Friday, August 17, 2018

Aunt Ruby

The Wub Tub Time Machine

This scene is where Ruby met Lucky for the first time. (link below) Lucky was on the run from Frank Smith and took refuge in the diner. What I took from this scene is that after Ruby (Norma Connolly) met Lucky and realized he wasnt with his parents, she immediately went into a protective "mama bear" mode. She never talked down to lucky or treated him like a kid. She had a very calming presence to let Lucky know he was safe and she would protect him. I dont know if it was meant to come off that way, but that is how I saw it. 

What a great lady she was! She was such a rock for so many people. When Ruby liked you, she would treat you like family and would give you the last penny in her pocket. (and a free cup of coffee). But if she didnt like you, boy, she let you know it. (She slapped Kevin once. Hard!) And she was big on finding the good in people, like Jagger and Liz after a bad first impression. She had a built-in "bs" detector and could see right through most people. She was gruff, but with a heart of gold.

Ruby was at home at the diner dispensing advice in her no-nonsense way. She lent a ear if you needed it (and sometimes if you didnt). She had a colorful background, coming from Florida with Bobbie and Luke, first as a prostitute and then as a madam. In PC, she worked at GH and then took over Kelly's. 

Karen has often mentioned that Aunt Stella would be great as the new proprietor of Kelly's, and I always thought that would be a great idea. The show needs someone to dispense advice, handle exposition and move stories along smoothly. And Aunt Stella, though not a replacement, would be great at talking to everyone who came into the diner and giving people her opinion. (and boy does she have one)

Most of us have an Aunt Ruby in our lives. Someone who is not a blood relative, but we love like a family member. Who we look up to for advice and who love us unconditionally. The world needs more Aunt Rubys.

PS. And since it is Friday, that means it is time for another "Daytime Dilemma"!!!
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  1. I can't believe I am first today. Thank you so much for giving us a reminder of the great Aunt Ruby. She was no nonsense and didn't take crap from anyone. Oh what I give for her on my screen today. She was the not the moral compass of the show but with her life experience she knew it was okay to make mistakes and then learn from them.

  2. Aunt Ruby. She was the best. Her character had such depth in every characters life. She was the heart of the show. She and Lila Quartermaine. Hearts of gold.

    I think Stella would be a great owner of Kelly's. She does need to let go of the chip on her shoulder about Jordan though. She is wonderful with the Mike and Sonny story line.

    Oh, another great character that wasn't on GH for all that long was Mary Mae Ward. Loved her too

  3. Wow. Little Lucky. Such a great actor even then. I think he was about 12. I will have to look it up. Was that his first day ever as Lucky? Or one of the first?

  4. Oh yes, Aunt Ruby, haven't thought about her in a while. I like Aunt Stella as a social worker--she is really good at her job, and I don't think they've had a social worker before on the show. Maybe if she ever retires from her career she could run the diner, but, for now, I like her where she is!

  5. I'd love to see Ilene Kristen's Delia from Ryan's Hope take over Kelly's. She is great and would be a ball of fire

    1. Doesn't she play Avas mother or am I thinking of someone else.

    2. Yes,she portryed Avas mom too!

  6. Ohhh Ruby!! And yes,yes,yes Dehlia! That's who immediately popped into my head when I saw Ruby! Love them both and I agree Dehlia would be a great addition since she already portrayed Ava's mom. Maybe come back to support Ava through this and take over Kelly's too? I really enjoyed todays show. Especially the baby SL. Have a great wknd everyone and a blessed day!

  7. Woah! Way to blow up that baby storyline. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

  8. Really? No comments on Daytime Dilemma? UGH!

    I thought THAT would go over really well today...

    Oh well. You cant win them all.

    PS. I am going to do something on Sunday. I'll never match Karen's Sunday Surgery. But I WILL have something to say, so stick around. (You got another week of me!)

    1. Yaay! Enjoying your blogs so far so another wk will be a joy! And Im sure you'll do great with Sunday too! Karen left the blog in good hands!

  9. Blogger Di said...

    Woah! Way to blow up that baby storyline. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

    I know. The baby mama wants the baby back. Will we get to meet this mama? She will get Michael's baby back. Or maybe Michael's. Guess they are going the direction of the baby being Michael's since poor Mike thinks the baby looks like Carly

  10. I commented, Dave. I didn't say a lot as it looked like no one had watched yet.

  11. PLUS, Julian thinks the baby looks different. Of course, we know that won't be revealed now.

  12. lindie....I'm thinking that Brad won't let that happen. He's already riddled with guilt and he'll be mad at the mom who wants the baby back. I'm thinking he'll fess up to somebody.

  13. The Daytime Dilemmas on the blog were links to the ones from the 80s. There was a time, way before the internet when we actually watched the show - get this - SPOILER FREE! I know, right?? Hard to believe. They started having these little quizzes where they asked a question and then you had to wait until the next day to see the solution. But, if you watched the show and knew the characters, you already KNEW the solution! I think it was an attempt to get people to watch and hook up in for the next day.

    Us old timers (and there are A LOT of us!) remember seeing this back in the day.

    Thanks for the comments on TODAY's show! I am really looking forward to watching it this weekend. It looks really good already.

