Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Surgery

Well wubbers, you got me for one more day. Our wubqueen returns tomorrow with her suitcases filled with jars of Vegemite. Today, like last week, I will give my silly observations of the past week. I'll still be commenting, only now back in the comments section. And who knows? Maybe Karen and I can collaborate on a future Wub Tub Time Machine together.  
  • I still think GH is due for a new opening.
  • This is my prediction: Lulu will get a "Dear John" text from Dante (Or is it Dear Jane?). She will find comfort and solace on Chase' shoulder. (Along with his other body parts)
  • Nora Buchanan mention. You know what that means...
  • Why doesnt Brad and Lucas go to Sonny and have him "take care" of the birth mother? Send her to a casino in PR with a white dress or something.
  • Billy Miller is showing signs of life when acting with Margeux. Hmmm... wonder why.
  • This is just the designer in me, but... I would have taken some still photos from GH in the 60s and 70s and hung them in Charles' bar.
  • Nina mentions she misses her daughter every day. Hmm... What are the odds they are going to switch to Madeline talking about said daughter.... Ding ding ding. We have a winner.
  • GH drinking game. Everyone ready to play? Every time Valentin mentions the name "Nora Buchanan" we do a shot. I'm at 2. I drink Tequila with 6 drops of tobasco.
  • Madeline admits it. Now the guessing game (and the fallout) begins
  • Brad confesses to Julian because... because... because... I got nothin'.
  • Chase and Michael are becoming besties. How cute.
  • Drew and Curtis are already besties. How cute #2.
  • Maybe it is me, but I think the groundskeepers at the cemetary are definitely slacking off.
  • Ok, there is a mention of baby Lila. You know what that means. They are going to rewrite history and somehow she will be alive and appear in Port Charles soon. Because... you know... GH. (I'm starting to enjoy saying that. Thanks Karen!)
  • I dont buy anything that Curtis found on Margeux. She is after Sonny hardcore and nothing that is listed in her background gives any indication as to a reason why.
  • Port Charles - where it's not every day that a pregnant homeless woman gives birth and then hands her baby over to a stranger walking down the street. Oh wait...
  • Monica at a funeral? Now, there's something you don't see everyday. Oh wait... Edward, Lila, Alan, AJ, Dawn (yes, Dawn...) Jason (temporary), Emily, Annabelle, Page, Baby Lila, Rick...
  • No one is touching the food.
  • Watching Michael at Morgan's grave, I was expecting Morgan to put his hand on Michael's shoulder. You know, the way that Georgie always does to Maxie when she is talking about her. That was the perfect opportunity. Oh wait... that means Morgan would have to be dead, so... scratch that.
  • Why is the DA kissing Drew in public worthy of the front page on a trash rag? How is this big news for Port Charles? Silly. (I know, I know... storyline.)
  • Diane needs more scenes and more air time.
  • Ok, so we have Elevator Thug and the bartender at the Floating Rib all in one week. All is not lost.
  • I dont think we will see the birth mother. At least not this time (this will probably be revisited in several years when they are running low on stories). I think Julian will pay birth mom visit, convince her (bribe or threat) to change her mind about taking the baby and have custody remain with Brad and Lucas. Of course, Julian will know Brad's big secret. He will get back together with Alexis and then when "it" hits the fan, Alexis will find out he knew the entire time. And, well... soap opera happens.
  • Oh look... Billy and Chloe from Y&R. (wait, I did that last week...)
  • Is it possible that Drew knew Margeux in the past when Drew had a different life and memories? Is this why Kim thought she recognizes her?
  • They really arent giving Tamara Braun anything to do, are they?
  • Isn't Nina's daughter supposed to be 20 years old? People are speculating Kiki, but she is 25. And Margeux is well over 20. So, who in PC is around 20 years old? Will one of Kristina's friends come visit from college?
  • Hey! Ryan/Kevin are back. Has it been 2 weeks already?
  • Who are these children with Franco? Have we ever seen them before? (that one was for you, Karen!)
  • Lucy looks stunning in that dress.
  • "He's like a puppy who hasn't been trained". I can think of a whole slew of people who would volunteer to rub his belly.
  • The pails on the tables with plastic squirt bottles are so Famous Dave's
  • I think the same groundskeepers from the cemetary are also working at the park.
  • Yup. It's a Cassadine alright. Any speculation? How about a Stephen Nichols surprise return?

