Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Lurkey!

Some vintage GH For you to Savor on this Fine Thanksgiving! Why do I love it? You EAT. No gifts, no riff-raff of cheer..just eat, drink and be merry! We have it here, the British transplant Wub Hub cooks--brines the turkey the night before. The snow was heavy and nasty but roads ok. We don't let 10" stop us here!!! Hope you're happy and healthy and with family/friends.  Thanks TO YOU this blog and my site are going strong!! Thanks to TPTB on GH because our ratings are UP..the show is still on and we get to see some way-back vets pop up.
Last year we were remembering John Ingle. *sniff*  

Here's to us!  ENJOY...



  1. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all the great GH stuff !!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Karen! And thank you for giving us this platform where we can all gather to vent our frustrations and also Cheer and celebrate our show.
    Your commentaries are both entertaining and dead on with what I'm thinking.
    Also wishing frequent wub posters like Sonya, CareyN, Dar,AntJoan, LindaV, and the rest a great thanksgiving. I don't know any of them but have enjoyed their comments through the years.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving one and all. My flight to London got cancelled so I'm thankful to be spending today with my family. London will wait a few more months.

  4. i still cannot watch the last 3 minutes of that episode without bawling like a baby.

  5. Karen, thanks for the good wishes, hope all my fellow Wubbers are enjoying the turkey day. Just got back from my sister's, we had a wonderful Thanksgivakkah, turkey and Menorah, who could ask for more?

  6. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving & Hanukkah! Was too busy feeding all and stuffing myself to log on yesterday. Very thankful for our Karen and all the bloggers who are many times more interesting than GH. Sure miss the Q's Thanksgving. Impatiently waiting for the Robin/Patty/Emma reunion.

  7. I know there aren't many Quartermaines left, but I seriously miss their Thanksgiving shenanigans! Couldn't Monica, Michael, Alice, etc. at least bring AJ a Thankgiving pizza in prison?!


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