Monday, November 4, 2013

The Maxie and Lulu Quiz...

Can you PASS it?  TRY not to google answers!! Give it a go (answers later)

1.  Is Lulu's birthstone:
    a.   diamond
    b.  opal
    c.   peridot
    d.   coal

2.   Who did Maxie lose her virginity to? 

     a. Dillon
     b. Kyle
     c. Cooper

3.   Was Lulu committed  to Shadybrook? Yes or No

4.  Why did Maxie sleep with Dr. Matt?
      a.  He was hot
      b. To thank him
      c. to make Spinelli Jealous

5. What color hair did the younger Lulu have?
     a. Brown
     b. Black
     c. Blonde

6.  Which food is associated with Lante?
     a. beer nuts
     b. tacos
     c. licorice
     d.  cupcakes 

7.   Who has a love/hate relationship with Ice Fishing? Lulu or Maxie? 

8.  What is Maxie's first job/
     a.  Metro Court boutique
     b. Kelly's 
     c. Booster club stand 

9.  Who did Maxie try to sleep with to become pregnant so she could trap Lucky?
     a. Cooper
     b. Diego
     c. Logan
     d. Dillon 

10./.  Who would win in a death-match?  Lulu or Maxie? 

Finally WHO should get Baby ConGie and WHY? 

Have fun!!! How did you like  Today's Show? Nikolas is still running around in his ZEXY OUTFIT!!  WOOT!!



  1. Why did you have to make me cry on my birthday?! I miss Lulu!!! :*(

  2. I really hope they replace the current Lulu. One of the worst recasts ever.

  3. Seeing this really makes me miss Julie Marie Berman. She would have killed this storyline. Instead, the current actress makes me want to kill her.

  4. HAPPY BDAY Carrie..I'm sorry :(

  5. Wyndemere: Oh wow this is a great scene between "Anna" Faison, and Duke!!!! Dr O wins the line of the day when she tells Faison his rights!!

    "Anna": You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to uh consult an attorney. You have the rights if there are any evidence.

    ROFL! Awesome! And the look on Duke's face when she was reading Faison his rights hahahaha! So glad Duke saw right through "Anna"! But poor Duke is out cold in the tunnels! Was he shot? I don't see any blood. Maybe Faison knocked him out cold.

    The hospital: Oh come on Patrick! Don't you notice Robin's eyes?!!? Or her body? Or that beauty mark she has on her chest?!!? :) Liz vs Britch! Come on Liz! Britch is right!!! :)

    Luke's room: Oh what a great room he has hahaha! Tracy is jealous of slim hahaha! Tracy and Luke scene UGH!

  6. once again, someone holds a gun to Faison and does not pull the trigger. Instead, stalling until the villian gets the upper hand.

    bad writing. epic fail. stupid storyline.

    over it.

  7. Happy belated birthday Carrie!! I so miss Julie, too. I can't even stand the way ER says "Connie". It's like she is spitting the name out. Once again Finola did a phenomenal job as Obrecht. Sad though that Faison is turning into a caricature and buffoon instead of a deadly criminal again. Britch was too nasty to Liz, who has ever reason to distrust her. She had a ringside view of all the nasty things Britch did and just because she admits it now doesn't make her a good person.

  8. 1. Diamond

    2. Dillion

    3. Yes

    4. To Thank him (b)

    5. Brown (a)

    6. Cupcakes (d)

    7. Lulu

    8. Kelly's (b)

    9. Dillion (D)

    10. Spixie - because the baby is theirs biologically and they want her!!!

  9. Stephanie, I have all the same answers except that I think baby Lulu's hair was black...and CURLY! Also, Maxie definitely lost her virginity to Kyle. He was an older high school boy and got her into bed at a party and turned on the web cam so everyone saw. She was very messed up from that. I kind of chalk that trauma up to a lot of Maxie's relationship issues.

  10. Lulu's birthday is 8/8, so the peridot would be her birthstone.

    I don't remember Maxie ever working in Kelly's. I do remember Georgie doing that. I remember Maxie as a hospital Candy Stripper and then working in MC's boutique.

    Lulu's hair was black and curly also.

  11. That really explains it! I didn't watch during the baby Lulu/Maxie losing her virginity thing.. So.. I was guessing.. Thanks for the background on Kyle though.

    Queen - now that I think about you are right too. I was thinking it was Maxie but it was Georgie..she worked there with LuLu and she and Lulu were good friends...until she stole Dillion of course

  12. Or maybe they were friends after...


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