Thursday, August 9, 2018

Trade Winds

It's almost time for my trip DOWN UNDAH!!  Don't worry, I've got someone lined up to manage this blog while I"m away and it's going to be a ton of fun. I may be able to post a photo of my trip now and then as well. 

Today is Kiki's trial... we all know what's coming out of THAT mess-- Watch OUT Griffin!! 

Chloe's last day--with CAKE!! 

I might be able to hop on tomorrow-- I want to give final thoughts on the Nelle departure and things I'd like to see in Sept. Keep it cool! 


  1. Didn't watch Tues and Weds since I've been out of town but I got the last 30 minutes and meh.

  2. Cute picture!! Hahaha. 3 people sad, 1 person happy! ROFL!

    Carson home:

    Carson and Mike: Oh oh! Mike got hurt!!!!!! Great crash sound!

    Hotel run:

    Jurtis: Damn when was last time they made the wuv? Been awhile eh? Oh oh phone call from ex alert!! Glad Curtis was honest with her.

    The hospital:

    Jordan and Stella: Yeah Jordan! YOU TELL HER! :)

    Stella and Mike: Mike still flirting with Stella!!! :) Is Stella really squeamish over needles? Or was that just an excuse cus she wanted to talk to Carson? Hmmmm.

    Court: Every time Scotty said no questions for whomever the witness on the stand is, it made me laugh! :) Oh BobTodd! Just text Alexis that Griffin and Kiwi had sex for crying out loud!!!!

    Scotty and Scumbag: Scumbag won the line of the day. Here is how it all started.

    Scotty: Ms Davis. Wonderful storyteller. But we are in this courtroom to establish the truth. The truth is, that my client Dr, David Benche is innocent.

    Then he sits down! Hahahahahaha. I loud to myself, say that's it?! :)

    Scumbag: That's it?


    BobTodd and Ava:

    Ava's text: What's going on?

    BobTodd's text: Kiki and Griffin had sex!!!!!!

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) That was awesome!!!!! :) I was so excited! :) But thinking about it now, did he accidentally text Ava and the text was meant for Alexis? Cus Scotty was texting him to tell Alexis, and of course Liz was trying to get him to stop texting. :)

  3. I thought that Franco accidentally texted Ava, OMG!!

    Some summer: Hiney in restraints, Carly in lock-up, Mike sick, buried body--now for the one positive story, where a woman can get revenge on an evil man, and they will try to make Kiki look like a slut/whore for sleeping with her mother's boyfriend, who ALSO is a dr. at GH! This story is giving me SUCH anxiety, as I wanted a straightfoward win for our side!

    What I hope will happen will be that, no matter what Kiki did or didn't do, that will be irrelevant, as that has NOTHING to do with what Bensch did to her.

    I was raped when I was in my 20s, on a date rape. I went to the police and did get him indicted. It was very hard to go to testify, and the prosecutor said horrible things about me (well, I didn't do anything horrible, but they make you sound horrible) and the evil monster got off free. So maybe that is why this story is upsetting me so much. I hope that things turn out differently for Kiki.

  4. AntJoan. I am sorry to hear about your date rape. You did the right thing coming forward. Just wish he didn't go free.

    This Kiki story is a MeToo story and if GH doesn't mess things up, Kiki will get her justice.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I too had similar experiences happen to me, but I am not going to make this about me.

    I hope that you could find some closure. I don't know you and you are just a fellow blogger, but know that someone is wishing you well.

  5. Oh, thanks so much. I did get the monster indicted, and it took 2 years to come to trial. He ended up having to change lawyers, and hired the most expensive criminal defense lawyer in the state. I'm sure he never did that to anyone else ever again, he did pay a price, although not the one he should have paid.

    I am a psychotherapist, and hear many stories of rape, molestation, etc. Rarely does anyone come forward to press charges, so these bastards get away with it. I did do the right thing, which was very hard, but I believe that because I fought back I did not sustain trauma. I am angry, but anger can be a good thing, especially for women.

    A lot of my patients, and others I have known, who were attacked did not pursue justice, and I do see them struggling with trauma and closure.

    I'm sure that a lot of us have similar stories to tell, and I didn't mean to make this about me, either. I was just trying to figure out in my head why the Kiki story was so upsetting to me, and I didn't realize why until I started writing the comment.

    Thanks again for your support, I only hope that men's behavior is changing due to #MeToo, and that more and more women have the courage to come forward.

  6. AntJoan, thanks for being so candid about your terrible experience. At least you did the right thing by pursuing justice, although it didn't work out that way. Kiki and Griffin together has no bearing on her case whatsoever I didn't get to watch yesterday's show yet but it sounds like it was pretty good.

  7. AntJoan, you did the right thing and I tip my hat to you. I too thank you for sharing your experience.

    Karen have a great trip!!

    And oh Franco what have you done?? I thought he texted Ava too, and I was just howling! Today should be a hoot!

  8. "AntJoan says I was raped when I was in my 20s, on a date rape. I went to the police and did get him indicted."

    I am so sorry that happened! I agree with Julie you did do the right thing. I am so proud of you! :)


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