Well, that's it. I survived another Sunday. And so did you. 

Here is another link for you all. 

It is a clip from Wednesday's show. I think you'll like it.



  1. Well, Dave, let me be the first to commend you for an excellent SS! (I said I'd never again say I was first, but that was for Karen's SS, LOL.) ITA with all that you said.

    Re Margaux, EVERYONE who comes to town HAS to say, "I am here to take down Sonny Corinthos!" I would love for someone to come up with the list of EVERYONE who has said this! And, of course, here he still stands!!

  2. Thanks again Dave. Excellent job

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  4. did ANYONE ANYONE explain WHY Molly wasn't at the funeral? TJ I understand kinda not being there - but Molly wasn't there????

    I disagree on one point - I don't see chemistry with Drew or new D.A.
    I DO see chemistry with Drew and Curtis - OBVIOUS they like working together.

    this Jason and Sam thing - ENOUGH - let's get them back together!!!!!!!

    1. I don't see any chemistry with them either Barbara. I do love him and Curtis. I oddly enough wouldn't mind seeing him with Lulu. Not sure about wanting Sam back with Jason but I did enjoy their scene at the cemetery.

  5. Ahhhh...Thank you Dave. I would have been lost without my SS.

    "Chase and Michael are becoming besties. How cute.
    Drew and Curtis are already besties. How cute #2."

    I agree. The actor who plays Chase is actually a few years younger than Chad so it's not a stretch for them to be friends. Also I think we need more friends on GH, both male and female.

  6. Nina & Ava were pregnant at the same time so Nina's daughter wld be same age as Kiki. Nina was in a coma for 20 yrs but she's been awake a few yrs. Her child would be 20 plus those few yrs.

  7. thanks unknown. that makes sense now.

  8. Haha! Yes I love saying that too, "" I love Chase and Michael as besties and wouldn't mind seeing Lulu paired with Chase Drew. New opening yes pkease. I liked the one from the 90s. Dave Koz on sax. Orangie background with characters faces Good SS like your humor! You did great this wk!!

  9. I think Chase and Michael besties dating besties Lulu and Maxie respectively could be fun. Never thought about Lulu and Drew, they could work too. Michael and Maxie have chemistry. GH needs help. I’ve said it before, serious lack of “love in the afternoon”....what do they have? Subtle flirting at most from Jason and Carly and Drew and Bubbles?

  10. Thank you Dave for stepping in with the blog. Your hard work is appreciated!

  11. barbara/michelle

    some of it was sarcasm and tongue in cheek because the two of them used to be a major major couple on Y&R and they are going to try to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

    didnt work with stefan and catharine. we'll see.

    to me tho, billy seems less stoic. on y&r he was goofy and adorable. here? ugh. i so want him to just unleash and do what he is capable of doing. i've seen him on y&r. there is a reason why he is an emmy winner.

  12. Dave you have done a great job!!! Love the Wub Tub time machine, and the videos!!! Love the wedding Macarena! Jurtis's wedding eh? ROFL! But but but Curtis promised Drew no Macarena at the wedding!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Well Dave, you deserve a round of applause!!!! *Standing ovation*

  13. thanks sonya! yeah the wedding video was kinda like being "ric rolled". you tune in for a clip and then....


    remember i did "daytime dilemma"? I was going to do a few clips from the old "love in the afternoon" clip series from way back when. i just ran out of time and space.

    i remember it vividly "fall in love.... in the afternoon...."

    and thank YOU Sonya for all your daily recaps. we couldnt have done this without you.

