Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Wet Day

TJ and Molly were taking care Danny. Guess they got out of storage. Well, we knew TJ did. Finally Molly's out.

Sonny and Michael both feel SO BADLY about that Security Guard Julian killed. ERrrrmm, Sonny, it's not like 200 innocent bystanders haven't gotten shot on YOUR watch. lol Julian is going to be a walking donor farm. Julian won't let them harvest his marrow because Sonny will kill him if Danny can be saved without his marrow. 
Who else wants to know about Silas and Ava's history? Tons of hot sex I bet cha! \

Carly and Tranco just going at it. She can't do it yet.
Do tumors grow back?'

Kiki jumps in!
Todd Jumps in! 

Michael's a wet fish! LOL He spits out water! He's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiive!! Michael doesn't tell on Morgan, he says his cell phone fell in. 

Alexis and Julian. She's giving it to him, and they kiss. 

SO..montage at the end: SOlivia sex, CoDD and MiKi. At least TJ and Molly aren't doing it on my screen! LOL 


  1. What was the song being played at the end

  2. The roll of Screaming Banshee is now being played by Starki. Yikes.

    Todd jumped in holding his nose! and of course saves Michael. Now Carly can have sex with him!

    If TPTB were going to undo everything Franco did and essentially make him into a complete new person, why bring him back in the first place? Franco was mysterious and dark now he is Todd Manning - and not even good Todd he is Whining Todd.

    The selfish Julian comes out. Not giving bone marrow so no one kills him. Sam should have Lucas tested for bone marrow.

  3. Someone please throw Kiki back in the water.

  4. @jessica I believe it was Ed Sheeran singing "Kiss Me." I really like the song, but I wish they'd saved it for any couple but those three.

  5. Jerome gallery: Great scenes!!! Awww poor Sonny! He can't kill Julian because Julian has to live for Danny! To save Danny's life if his life needs saving again. Oh rats Sonny! And I'm disappointed that Alexis didn't have a panic attack and didn't breath into a paper bag when she found out who Derick Wells REALLY is! Julian and Alexis scene love it!!! He was all charming and he kissed her! :) Outside the gallery.. Shawn vs Caaaaaaaarlosssssss. Awesome! Love it! And McSilas wins the line of the day!

    McSilas: I already missed my bus home.


    FranToddBob Baldwin's home: Aww poor Carly! So conflicted! She wants him but she can't trust that he won't hurt her children! What is a girl to do?!!

    Pier: Woah! McStarki is in panic mode!!!! Screaming like a banshee!!! Funny how nobody is around hearing her screaming! So she jumps in the water with her legs open! ROFL! Oh nuts she can't find him!! Oh look it's Carly and FranToddBob Baldwin strolling by. But wait I thought she left him, and he told himself not to follow her!?!? Did I miss a scene?! FranToddBob Baldwin jumped in the water with his legs closed and found Michael YAY! Carly did CPR but wait Karen, there was no water coming out of Michael!! He has a concussion but won't go to the hospital?! Huh?!!?! McStarski promised she won't let him fall asleep. HUH?!!?!?! What are you going to do all night then? Have sex?!!?!?! With a concussion!?!?!!

    FranToddBob Baldwin's home: I guess he is redeemed in Carly's eyes!! Cus they make love YAY! :) Hey I am not bothered by it. He doesn't feel like Franco anymore! He is more Todd to me. :)

    Sonny's home: Poor Max! He got a black eye because of Olivia!! Olivia wants to make Sonny feel better! I'm thinking just have sex. :) Oh they listened to me! They have sex YAY! :) Sonny forgot all about Connie!!!! :)

    Sam's home: Oh look it's Molly and TJ! Where have they been? To band camp? TJ is all worried about Shawn awwww. :) Sam and McSilas scene.. Awesomeness! They are about to get busy when oh oh baby Cheeto cries! Isn't he like 12 now? :)

    Michael and McStarki: He has a concussion people!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you in bed?!?!?!?!?!

  6. As a looong time OLTL fan I'm finding it so hard to watch RH in a love scene with anyone besides Kassie DePaiva (Blair form OLTL). Ugh. Regardless if he's Franco, Todd, Bobby, or anyone, it does not feel right. Maybe if LW left as Carly they could just re-cast her with KD?

    I have to admit, on OLTL I was always a much bigger Todd fan than McBain fan, but today I turned. The love scene was part of it, but Michael Easton KILLED it when Silas turned to Ava and said, "You don't talk to me." OMG. Heart-stopped. Awesome. Silas Clay.....oh yeah!!

    And yes, Bookworm and Jessica, that was Ed Sheeran. I Shazamed it. :)

  7. @Jessica Shibest everyone is right..the song is "Kiss Me" by Ed Sheeran..i first heard it last year on The Vampire diaries and fell madly in love with the song and the artist..he has a wondeful voice!

  8. Mmmm - loved the Julian/Alexis kiss. I think the Danny situation is a clever way to keep Sonny from killing Julian. Kiki was so freakin' annoying. They should have thrown her back in. Tranco and Carly - ugh. He was never attracted to her before and she certainly isn't that irresistible. Too bad the most beautiful girl in town, Liz, has no screen time.

  9. it looked like KiKi did the split as she jumped in lol


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