Monday, August 20, 2018

Day One

The Wub Tub Time Machine

This is it everyone! This is where it all began for me. 2/13/1981. I was in the 8th grade and on the school bus. My friend Joy was sitting in front of me and she turned around and said “you have to watch General today”. Of course, as a 13-yr-old boy, the only thing I wanted to watch after school was Bugs Bunny cartoons. But she said “today is the day that Diana is going to get killed. You have to watch it so we can talk about it tomorrow.” I said OK and when I got home, I asked my mother what General was. (She was a Guiding Light fan) She said she would watch it with me, and we did. Looking back, I know I had no idea what was going on, but Joy and I did talk about it the next day and she rattled off the list of characters and I couldn't care less, nor was I really paying attention. 

Fast forward 37 years later and here I am filling in on a blog on the internet about the show. Thanks alot, Joy!!! 😜

Diana's death (And the name "Anne" written in blood)

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  1. Dave, what a story, wonder if Joy still is watching today like we all are? I don't remember how old I was, but I was a kid and my sister used to watch some of the soaps. I started watching GH to make fun of her, and here I am today . . . She gave it up years ago . . . We used to laugh about Jessie and her ever-present sweater, and then there were Lucille and Al . . My Goddaughter started watching when she was a child--she has gone to several GH events with me. When I was obsessed with Sonny and Brenda, she liked Brenda and Jax, which upset me. She has since given it up also . . . I have spoken here of my beloved friend Karen, who passed away recently, her daughter, Laura, carries on the tradition and now I go to GH events with her.

  2. AntJoan, Sorry to hear about your friend Karen.

    We all got "hooked" young. I was about 12 and my neighbor, best friend, Jill watched with her mother. She told me you've got to watch this show General Hospital. Now I've been watching for 40 years on and off. As we know it has gone way down hill over the years. I will most likely watch it until it goes off the air. My favorites that are still on are Laura, Anna, Robert, Felicia, Mac, Lucy, Monica, Bobbie, Kevin, Sonny. I too was a Sonny and Brenda fan BIG TIME. But, she and Jax kind of grew on me too. I was a Brenda fan back then. Not at first though. I hated her when she was so mean to Karen. Loved Karen and Jagger. Loved 99% of the story lines back in the 70's to 80's. Lucky and Liz as teenagers was such a great love story.

    I could go on and on. I will watch the "Anne" written in blood. My favorite murder mystery on GH

  3. AntJoan----

    She is still watching. I talk to her now and then. (Facebook is evil...). I talk to a lot of people from grade school. I think it is an east coast thing. When you are friends, you are friends for life. Out here on the west coast, I cant keep a friendship for more than 10 minutes. She also watching B&B now too.

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  5. I watched GH geez since I was in my mom's womb! :) She started watching GH when she was pregnant with me. I watched it as a little girl. I remember the Diana murder mystery! On 2/13/1981 I was 6 and a half years old. Same with AMC. When she was pregnant with me. I watched AMC when I was a little girl. Thanks Dave for this video! I remember Anne's name in blood!!!

  6. Lindie, thanks for the condolences.

    Dave, that is funny, that Joy still is watching, and that you know this. I do nothing on social media, this blog is the closest I come to participating in online socializing.

    I am a very private person, and also a psychotherapist, so I don't want to put myself out there. I have known so many hundreds of people from grade school on, I often wonder what would happen if I went on Facebook. I probably would renew contact with so many people that I'd have no time to work.

  7. Carson's home:

    Carson and Michael: I have been meaning to mention this, does it look like to you that Michael's thing on his leg keep changing legs? Hmmmm. Anyway, his "son's" funeral is tomorrow. Carly wants Michael to sleep over, but he don't want to.

    Carson: Sonny tells her about the body he buried, then Mike moved! Sonny said he buried the body with the gun! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! How could you be so stupid Sonny?!!?!?!

    Alexis's home:

    Brucus, Sam and Alexis: Brad is so freaked out!! He had to leave to get some fresh air!!!

    Lucas, Sam, and Alexis: Sam are you going to tell Lucas that he and Brad are being ridiculous?! No? Oh wow she is being supportive!! :0

    Charlie's pub and grill:

    Julian, Maxie and Nina: Julian doesn't look happy and Nina wants to know what's wrong. Julian tells them about Brucus's baby problem.

    Maxie and Nina: The Brucus baby is making Nina all depressed, and making her think about her miscarriage. :( Poor Nina!!!

    Brad and Julian: Apparently Brad threw up!!! Brad is partly spilling the truth!!! Spill the rest Brad! Spill the rest!!!! Oh hi Lucas. Glad Julian called you.

    The floating rib:

    Hiney and Lulu: Hiney has bought the invader and is going to make it classy, and wants Lulu to work there too!!!! :) There is a meeting happening soon, so if Lulu is interested in the job, she will show up to the meeting.

    Lulu and Chase: Chase is depressing all over Lulu!!!

