Monday, August 6, 2018

Hold The Baby

Monica's Back!!! She asks Drew if he made a contribution in baby Jonah's name.  Monica tells him not to be anonymous .. "You're Drew Cain, own it".. 

CarSon at the safe house. They find out about Josslyn and Nelle. LOL Carly freaks out and says she has to stay...PLEASE to to Canada!!  Jason has a plan. I bet Carly goes back to Ferncliff. She'll try to get a confession from Mary Pat. AND she'll find Kevin. 

Julian and Ava at Kelly's... she has the blanket. She wants Julian to go visit Leo at the Q's and 'plant' the blanket. Jules agrees. 

Brucas at the PCPD. Michael sees them...It's a GREAT Scene!! Of course Michael ends up holding the baby...I can't type it all but the dialog was really good. 

Brucas go to Kelly's with the baby-- they see Julian and Ava. Ava coos over the baby. Jules takes a photo ...on the SAME PHONE HE TOOK A PHOTO OF THE REAL WILEY ON. You wait, he'll notice a difference. 

Nelle and Jordan... Nelle's not admitting to anything. She wants a deal. Jordan has yards of recordings with her admitting guilt for wanting to kill Michael tho...Nelle asks for a lawyer.

Sam and Jason on the docks. He wants a favor. Watch out for Michael. She says of course she will. She also says she gets why he and Carly are so loyal but he should go to jail for her. 

Drew and Margot-- ugh.. I don't care. I get she has the flashdrive but I DON'T CARE about her. Or Drew, frankly---that ship has sailed. 

Great Michael and Monica scene too-- in the nursery. LOVE Leslie C-- such a good scene. Sam comes in later (Julian has already put the blanket in the trunk in the nursery--don't ask, it took about 3.4 seconds) and they talk about loss. "My marriage may have been a lie but the baby was not" says Michael.


  1. So great that LC is back! I had missed 'real' Monica. And Carly strolling into the interrogation room was great. I don't care how she got there ;-)

    1. When Carly strolled in, oh yeh, it's on! Can't wait!!

  2. so now WHO finds the blanket? WHAT is the purpose of this?

    I liked it better when the rumor was Julian accidentally gave it to Lucas and Bobbie saw it.....

    I don't think Carly would go back to Ferncliff to find a mystery patient....
    waiting on Jason and Carly to thank Franco!

  3. carly thank franco.what a joke.she never thanked liz for jake's kidney. eventually it was nelle's. carly and jason are a pair. actually think sonny is too good for her.

  4. Is there an open door policy in the PCPD. You chain someone to a desk then let wanted criminals wander in? Hope this is a dream sequence.Jordan is so incompetent. I hope Nelle comes back in the future - they need good villains like her and DR.O on a soap.I hope Brad & Lucas can keep the baby- together they would make better parents than Michael who is trying to send its Mom to prison for life.

  5. Michael deserves his baby. Nelle needs to rot in prison for killing and attempting to kill her fiancés. She played the part of a sociopath to a T.

  6. That’s strange that Monica just assumed that it was Drew who made the anonymous contribution in Jonah’s name.

  7. So happy it was Sam with Michael in the nursery... goodness, Julian will discover the truth about the baby swap and stay quiet and jeopardize his relationship with Kim. How will Dr O get cleared? She needs to come back and let the world know that Jonah was not born stillborn.

    1. I hope they don't drag it out like the Nelle gaslighting and Heinrik storyline. I feel bad for Brucas but Michael needs his baby.

  8. The cabin:

    CarSason: Haha yes Carly! You would have been so proud of Joss!!! You too Jason! She was fantastic!!! :) Plan?!!?! What plan?!

    The hospital:


    The police station:

    Jordan and Nelle: OH NELLE YOU ARE SO BUSTED!!!

    Nelle and Carly: Carly is dressed up in her hooker outfit.. Is this the plan Carly? To pretend you are a hooker? Hmm I don't get it.

    Brucus, Michael, and Jonah: GAH! Michael this is your baby!!!!!!!!!!! Brad tell the truth! OH HE IS GOING TO! Oh crap. :( So close..


    Drew and Margot: Okay I DID like them to be a couple, but not anymore! Why are you keeping the flash drive from Drew?!?!?!! I don't get it! Is this because of Sonny?! You want him don't you?

    Julian and Ava: Ava why don't YOU put the blanket back? I don't get it! Why do you need Julian to do it?

    Julian, Ava, Brucus, and Jonah: Awww great scene! Yes Julian take LOTS of pictures!!! Then see the difference!!! :) Baby Jonah has no more rash on his face!! :) Great!

    Q home:

    Michael and Monica: Great scene!!!! Monica wins the line of the day!

    Monica: Even I couldn't put up with another one of me.




    Hmmm I don't get it. Is it because someone helped you with a GIF? :) But what goodie did you find? How Ava's face is?

  9. "Gambilly33 said...I hope Brad & Lucas can keep the baby- together they would make better parents than Michael who is trying to send its Mom to prison for life."

    Uh, Nelle tried to kill Michael! She wants him dead!!! And she killed her fiance!! So yeah she should be in prison for life! ROFL!

  10. Sad (but typical) day that Sam had to remind Jason that other people need him too, like oh gee, I don't know...YOUR SON Danny. I thought LC looked great and I was very happy to see Monica! Was Nell dreaming up Carly, or was she really at the PCPD? I couldn't tell, but I'm hoping she was "dreaming". :)

  11. J"ulie H said...Was Nell dreaming up Carly, or was she really at the PCPD? I couldn't tell, but I'm hoping she was "dreaming". :)"

    I didn't even think of that.. Hmm I don't know. We will find out today! :)

  12. They probably wouldn't let Ava into the Q mansion door, but at least Julian has an excuse to go there. Whoops! More Photo evidence that Julian will probably ignore to keep his son happy at Michael's expense.
    Michael holding his baby for the first time in the cop shop, doesn't bode well for his future. Wonder if Michael will rename him after they get the switch straightened out. Why doesn't Sam talk about her daughter that was stillborn?? Or Sonny, or Jason? They were all there for Lila Jr. They just kind of speak around it vaguely.
    Great to have LC back as Monica!!!
    Hate new DA. They are obviously trying to force chemistry between BMiller and her. Just because it worked on one soap doesn't mean it will work on another. Let it go and make it stop please

    1. I think also that Michael will change his name. Hate the DA, hope they don't put her with Drew.


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