Thursday, November 7, 2013

Everyone IS Related


Sam's related to Kiki..and then to Lucas-- Tranco will be related to a whole bunch of people too!! 

“I don't give a CRAP about your heart! I give a crap about your bank account!" Diane to Todd.

So much happened today, I can't get it all in.


Scotty told the DA to quit or he'd blow him in.
Sonny found out about it and told Shaun to shoot Julian (ut oh)
Ava  and Carly had a small catfight
Kiki told Morgan to stay away from her mama
out of LEFT FIELD: TJ and Shaun talked about TJ's mother?? ---I bet Shaun is his real daddy anyway. His mother should be Keeshia. 
Sonny found out about the bug and that Morgan did it
Heather wanted Franco to explain his art to everyone .... then she finally said it was a BLT, and told everyone she painted it.

AND....let's see..oh Max and Diane were on ! 

Tomorrow will be fun..someone gets shot and with SHAUN doing it, you know it won't be the right person LOL.  Franco's real  parentage comes out too.  Just a big ol' ride --oh and the Julian truth. 


  1. It's a BLT you idiot Heather is awesome.

  2. I didn't mind today's show. Did anyone see the ratings for last week. Last Monday's show was the highest rated.

  3. Wow only 2 of us commented on today's show


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