    Michael and Chase: Chase is depressing all over Michael, and Michael is depressing all over Chase. Two women bought them drinks. The guys didn't go up to them. I rather Michael to be with Franchesca.

    The visiting area jail:

    V.C. and Madaline: AH HA! Nina's baby DID survive and Nina's baby is a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Karen are you watching this on your vacation?!!?!?!?! :) Since Madaline won't help, V.C. can find a way to find the daughter!!! Nina and her daughter MUST be reunited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So who is the daughter? Margot? Francesca? V.C. wins the line of the day.

    Madaline: I so regret what I did.

    V.C.: Yeah save it for the parole board.

    ROFL! Yeah Madaline. If you really regret it, you would have told Nina that her daughter is alive!!!

    The park:

    Drew and Margot: Oh Margot! You did try to seduce Drew for your own agenda! No need to pretend you didn't. No need to pretend you are offended either. I doubt you really like him, because if you did, you would have told him about the flashdrive.

  8. So Lulu is speaking to Hiney like nothing happened? He lied to and betrayed them all, and now he is just back into polite society? Well, I guess most of the characters have committed crimes, including murder. Port Charles must be a very dangerous place to live, with all of the murders there--however, you DO have a very good chance of coming back to life after you are dead!

    AND, if you go to prison for murder, you only will be in for a few weeks, unless you are Sean!

  9. only 8 comments today? I'm a failure! ha ha ha. Maybe Karen should return early to retake the blog?

    I'm just kidding.

    As for Margeux, the DA... I know she is after Sonny. I was thinking maybe she was a daughter of Trevor Lansing. But you know what I think now?

    I know the timeline might not justify this, but...

    Remember Karen Wexler? Who Sonny fed drugs and had her be a stripper in his club. She later went away with Jagger. Was she on screen the entire time she was on the show or did she take a break? Is it possible... that Karen Wexler got pregnant with SOnny's "super sperm" and had a baby off camera and put it up for adoption. And now that baby (Margeux) has returned for her revenge?

    Work with me people. Is it possible?

  10. "delcodave said...only 8 comments today? I'm a failure! ha ha ha."

    Hahaha very funny!!! :)

    Sidenote: No you are not! :)

    "Maybe Karen should return early to retake the blog?

    I'm just kidding."

    Hahaha. You better be kidding! :) Hmmm. When does she come back? Next week sometime? Tuesday?

  11. Karen Wexler "died" on Port Charles, after her and Jagger spilt up. I think it was part of the vampire story?? :) But that was Port Charles and this is now...….

  12. I honestly dont know when Karen returns. I know she told me but I cannot find the old message. It is either Sunday or Monday. I will do another Sunday Surgery. If I dont hear from her on Sunday I will open a portal on Monday. It is one of those two days. She has posted on Facebook once or twice. I dont know if she is watching any GH at all, or is Australia even carries it, and if it is behind or whatever. I am sure she appreciates everyone's comments and Sonya's recaps. It is 7:30 in Vegas and I havent even had a chance to watch today's show yet. So thanks for the recap!

    I want to do something interesting on Saturday, but not really sure. I know there are TONS of spoilers online. The problem is that they are NOT reliable. Nothing like what Karen gets. I'm not sure if I should post an entire list of spoilers that are on the web if majority of them are bogus.

    there are a few things I have thought about doing. the time is not always there. This blog takes a lot of work! Whew!

  13. Dave, thanks again for all of your hard work! It would be fun if you post all the spoilers, even the ones that aren't reliable. But only if you have the time!

  14. Dave, You are doing a great job! This has been so much fun to go down memory lane this week. I love it!!!!!!

  15. "DelcoDave says I am sure she appreciates everyone's comments and Sonya's recaps."

    Awww thanks.. And yeah I am sure she appreciates everyone's comments, and she appreciates you doing this for her! :)

  16. NEW GH PROMO!!!

  17. Dave, you've been a fabulous fill-in blogger and I love your videos and trips down memory lane. I also get such a kick out of Sonya's re-caps, so thank you both! I also am a day behind, so I usually respond to the blog a day late. :)

    I'm not a Nina or Stafford fan at all, so the upcoming story...blah, I could care less. In my humble opinion just another reason for scenery chewing. LOL!

    Brad is collapsing like a house of cards, and Jules will know the truth any minute now. Poor Lucas will be devastated.

    Dave, just no to your Karen Wexler having Sonny's kid and it being Margeux. I refuse to see another Sonny spawn added to this show. LOL! And please post your unreliable spoilers. Label it "Unreliable" and we will all swear to not hold you responsible!

  18. "Julie H said... I also get such a kick out of Sonya's re-caps, so thank you both!"

    Hehehe thanks and you're welcome!!! :)

  19. That is so old film of Diana's murder. Holy cow. Some old and cheesy goodness.

  20. Diana's death was just EVERYTHING---!! SO Soapy!!!


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