Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday Surgery: A Bundle of Boy

They STILL don't have a Moses BASKET! 

Well, I had another fun week! I have to say people were split about the whole Nelle baby story on Twitter. There were a lot of concerns and a lot of "Well that couldn't happen"--meanwhile I'm loving life. So, here we go ... 

I'm at my parents all weekend--our town is famous for salt-rising bread. If you haven't had it toasted with butter, haven't lived!! 

How do I even unravel this week? It was another fast-paced one with a lot of movement  from characters. I'll do the best I can, try to keep up. 


Get in the car, Franco...
Nope.You're going to speed up again and...
No, I won't ..swear.. Really!! HURRY UP!! 
Ok...I...   ......DAMN IT! 
HA HAHA! Fell for it again!! 

OMG ... you MADE THIS PIZZA? MOM! How cool!! 
I know, I know, those drugs at Ferncliff really changed me!
I guess so!! Can you make pancakes yet? 
Honey, I didn't get that many drugs. 

SO, St. Jaysus broke Carly outta Ferncliff and it was all slow-mo and they really even parked in front of the GH set sign to make it look more "real".  Franco helped get Carly out and of course, Jason and she were appreciative but still hating on him.  Jarly went to a safe house and She laid on his shoulder and they talking about Michael, the PLAN and the baby. Of course, the didn't know that Michael had been in an accident until Sonny called. Then, all hell broke loose because Carly was just about ready to run out and find him. 


Spread zo's legs and PUUUSHHHHH.....

I didn't make up that line, Obrect was yelling it to Nelle while she was giving birth on the forest floor. Thank goodness all that happened off camera because well--I didn't need to see Dr. O cutting the umbilical cord with a shoelace.

Which we all assumed she did because when Nelle wandered out of the trees, she was pristine. Other than the cuts from the accident, there wasn't even a wet mark or dirt stain on the girl. Pretty robust for giving birth (with one kidney). Yes, this was in the 'absurd' area but somehow--for me--it fit with the image of evil Nelle.  Not even a wild birth could keep her down. 

Poor Brad.... He got his baby boy, took him home and went to heat up the bottle. In the time he was gone the baby had died of SIDS and Brad was despondent. Hence, that's how he came to be on the highway right where Nelle wandered out. He had pulled over to cry and try to answer the phone from Lucas. Of course, we all waited for it and YEP---Nelle gave her bundle of joy away faster than you could say "Get me the hell outta Port Charles". She took the dead Wiley and wandered on the road to get picked up by Chase who took her to GH.

At the hospital, Nelle fakes those tears and hands Micheal what he thinks is his live baby boy. NOPE. 

The baby is gone and Michael is stunned. Nelle of course, blames him and so on and so on. Later, Kim will tell them the baby didn't die from the crash but Nelle still piles on the guilt to Michael, who sits in the chapel with Dad and mourns his son. 

Later Michael reveals the entire plan that they cooked up for Nelle, and also tells her Nedly didn't sign the marriage certificate. So, BYE, bitch. .She's just enraged and you just know she'll be back someday to get mighty revenge. 

Why did I LOVE this? First of all, it was told really well, and kept me guessing. I knew what was coming but still managed to be a little surprised. Every actor did a superb job-- emotions were on point and raw. Nelle was the perfect plastic sociopathic soapy villain. Think about it; most soap women who have a mental illness obsess over or steals babies. She just didn't care either way.  THAT's the sign of perfection. She just didn't care. I personally wish Brad didn't care either because watching his guilt-face for however long this takes is gonna KILL me. ugh.....
Some like there soaps all romance and I guess a bit of "drama" here and there. I like my soaps like a well written Lifetime Movie or twisted drama that leaves you saying "wow".  


Stop it!! 
You are a bitch!
You have my KIDNEY!
So what!!
I'm gonna take. it BACK!! 

Ok, Josslyn, you did good with fighting off Nelle, but I'm still disappointed in you. 
Why? Didn't I deliver her into your hands? 
Yes, but your hair--I mean, look at your mother. She's NEVER had one out of place. Do better. 
Yes, mam. 

