Friday, August 3, 2018

Hair is FLYIN' everywhere!

Robert is going to take Peter to Germany-- Finn wants to know how to rescue Anna.  Robert wants Finn to put a tracker in so he can be found.  Finn gets on the elevator and is followed by a goon. They take him to some room and beat him up. :eyeroll:  They say he's going to help with the 'special patient." Gotta be Ryan? Or Kevin? 

Nina tells Maxie Obrect escaped. The baby dying and Brucas adopting.  Later Lulu comes by to gab and show them her "conclusion" to her story. 

Stella sees the baby--coos over him.  Brad looks sick. Oh please for the love of GOD don't have him be all guilt-ridden for months. UGH I will NOT be able to deal. Brad gets called to the PCPD because Nelle is missing. He is very anxious. 

Nelle and Joss-- Joss tells Nelle she followed her out of the hospital and didn't tell anyone so she could 'handle it". OH man, Joss, you are NOT UP FOR THIS YET! No offense but you just aren't there yet!!  So, they banter and Joss finally pulls out her phone to call the police. Nelle grabs her-- says they are sisters, bonded. Joss says NO WAY.. You've messed with the wrong family bitch.  Nelle grabs Josslyn's phone, throws it and shoves Joss to the ground. Joss has head scrapes. She gets up and punches Nelle in the face.  They fight and Joss ends up slamming Nelle into the wall. Jordan finally gets there to take Nelle away. 

AT the PCPD:  Joss and Nelle come in.  Nelle is in the interrogation room. Chase and Jordan are there. Nelle said "He's horrendous in bed, you know" AHAHAHAA> Chases face!!! 

Curtis tells Stella that he heard from his ex--Shaundra.  Stella loved Shaundra and wanted her to know he was getting married.  She said someone "wise told her to back off" 

Robert goes into Peter's room to take him away.  They banter. Roberts says "you're going away and your mama can't save you".  Peter says he can help the WSB with info on patients 1...2..3..4 AND 5 !! Which we know 2 are probably Kevin/Ryan. 

WHY DIDN'T Carly just have another blanket made like the one Ava took? Take it in to show the PCPD? I mean... it's a BLANKET, not forensic evidence. Tell them she found it at the Qs under the mattress. 


  1. Today's show was good. Finally Joss acts like Carly's daughter. I loved her punching Nell.

    Patient's number 1,2,3,4,5. Hmmm. Was one of them Robin? Probably Ryan/Kevin. That must be the patient that Finn is supposed to take care of now that the goons mentioned??? Peter sure is the "weasly" one. He is not innocent like he pretends.

    1. Loved kick ass Joss! I already it was really good. Wish Peter would go away.

  2. Joss is my new favorite character! Man, that was soapy awesomeness!!!

  3. My favorite part was when Nelle was grabbing at Jordan in the interregation room, blaming her and the PCPD. It looked improvised and Vanessa ("Jordan") reacted perfectly. I am really going to miss Chloe Lanier.

  4. Yes, the 2 of them are leaving. Chloe and Vinessa. I think Nell will sue the PCPD. Is there time for that though? She is leaving very soon right?

    Man, the way Michael was looking at the baby. I am sure he is only looking like that because he just lost his son. It was spooky. Like he "recognized" him as his son. I highly doubt Nell's baby is Michael's though.

    1. Yes! Lindie I thought the same, the way he looked at "Wiley was just as if he recognized him. Hope it doesn't drag out.

  5. The pier:

    Carly Jr and Nelly: Carly Jr wins the line of the day!

    Carly Jr: You damn right I am! You messed with the wrong family bitch!

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU TELL HER!!!! Their scene was awesome!!!!! GET HER CARLY JR GET HER!!! :) Throw her in the water she needs to be wet! :) Oh crap Jordan!!! Why did you have to show up?

    The hospital:

    Brucus plus baybay: Okay Brad! You had all night to process!!! Time to tell Lucas the truth!!! I have been meaning to say something about this baybay! He has a rash on his face. :( Poor thing!!! Oh no! Brad has to go tot he police station and Lucas is going with him? But Michael is there!!!! He could see baybay!!! Hmm Lucas is right. Wiley has to get used to people going to jail! ROFL!

    Hiney's room:

    Lulu and Hiney: Hiney is right Lulu about revenge..

    Robert and Hiney: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?! 5 patients?!?!!?!?! Who are they?!!?!?!!!


    Finchy and the man in black: Oh boy! The man wants to recruit Finchy!!! The head boss, Will Smith. :)


    Lulu, Nina, and Maxie: Maxie why are you wearing a jacket? Aren't you hot? It's summer!!!! Nina what the hell are you wearing? Burnt that shirt.. Wow Maxie you are very very mature!! I like mature Maxie. :) Great scene with the three gals. :)

    Curtis and Stella: Hmmmm. When Curtis and his ex girlfriend were together, Did Stella break them up? Cus I mean she just dumped him. Does Stella have a habit of breaking up Curtis's relationships?

    Police station:

    Nelly and Jordan: WOW! Nelly grabbed Jordan!!! Nelly could get in even more trouble! She could get in trouble for assaulting a police officer!!

    Nelle said "He's horrendous in bed, you know" AHAHAHAA> Chases face!!!

    Oh is THAT what she said?! HAHAHHAHAHA! Horrendous good or horrendous bad? Cus if she is saying bad, I saw the flashback, he was amazing! :)

    Michael, Brucus, and baybay: GAH! Michael seeing his son, made me cry!!! :(

    Kidnapped room: Hmmm Finchy has to see a patient? I was thinking the patient is Anna. Hey where is Will Smith?! Busy at the moment making people forget? :)

  6. I was thinking that Anna was the patient too, Sonya. She does need treatments for her blood cancer.

  7. "Di said...I was thinking that Anna was the patient too, Sonya. She does need treatments for her blood cancer."

    Oh! Yeah she does, but I was thinking they were lying about her being a patient. They do want Finchy to take care of the patient though. So maybe they kidnapped her, but then she got sick and that's why they have him. Hmmmm.

  8. Loved Joss saying "Avery is my sister, Kristina is my sister." Awwww... Maybe Joss is not such an idiot after all.


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