Saturday, August 18, 2018

Binge Worthy


I know Karen has a separate section on the blog for her Binge worthy shows. I thought I would do the same, as I enjoy a good binge now and then. I read hers and there are a good 2-3 we share thoughts on. The rest? Well, I guess we all have different tastes. Take a glance at my list of “required viewing”. Laugh, cry, comment. It’s Saturday. No show today and no Sunday Surgery, so that makes it a good binge day indeed!

I cant pick which show is better or more brilliant right now. It has been a very long time (Lost, Sons of Anarchy, Dynasty) since I sat on the edge of my couch and counted the days until the next episode of a show was on. CLAWS is just fun. Most of it is unforeseen craziness that you dont see coming, but that you sit with a “WTH?” look on your face following by a “you go girl”. All the cast is spot-on in their roles. I only knew Neicy Nash from Reno911 and knew her for her comedy, but she nails (pun intended) this character so fiercely. As for ANIMAL KINGDOM. Well, this is great drama. How Ellen Barkin has not been nominated for an Emmy for this role is beyond me. What an oversight from an inspired performance. Week by week I follow the storyline, waiting for the next shoe to drop. There is always a cliffhanger making you want more. Both shows have such great acting, which always carries a show. I cant believe I have to wait until 2019 for their return.

Now, in absolutely no order:
I remember seeing the previews. It looked stupid. I’m being honest. It looked like a LOST ripoff and that it would be silly and cancelled within weeks. I was wrong. It is cute. I know, that isnt a word to describe a show, but it is. The writing isnt dumb at all. Maybe I can call this a “fluff” show without being too offensive?  I normally watch this on a Saturday when I am laying on the couch hungover, (I live in Vegas, remember) or when I am cleaning the house and need something entertaining in the background I can listen to and catch with one eye open. This is that show. Mindless fun, but fun nonetheless.
There are so many shows on Cable that I never heard of before. This is one that I am glad I stumbled across. Really good writing on this show, like a classic sitcom without the slapstick or laughtrack. Plus, the actors. Sam Elliott and Debra Winger are Gold. I love when shows bring back actors from previous shows who havent been on TV for awhile. Wendy Mallick? I worship her. I could watch her read a phone book. She needs her own show. She is brilliant in everything. Kathy Baker and Sharon Lawrence also had guest spots. Another 2 actresses who are TV gold. And Ashton Kutcher has had guest stars from both Two and and Half Men and The 70s Show appear. Overall well done and well acted.
Ok, I admit I didnt have high hopes. The whole reboot and remake craze is getting out of hand. (although Murphy Brown and Facts of Life have both caught my eye. And Designing Women will if it is done the right way) I cringed when I heard about this because I grew up loving the original. It turns out, the only thing the same was the set design and the premise. The writing is spot-on and the new cast is perfect. (Just give Rita Moreno another Emmy already. What a legend). In the first season finale, Elena couldnt get everyone’s attention so Rita yells “Hey. You. Guys”. Just like she did on the Electric Company. What a great reference and nostalgia for the older viewers. Oh, and in season 2 there was a quick reference to West Side Story. I love stuff like that. Nostalgia. Easter Eggs. I want more. Norman Lear still has the midas touch and picked good writers and actors for this one.
Sheer brilliance. There is a reason why William Macy keeps getting nominated for awards. This is the perfect example of a bingeworthy show. Once you start you cant stop. Episode to episode, season to season, you just keep hitting the play button and watching it go. And you are along for the ride and have to see what happens without turning off the tv. It just goes and goes and gets better with every episode. Very gritty and "real" it doesnt shy away from any topic. And the heroes dont always win.
Catherine O'Hara. Enough said.
Elizabeth Hurley was born to play the Queen of England. This show has all the family drama like Dallas and Dynasty did in their prime. Very good storylines. It shows what "could" go on behind the scenes at the palace. It is not all pomp and circumstance and tea and crumpets. A lot of drama, well written and definitely well acted. Elizabeth is fantastic as the Queen and William Moseley (who was in Narnia) does an exceptional job at the prince.
I couldnt tell if this was a parody or not when I first heard about it. It is shot like a mockumentary, but it seems a little more like there is a seriousness involved. The premise? Someone at a high school is drawing penises on cars in the parking lot with paint. I know, right? WTH? Anyway, this goes through the suspicions of who done it, to the arrest, to the doubts if he really did it, etc. Amateur teen sleuths use their computer skills to find the answer. There are twists along the way. Interviewing everyone with the phone camera. Its a sendup of the crime shows out there, but done in a really entertaining way with twists and turns. It really does make you want to keep watching until the end to see who really did it. This was a surprise find.