So,  Nelle just up and left GH because the guy on the door 'Stepped away for a minute"--YOU HAD ONE JOB THERE, BUCKY! She goes to the docks where Joss catches her. Joss knows all about her now and also knows the baby is dead. They have words...and instead of running, Nelle has to try to convince her she's "good" (not sure why, but ...) They fight...and it's a GOOD fight! If you haven't seen it, you tube it. Very well choreographed and real looking. Both CL and Eden did amazing jobs. Nelle is of course taken to PCPD--where, even tho she was in a car crash, has given birth AND had the snot beat out of her on the docks, she still has time to be mouthy to Jordan.  Told ya Nelle was an android. 


and I have the blanket that could put Nelle away forever!!! 


Yeah, crikey, you ARE an idiot, aren't cha? 
Well, I am a doctor...
But you didn't know your girlfriend was missing for like a month? 
Um... she texted me..
Good goin' there doc. Listen I have an assignment for you..
Will it help me get Anna back? 
Um..sure...sure it will.. now, this is all ya have to do..

OH SON OF A..... 


So.... here we are. 
Yep, here we are.. and you're gonna tell me not to marry Jordan.
I will do no such thing...but I did call up your ex and have her text you..
Sorry, sorry.. but we all know Jordan's leaving for that Canadian TV show and we need a new lady to give you something to do. 
So... I bet she walks in that door real quick

Oh I love my job... I love my job... I love...

So, Margie (I'm not spelling out that name lol) got the flashdrive and saw the information on it. She's the DA yet she didn't tell Drew--or the PCPD. No, she's going to use ti to mine Drew's memories about his time with Sonny (and before) so she can go after the dapper don. Oh, Margie, don't you know what happens to those that go after Sonny?  They spend a year with the story then... nothin'. 

No, this is NOT from Turks and Caicos... I got BURNED.. damn it

Whatevah kid... You're comin' with me, the whole TOWN wants 'cha out...'cept Maxie but she's outta her mind with grief so... there's nothing you could say to me to make me NOT take you outta here!!

Well, the memories of 5 other people or sets of people were either switched or wiped out and I know who they are... 


The baby is named Jonah, agreed on by Nelle and Michael. I thought for sure it would be Morgan but ...NOPE.  Funny Nelle went for a bible name, no? 

Nurse Mary Pat was visited by Curtis and Sam--they pretended to be from DC and got their hands on Carly's file. This means she will probably NOT go to Canada with Jason for 3 months (the whole world weeps)

FAVE SCREEN SHOT OF THE WEEK:  I just love this photo. I really like Sam and Lucas and their dynamic. I'm so happy Sam went over right away to see the baby. Both Ryan and Kelly looked resplendent too! 

MOST NOTEWORTHY EXTRA: Elevator Goon.. he got quite the response on twitter!! I think he's Jersey Shore material? 


Michael is going to see Brad and Lucas with "Wiley"--- and I bet ask to hold it. Brad will look on in terror. 

Scotty is going to find out just how hard it is to represent the most hated man in town. 

Finn says he won't give in to the goons demands but they show him something that will make it do their bidding....

So that's it. Again, I enjoyed the switch-story. All the things that were fantastical I could brush off. Why? Who knows why I love some stuff and don't like others? Every day my heart was going a bit faster when I watched. That's great TV. 

I'm looking forward to guessing who's memory has been switched or whatever. I think Kevin/Ryan... Alex/Anna... and possibly Franco was tampered with at some point? (more redemption!) ... what about Nikolas? Is he alive somewhere with 1/2 a brain or something? And hell, they TOOK Faison's brain, god only knows where they put HIS lunatic memories. The baby switch has been great so far although I'm worried about it when Chloe leaves (I think the 9th is her last day). I am also hoping David Hayward is behind all this. GREAT connection with Alex/Anna, no? Plus he's a doctor! 

