little uncle Leo, Julian, and Ava: Awwww little uncle Leo catching flies! Little Leo even asks Julian if there are toys in heaven, because his mommy told him that Jonah is in heaven.. :( Oh hi there Griffin the judgemental fool who is jogging with no shirt on.

    Ava and Griffin: Oh don't you dare judge her!!!! STOP JUDGING HER!! I had enough of you! GO HOME! Judging her that she got hims suspended, and judging her for the yellow blanket! Yeah Leo brought it up.

    Little uncle Leo, Julian, and Ava: OH MY! Little uncle Leo got hurt climbing a tree. But it's just a scrape on his knee Julian calm down! Ohh its' more than that. He could have hit his head because he is not responding to his daddy. Griffin is helping Leo. Oh he just got the wind knocked out of him. He is going to be fine. Whew. :)

  14. CAN'T STAND watching Drew and Margaux, knowing she has the flash drive, plus they are soooo boring, we want to watch vets, not newbies!!

    I also can't stand the idea that Drew basically remembers sleeping with Carly and everyone else Jason slept with (of course, he ACTUALLY slept with 2 of the women that Jason slept with). Wouldn't Carly feel uncomfortable knowing that Drew has knowledge of all of her private areas?

    1. Omg...rofl, given the number of men Carly has been with, her lady parts are pretty well seen by half of PC'S men by now. Jason, Sonny, Jax, Franco, Drew (sort of) also AJ, Tony and Ric. The last one because he stripped her and put him in bed with her to make her think they slept together. There was a theory going around that Morgan was actually Ric's son because of that night, but that never panned out. Now that would've been awesome. Carly needs to keep her privates private from now on

  15. "AntJoan said...Wouldn't Carly feel uncomfortable knowing that Drew has knowledge of all of her private areas?"


  16. OMG, Leo is SUCH a cutie!! Can we see more of him, PLEASE??

    Robert and Chase got to Canada in like 5 minutes? And it still bothers me that Anna took out Finn's chip, is she that cavalier about putting him in mortal danger?

  17. I forgot a couple of things. Back at the police station, Robert was showing Chase the picture of the Cassadine crest! Then Cassie gets kidnapped by someone wearing a ring with the Cassadine crest on it!!!!!! :0

  18. Did anyone else notice that little Leo looks enough like Dante to be his real life brother? All I could think of was how much he looks like his "big brother" and what a great job of casting they did.

  19. Leo also had quite a resemblance to Julian and Olivia. What great casting!

  20. OK, so then it's official, we all love little Leo!!

    Dare I hope that the Cassadine ring belongs to Stephan? It did the first time they showed it, he was on a plane coming to PC with Nik to save Lulu's life. If it is Stephan, it would be a great homage to the past . . .

  21. If only they would grab S. Nichols now that he is off Days. This would be so exciting! The way Cassandra reacted iI don’t think it could be Valentin.

  22. I agree.... about it not being Valentin. She had no fear of Valenine, but looked terrified of this guy. It would be wonderful if it was Stephan!!

  23. I would love it to be Stephan too.

  24. stephen nichols. pictures dont lie?

    save comments for sunday. I will mention this.


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