  14. I don't understand people wanting Lulu and Maxie paired up with someone. Lulu is still married and Maxie's husband only died a few months ago.

  15. Thanks Dave for filling in....fantastic job

  16. "delcodave said...thanks sonya! yeah the wedding video was kinda like being "ric rolled".

    You're welcome! Gotta love being ric rolled hahaha!

    "remember i did "daytime dilemma"? I was going to do a few clips from the old "love in the afternoon" clip series from way back when. i just ran out of time and space.

    i remember it vividly "fall in love.... in the afternoon....""

    You can still do those clips!!! Do it tomorrow! Or even when Karen takes back over.. You can still do it in a post! :)

    "and thank YOU Sonya for all your daily recaps. we couldnt have done this without you."

    Awwwww. :) You're welcome.. We couldn't have done it without YOU! :)

  17. Maybe Nina's daughter is Francesca? (The nurse who Dr. Bensch also assaulted). I like the actress!

  18. Weren't Tamara Braun and Elizabeth Hendrickson on another soap together? I just assumed that was why they did the "don't I know" you bit.

  19. Dave, you did a great job filling in! I think Chase and Felix would make a great pair!

  20. Thanks for your work and care with WUBS, Dave!

  21. I also dislike the Drew Margoo pairing, just because they were together on another soap doesn't mean it will work here. They seem to be jumping into it really quickly. Wish they would revisit the Monica adopting Drew thing that went nowhere, especially now that LC is back. At least Jason and Drew are having some kind of interaction. Hopefully she doesn't like about the flash drive and we can get on with this memory mapping hooey.
    I didn't really think about Molly coming to the funeral. It would be the son of her adopted half cousin. I think?
    Anyone else catch that Margo's maiden name was Marino? Isn't Marino one if Sonny's mob associates? Hmmm, probably has something to do with the dead body.
    Really would love a Nikolas or Stefan return!! Original actors only, all others need not apply.
    What the heck is going on with Kevin/Ryan? I need answers!!
    I have loved the time machine and all the feelings of gh past glory days, I've finally gotten caught up just in time for rerun week. Oh well

  22. I REALLY hope that Kiki doesn't turn out to be Nina's daughter. It pretty much negates all the Kiki/Ava drama that has fueled their relationship for forever. Im still holding out hope that Kiki turns out to be Franco's daughter after all.
    Nelle would be a better choice just because they can't stand each other and she's a psycho like Grandma dearest.

  23. Dave, many, many thanks for all of your hard work and great Time Machines. You are very much appreciated! And your SS was great!

    I would love it if Stefan came back. It would certainly ruin Valentin's day and I'm all for that. Personally I find Drew and Margaux boring, just as I do Jason and Sam. I would love to see Michael and Maxie pair up, they have potential to be a hoot.

    Thanks again Dave, and you too Sonya!

  24. "Paul773 said..Maybe Nina's daughter is Francesca? (The nurse who Dr. Bensch also assaulted). I like the actress!"

    I hope so!!! She would be perfect!! I like the actress too! :)

    "Julie H said...Thanks again Dave, and you too Sonya!"

    You're welcome!!! :)

  25. THANK YOU!! Wait...why is Valentin mentioning Nora Buchannan?? HMmmmmmmmm I have to much to catch up on!!

    Dave has done such a great great job--he WILL be back!! I'm make him!! Still have a lot to read on here.

  26. "kdmask said... THANK YOU!!"


    "Wait...why is Valentin mentioning Nora Buchannan??"

    NINA'S BABY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know right?!?!!?!?!?!?! V.C. wants to help Madaline so he has Nora for her!

    "HMmmmmmmmm I have to much to catch up on!!"

    YES YOU DO!!!! :)

    "Dave has done such a great great job--he WILL be back!! I'm make him!!"

    ROFL! YEAH DAVE!!! :)

  27. Nina's baby would have been 20 when Nina came out of her coma (she was in the coma for 20 years) and that's been a few years now, so a 25 year old daughter would make sense.


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