  1. Dave, thanks sooo much for writing this, my husband and I always are looking for shows that we can watch together rather than our usual "his and hers" shows. I will see if he will try any of the ones you mentioned.

    I started watching Dietland because Karen and a girlfriend of mine recommended it. I did binge on it and watch it through, but I thought it had a lot of problems. One was the issue of her dating--when she was set up on dates and they all went badly. OK, she was set up only with really SKINNY guys. She owns being fat, why wouldn't anyone think that she might date a fat guy? An overweight guy would be less likely to be freaked out by her size, I'm sure. . . She is beautiful, with a great personality, if she would expand her outlook to include men more her size, she might feel better. I had other problems with the show as well, but that one really bothered me.

  2. I agree with you about Animal Kingdom, sad to see the season finale coming already

  3. I just read something that said GH is getting "preempted" for a week. Reruns for a whole week. Dang


  5. That is the preempted article link that I read

  6. AntJoan:

    I suggest THE RANCH. Watch the first 2 episodes and get a feel for it. You can always bag it after that if husband doesnt like it. Its kinda like a sitcom, but with drier humor and no laugh track. A dramedy? Hard to explain. That's the one I would go with. Sam Elliot and Debra Winger really shine

  7. The pre-emption sounds funny, never happened in yrs past, regardless of all the interruptions, how few or whatever. Sounds fishy.

  8. AntJoan, I'm with you. My BF and I are always looking for something we can watch together. DelcoDave, thanks for the recommendations and for everything you're doing while Karen is down under. :)

    My BF and I don't see each other much, and when we do we don't usually watch tv, but it's nice to have something mindless to do every once in a while. Other than watching both seasons of Stranger Things in 3 days while he had the flu, we don't "binge" anything. We were into Shameless, but they lost me in Season 4. Just too over-the-top. I prefer "fluff" as you said, so I am bookmarking Wrecked, The Ranch, and American Vandal. Thanks! Oh--we were in Vegas not too long ago and watched a few episodes of Naked and Afraid in our hotel room. That's our go-to right now. I'll tell you, we were staying way off the strip and I looked at my BF and said, "I can barely survive 3 nights in this room with no coffee maker, I would NEVER make it 21 days naked in the jungle!" LOL.

  9. If you are ever coming to Vegas again, let me know. I can give recommendations. I tell everyone - NEVER listen to a tour book or the internet. they are PAID to steer you to different places. Always listen to a local.

    For really mindless fun, try "Married at first sight"

  10. "Michelle Latta said...The pre-emption sounds funny, never happened in yrs past, regardless of all the interruptions, how few or whatever. Sounds fishy."

    Yeah that never happened before. I agree very fishy.

  11. Dave, thank you for all that your doing for the blog. This space is much needed--to get away from the hectic world.
    I absolutely love "Schitt's Creek"!!! Such an amazing show and with such a low profile. The writing and acting is sensational. Eveyone that I have mentioned it to has been hooked. "Claws" is also so very good. I'm an going to check out Animal Kingdom and one of my friends have been talking up Shameless so much. I enjoyed "Married at First Sight" season 1 & 2 but didn't really stick with it much, but this season got me again with the drama!


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