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  15. I loved Ruby! I remember the Daytime Dilemmas. I wanted to post this video of 20th Anniversary Promos from GH - must see:

  16. Charlie's pub and restaurant: Oh boy!!!! Julian wants renovations on his pub and restaurant, but he is getting a lot of push back!!! I wonder who is doing this? Say it with me.. SONNY!!!!

    Drew and Margot: Damn that is an ugly sweater on Margot. Oh more talk about Sonny! Margot is obsessed with taking Sonny down!!!! I bet we will get a scene of Margot and Sonny having a heated argument, and then the hate sex will happen. It's only a matter of time. Oh look Margot kissed Drew. Manipulating him to help you eh?

    Alexis's home: Oh boy! Having a little party for baybay Jonah! Stupid! Bobbie is right!!! It's way too soon. It hasn't even been a month!!! The mother could change her mind!!! You all are so selfish!!!

    Sam: Listen up. You two are being ridiculous.

    SAY WHAT?!?!! Shut up Sam!!! Which writer gave her that line?!!?! What a stupid line!!!!!! Oh hi Julian. No knocking huh?

    Julian and Sonny: Yup! Of course Sonny is stopping the renovations Julian!!! Of course Sonny won't admit it! Sonny you shouldn't of stopped the renovations. Now Julian is suspicious. Sonny sometimes you can be so stupid.

    Julian and Jonah: Julian notices something is off with the baby! HAHAHHAHAHA! And then when he tried to check his phone for the pictures, Brad stops him.

    Oh Alexis gets a phone call.. What's wrong Alexis? Oh let me guess. The mother of the baby wants her baby back? Yup I'm right! So you have anything to say Sam? Like oh I don't know, I'm sorry for calling you ridiculous? I'm an idiot? We are all being so selfish?

    Jail waiting area:

    Nina, Maxie, and Madeline Reeves: WOW! Great scene!!!! :) Madeline seems like she is remorseful.. Hmmm here is what you do Nina, you say I don't believe you, but I forgive you, then walk away, and never see her again. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh wait!!!! Madeline wasn't sincere!!! She just wanted Nina and Maxie to talk to the parole board because her parole hearing is coming up... Wonderful manipulating acting you did there Madeline!

    V.C. and Madeline: Oh look V.C. is visiting his mother in law. How sweet.


    V.C. and Hiney: When V.C. walked in, I thought Robert was going to be there again.. Nope just Hineyoh! :) So much anger from Hiney. More of V.C. feeling horrible. V.C. wants Hiney to stay away from Nina so that she doesn't get reminded of what happened.


    V.C.: Did Nina have a daughter?

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?!?! Is Nina's daughter out there?!?!?!! In Port Chuckles?!!?!?!!

    OH WOW DAYTIME DILEMMA!!! I remember those!!!!!! I remember watching it, and playing! I remember I was at my best friend's house and we played it. I don't remember how many times I was at her house playing it. I LOVED them!!! Wasn't it at the end of the show? Hmmmmm. When they stopped doing it, I was disappointed. They need to bring it back!!!! I forgot how long they had it for.. Okay let's see. Dilemma 4, I just chose B. I was wrong. :( Thank you Dave!!!!!!

  17. thank you so much Sonya for your updates all week!!!

  18. "delcodave said...thank you so much Sonya for your updates all week!!!"

    You're welcome! And thank you for the Wub Tub time machine, and the dilemma!!!! :)

    "lindie said... Awesome. Thanks Sonya"

    You're welcome!!!! :)

  19. Could Brad and Lucas baby mama be Haydn? Kind of weird if they bring on a no name mother. Also, weird if they NEVER show the baby's mother. (the dead baby of course: hate it when they kill off babies).

    I don't remember the timeline for Hadyn and her baby due date. Think I wasn't watching at that time so much

  20. It would be nice if Stella just moved back home. She is just a spiteful old curmudgeon who rarely has anything nice to say. Not a good fit for a bar but she would fit right in at Ferncliff where she could be mean to all the poor patients.Now that Jordan is moving on I guess the old windbag wont have her to pick on any more.

    1. They are recasting Jordan. So she's not going anywhere.

  21. OH, trashing Aunt Stella, LOL!! C'mon, she is upset with Jordan for getting her nephew killed, other than that she is amazing! She is a loving, caring social worker, so good with Mike and others, let's give her a break!

  22. agreed, jordan is getting recast.

    i think hayden was pregnant over a year ago? shed have to be pregnant for about 16 months.

    vernee watson, who plays aunt stella has been acting forever! she literally has guest starred on every sitcom known to man (exaggerating) but seriously, if you look at her IMDB she has been in so much. I first remember her from Carter Country in the 70s. she usually plays a nurse a lot. always one of those no-nonsense nurses with just a little but if attitude. i'd love to see her given more to do and soften up a bit

  23. AntJoan said...
    OH, trashing Aunt Stella, LOL!! C'mon, she is upset with Jordan for getting her nephew killed, other than that she is amazing!

    She's a great social worker and friendly to everyone else. But Jordan is also right. She will suck the joy right out of their wedding. Looking out at her snarling face is not the picture they want to remember forever.


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