Monday, August 13, 2018

Hello Brother...

Double Your Pleasure

Double Your Fun

Ok, now that I have all of you singing that commercial jingle, I’ll give you some food for thought. Here is a list of Twins on General Hospital. (I am including look-a-likes because, well, you know…close enough)

Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)
Anna Devane and Alex Marrick (Finola Hughes)
Emily Quartermaine and Rebecca Shaw (Natalia Livingston)
Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lingstrom)
Carlos and Joe Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise)
Bernie and Benny Abrahms (Richard Fancy)
Manny and Mateo Ruiz (Robert LaSardo)
Nikolas Cassadine and Connor Bishop (Tyler Christopher)

A lot of you are long-time viewers. For those of you who arent, there is a Ryan/Kevin twin storyline brewing right now. This is not something new, it happened decades ago. Some of you speculated it and on Friday it was confirmed. Ryan was the first character on the show, and then they introduced his twin Kevin. Instead of copying and pasting a bunch of wikipedia notes (Ryan kidnapped Felicia, stole Georgie, there was a bomb at a wedding... you know, typical everyday stuff) I am going to include a link to a recent article. It is very well done, concise and to the point and will fill you in if you weren’t around when this started, or if you forget a little of the details. 

I am totally on board with this storyline, for several reasons. 
  1. With Nelle gone (or at least going…) we need a good villain and Ryan definitely fits the bill. 
  2. Jon Lingstrom is a fantastic actor and has proven himself over the years to bring the best he has to his performances, especially when it is a dual role.
  3. All those complaints about the show not using Vets can be put to rest. Here you will not only have Jon, but I assume Genie (Laura), Kristina (Felicia), John (Mac) and since this involves Kevin, there is always a good chance Lynn (Lucy) will be on board. This is a great collection of Veterans and formidable actors who have continued to shine over the years. Now the writers need to give them a great storyline and let them run with it.
  4. We have to wonder at what point the Ryan/Kevin swap took place, if it did at all. Was it before he married Laura? After? While Laura was in town or after she left? How long has this been in place? Who is the doctor and who is the patient? What are Ryan’s motives? What is his endgame? Who is involved and who will be affected in the future? 
Here is Ryan’s supposed death. GH always did love their explosions, didn’t they?

This is the official "portal" for Monday's blog. 
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  1. I sure hope the writers do the Kevin/Ryan story line justice. Jon Lindstrom is an excellent actor, but if the writing is crappy and the direction is crappy it won't work a second time. They do need to bring in the vets Felicia/Mac, Laura and even Lucy. We as viewers started to notice that Kevin was acting weird with Faison brain on his desk. Hopefully that is around the time of the switch. Hope it is fun. Was great the first time.

  2. Thanks for all of the background info, I did not know that Ryan came first, then Kevin. As I said earlier, I have been watching for 40+ years, but, like most of you there were years when I couldn't watch--I always have been in school and/or working. I would watch when I could, but it was sporadic. Then, when you could start taping the show, I did, and have been watching daily ever since--have not missed one day.

    So, when I have time, I will follow your link re the Ryan/Kevin story, thanks again.

  3. Don't forget Luke Spencer and Bill Eckert, Grant Putnam and Grant Andrews.
    Mac Scorpio and James (forgot his last name). That was a short lived and pretty terrible storyline.
    The only way that the Ryan coming back storyline works is if they put Felecia on more and they interact. Ryans whole story revolved around Felecia and his obsession with her. I hope they do it justice.

  4. thanks for the additions Craig! I cant get them all. you know, there are probably others we both forgot from way back when, thanks for commenting, I agree they need to get all the vets involved in this one in order for it to work.

    i read somewhere online that it is Lucy who notices the changes in :Kevin:, so there is that,

  5. I’m not on board with this stupid story line with Jon. Not even a little bit. I’m tired of him and his evil twin. Been there done that. surely these lazy writers can come up with something original for maybe the first time in 50 years? Let’s really try originality for a change. Would love to see that. But we’ve got #HackWriters

  6. Thank you for the video refresher course reminder!!! :) Ah yes I remember! Those were the days.

  7. Ryan was completely obsessed with Felicia. If it was Ryan running around Port Charles he would be stalking Felicia all this time. He was an absolutely crazy stalker. REALLY crazy.

