Saturday, November 23, 2013

You Choose Sabrina's Wedding Dress!!

We know she's wearing her Mama's dress, but one can only hope Nurse Betty's ensam will look something like these stunners. Which do you like?

The old "BirdCage Masked" look? Maybe that way Robin could switch places with her and rip that thing off when the judge says "I now pronounce you.."

Sabby's Mother was probably a Saint in her native land--and how fitting to have this be her gown!? Part wedding cake, part pilgrim! 

Nothing says "I love you" like this full on black/white and red number. Kinda has an '80's flair as well. 

This is so Sabrina can also hide Emma and Felix underneath her dress in case she needs back up 

Emma inspired, this "Hello Kitty" dress is simple (like Sabrina) and comes in a lovely baby-blue and pink. 

If you look closely, this actually COULD be Betty-- looks just like her.  Maybe her Mama dried some of her floral arrangements  and she can float down the aisle in dead flowers.

Did you know her Madre was really an Octopus-Goddess? Well, she was. 

Oh, the shoes and head dress just make this outfit!! It's flirty, fearless and will show off her great legs. I think those are maracas in her hands. OLE! 


  1. I'm really hoping that she doesn't have to put on a gown at all.

  2. I vote for a traditional lace dress like this one...

  3. I pick number 7! The Octopus-Goddess dress! ROFL!

  4. Any will do, as long as this storyline can finally be over.... I was hoping the wedding would at least start on Friday, but it seems it won't even start next Monday...

  5. I think the wedding drags on all week.

  6. I'm thinking its going to be the one to hide Felix and Emma

  7. GHH has a snippet of the dress...

    Also, this is has nothing to do with the dress but this could be the perfect story line for Maxie..kidnap baby Georgie - go to Australia - and then they find baby Georgie when she is 19.. by the time KS gets back from maternity leave the could SORA the baby :).. Art imitating life

  8. GHH loads horribly for me with all the videos. It crashes so much I can't even try any more!

  9. In the city, on Union Street, there's also Forget me Knots bridal. It's run by 2 sisters who really seem to love what they do- All their dreses are less than $2000- many under $1k. jacquie mexico's most beautiful bride


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