Wedding: FRIZ is coming? I think?? Hmm haven't heard much. Maybe by Nov Sweeps?  We know Jordan is leaving-- and Kristina will be back along with Bobbie (prob for baby stuff). 

That's it. My parents house is cozy and I have a pool but no air con...oy to the vey. !! What a brat. right??! 


  1. No air??? Ugh...I shudder.
    Awesome SS! Loved this wk! Dare we hope it stays this good?

  2. If Nelle can get ahold of Spinelli’s liquid antidote to the invisible ink that he used for the Noodle Buddha menu, then she can prove she’s legally married to Michael!

  3. Great Sunday Surgery as usual. Thanks. I did watch Friday and enjoyed the show for the first time in MONTHS. Hope they keep up the good writing.

  4. Great Sunday Surgery, kd. Thanks so much. Too hot here to eat but I’m having iced coffee.

    I love all your pictures but OMG that picture of Ava is priceless. And our gorgeous laughing Robert is so funny. lol

    And Jordan’s being recast so we don’t need any other new person, thank heavens. Just new Jordan.

    I’m so glad they didn’t name that baby Morgan because if they had to bury that name again I’d be in the ground before we heard the end of it. RIP sweet Jonah.

    I really want Dr. O caught and sent to Ferncliff. Her and Mary Pat would be a hoot together. Dr.O would have her for brekky...or Sunday brunch. lol I want some comeuppance for that cruel psycho.

    I wonder if anyone will bring little Wiley a stuffed coyote?

  5. you know really Helena should be one of the patients - besides Nicholas and I am NOT looking forward to Ryan/Kevin storyline but it DID get Genie back....I don't who the others would be?

    SO we had ONE day of the new transgender doctor and then we haven't mentioned it since? Ephinany is never around....Amy is not anywhere to be found...Charlotte is living where exactly? We talked about Sarah Webber all the time - then nothing-----
    .come on writers - you are better than that...

    and we dropped the Charles Street project with Stella and Ned doing whatever -
    Kin Shriner posted a tweet that implied he was done at GH but that was months ago - was he just kidding?

  6. As much as people complained about Amy I'm ok she isn't shown as much. I like the other girl anyway.

  7. I miss Epiphany. I didn't like Amy. I don't mind the new girl but we still need our head nurse. She was so great. Don't blame her if she left though. Can't pay the rent on a half hour a month. They should try cutting some of the writers down to recurring and bring back Pfiffy.

    1. Not that it helps cause I hear what you're saying but Sonya Eddy has been popping up on different shows over the yrs so that's cool.

  8. It was mentioned on air last week that Franco and Liz are planning a November wedding.

  9. If I lived in PC I'd never drive down that road, nothing good ever comes of it. Love the picture of Billy Miller with the 'I love my job"....just perfect :)

  10. A new black actress was hired but I'm not sure if that was to play Curtis' old girlfriend or recast Jordan?? I think the GF?
    Thanks Frank... so November Sweeps.

    Wish I could tell you there was a method to Liz' friend coming to Port Charles--but I can't--JUST YET (wink).

    I also forgot to mention, I hope we get back to Mike WITHOUT the stupid BODY crap. I knew I was loving GH for a reason. No BODY--NO PETER-

    Joss is also just becoming a GREAT TEEN SOAPY CHARACTER!!

  11. Yes, Joss as Carly Jr.--love it!!

  12. Vinessa's new series, Diggstown,starts shooting in August so I think she'll be replaced soon.

  13. This past week has been just great. Thanks for the Sunday Surgery, the pictures and captions were spot on! :) The fisticuffs between Nell and Joss were my favorite scenes of the entire week.

  14. Love salt rising toast in the morning.
    Also loved Nelle this week, Chloe certainly stepped it up a notch. Great fight scene with Joss, great fake grief, great guilt tripping on everyone.
    Also great acting by Chad Duell this week, the look he gave Elizabeth when he handed her the "baby"... Made me cry, especially since a family friend I used to babysit and was my brother's best man just lost his baby girl to SIDS a few weeks ago.


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