  8. I thought some people might want to take a look at this new nostalgic promo celebrating Mauric's 25 years on Gh. There are a couple of other videos at the end of the article too.

  9. Does anyone follow Karen's live #GH tweets in the afternoons? I follow during my lunch break at work... Does anyone have a recommendation for another twitter user who live tweets during the show??

  10. The difference between Ryan and Kevin should be apparent with Kevin having a scar from the bullet hole he received when on the island with Laura. They did not have medical care available and I believe Laura dug the bullet out and closed the wound by sewing it up. Primitive surgery would have left it’s mark......

  11. And modern plastic surgery would cover that right up in the blink of an eye. Anyway,I just have to say I can't even believe it with Ava! I know I shouldn't be surprised but sabotaging your daughters sexual predator case is wrong on so many levels! I hope someone (preferably kiki) b***h slaps here back to last Monday!! I did see in Franco in the preview giving her a little talkin to but she deserves way more! I hope Alexis pulls out hair!! Im sorry but I just can't! And thank you Declodave for all the history & info! I love that stuff! Have a blessed night!

  12. Ted King....Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar

  13. Private room:

    Jason and Robert: Meh. Why are they working together? They are so boring together. No chemistry. I want Robert and Sean Donnelly working together or Robert and Luke!!!! Those were the good ol days! Not Jason and Robert! WHAT THE HELL!?!?! And Jason found a pill! Who's pill is that?!?!!

    Another private room:

    Anna and Finchy: Blah blah blah. Where are they? In a medical room? Those two bad guys are so pushy! Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: It's nicer than our last prison. That one *Sniff* smelled like blue cheese.




    Joss: Well I know where you stand on shoplifting.

    Seriously Joss?!!?! SHUT THE HELL UP! Man her attitude is really annoying me! Time for them to break up! She has changed.

    Police station:

    Liz and Cam with a side of BobTodd: Man! Cam is annoying me with his attitude too!!!! Hey Cam looks just like Liz now! I really liked it when he looked like his father.. :( Glad BobTodd was there. :)

    Friz: Loved that Liz was talking about when she was a teenager and smoked ciggies! :) Yeah she was a badass! :) Then she met Lucky and then she calmed down. Hmmm maybe Cam should meet someone! :) Hmmm not Joss! They are the same!!

    Courthouse: This is great!!! Griffin admitted that he had the sex with Kiwi, and you can see Ava's face twitching! ROFL!

    Scotty: Did you have sex with Kiki?

    Griffin: Yes I did.

    Griffin Jr: And I want her again!!!

    Scumbag and Kiwi: Did he just take a white pill?!!??!! Is that the same pill that Jason found?!!?!?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Ava and Griffin:

    *Ava slaps Griffin*


    *Ava slaps Griffin a second time*

    WOOT WOOT! :)

    Ava's home: GREAT SCENE!!!!

    Ava and Griffin: You want to explain why you slept with Kiwi? Oh sure! Tell her the strange explanation! *Facepalm* I was thinking I am glad he didn't say it was an accident.

    Griffin: There wasn't any attraction until the night of the nurses ball. It was an accident!

    *Facepalm* *Shakes head*

    Griffin: I'm sorry.

    Ava: You don't know what it means to be sorry.

    I was thinking, but you will.

    Ava: But you will.

    HA! :) Get him Ava! DESTROY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better leave town Griffin!

  14. OK, I guessed it was Cassandra Pierce, who else guessed it? I was surprised, though, as there were no rumors that she was coming back. Not a fan of hers, either . . .

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I like the actress but not the character. Didn't guess her, disappointed.

  15. Ava is a hypocrite. I guess she forgot about sleeping with Morgan, Kiki's boyfriend. I guess it was wrong for Griffin but not wrong for her.

  16. I adore Megan Tuck, but not Cassandra!! Please Kiki, go away!!!! The character is soooo boring. I don’t know what it is, but Kiki was spunky when the last actress played her. I liked her. Her and Morgan had potential. Now I don’t think the writers have a plan with her. Or Griffin. Kiki and Griffin can ride off into the sunset together. Writers never did Griffin justice. I still am hoping for a Nicholas/Ava reunion. They’d be great together.

  17. Writers going so slow getting Jason and Sam back together. Why? Because they got so much flack over her doing a chem test with so many others they need to redeem her? I hated that they did that to Sam. She deserved better. Is actress KM contemplating leaving? Would love SB and MW together (Jason and Ava), as the actors have sparks together onscreen... that would never happen though due to Sonny and Carly loyalty... either put JaSam back together or move them on with others...

    1. I don't know...when Jason and Carly were in the room handcuffed together and he was rubbing her hand there seemed to be something there.

  18. Yes, Ava sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend was disgusting but the apple didn’t fall from tree- Kiki hurt Morgan by getting together with Michael. Don’t know how she thought that would work out. These two women are toxic to each other.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Casey the Alien and Shep the Newspaper reporter - both portrayed by Bradley Lockerman (I had to look that part up). Terrible, terrible storyline that mercifully lasted only a yearish. Anna even had a fling with Shep for a little bit! YIKES .

    I like Robert interacting with legacy characters, but am questioning his willingness to team up with a hitman. Yeah, I know he partnered with Luke back in the day when Luke was fresh out the mob, but I dunno just feels weird. Maybe Robert is cutting Jason some slack because of his past with Robin or something. Anyway, always good to see more Tristian.


  21. I could get on board for sure with Carly and Jason. Wonder if it’s simmering in case Maurice leaves the show which i hope is light years away...

    1. Shocking to me but I too could get on board with Carly and Jason. It was just something in the way he touched her hand and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for her and hey the sex, of course that was Sarah Brown Carly but still. They share a ton of history and I do like Carly better than Sam. Haha!!

  22. I'm not really a fan of Robert and Anna being paired up with Jason. I feel like he's eating into their storylines with that stupid look on his face along with that stupid black t-shirt that never changes. They need to either make him a WSB agent with a personality or get him out of their storylines. I also feel like the writers are completely ignoring Jason's history of the show with (real) legacy characters.

    I'm yearning for the small conversation between characters. Ya know, like Robert telling Jason, "I remember when you were just a little tyke. I was police commissioner investigating the murder of your mother Susan." I think this show actually needs families doing family reunions. Of course, the legacy families are dwindling, but I think Jason would be more interesting if more people talked about the past. I want characters like Scotty to remember that he used to be Jason's stepfather and that Scotty and Monica were practically siblings. That Liz's dad Jeff and Jason's mom Monica were once married. That Jason's uncle Jimmy Lee and Jason's cousin Heather tried to gain custody of him. That kind of stuff.

  23. Wow! Hi everyone - looks like Dave’s first post was a hit. Great info- I’m excited for this story because of JL — his Ryan was they smartened up and got Genie back. Australia is gorgeous - very Southern CA like where we are in Queensland

  24. Karen, so nice to hear from you, glad you are enjoying yourself Down Under!

    Liam, ITA, they should have conversations among characters that involve history, among other things.

    I think that Robert is working with Jason because he was working with Anna, and was helpful to her, besides saving her life from Hiney.

  25. "kdmask said... Wow! Hi everyone"

    KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) *BEARHUGS* I didn't think we would hear from you until you got home! :)

    "I’m excited for this story because of JL — his Ryan was chilling..."

    YES!! I agree!! Ryan was so scary!!!

    "plus they smartened up and got Genie back."

    About time they got her back!

    "Australia is gorgeous - very Southern CA like where we are in Queensland"

    Wow! Take lots of pictures!!! :)

  26. I am so far behind after being gone a few days, but thanks Dave for doing the bog. I am loving your time machine! Karen glad you're having a great time down under and thanks Sonya for the recaps!

    I have to agree with a lot of you about Robert working with Jason. Just doesn't seem right. I also have mixed feelings about the Ryan/Kevin story but I just adore Jon Lindstrom so that's a bonus. All the teens were working my nerves, back talking little brats. :)

    I expected nothing less from Ava when she found out the truth. Doctor/Father is a big fat hypocrite. Just too bad it may have ruined Kiki's chances at the trial. I just never understood why Kiki slept with Griffin to begin with. She knew what her mother's reaction would be if she found out, and she had to have known that she would find out. Doesn't Kiki watch soaps for god's sake!? LOL!

  27. "Julie H said...thanks Sonya for the recaps!"

    You're welcome! :)

    "Doesn't Kiki watch soaps for god's sake!? LOL"


  28. Don't forget Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King)!


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