Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Surgery: The Definition of "Murder'

          The crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought
Yep... that's the definition. Not that anyone in that courtroom seemed to use it correctly! Maxie "Murdered Robin" (uh, no)..she "murdered" Lante's baby by chasing a dog (no). Same with Lulu. She didn't kill Logan on purpose (it was, technically "self-defense") and abortion is not murder under the law since it's legal and protected by the constitution.  So-- all that posturing  is really null and void. 
Made for GREAT TV though, huh??!! WOOT! 
Let's get ready to 'murder' this week's show-- get on those scrubs and maybe a mimosa!
Sometimes GH feels like 2-3 different shows. I know that can be the case with all soaps--especially with the rotating stories. GH however is REALLY feeling disjointed lately because of the actor rotation.  Scotty and Lucy are on--then they aren't.  TJ walks in during a voting scene, talks about mama and who knows when we'll hear it again.  There's the entire Robin thing going on which swaps out from time to time with the custody battle and maybe Julian Jerome reveal. Taylor and Rafe evaporate. AJ is off because he 'taped too many scenes for his conract" (who the hell keeps count for that...because you sir, are fired! )
You can REALLY tell there's a hella block taping going on.  NLG tweeted that after the scene with shirtless Derek and one other, she was off for 3 weeks.  That's how they rotate.
 Let's dish first a bit about the behind the scenes goings on. Twitter is such a good source of gossip! First John Stamos gets into the fray with headwriter Ron saying all they wanted him for was to "play drums" during the anniversary special. Ron fired back.. John fired back. :giggle: Goodness!  Then Ron tweeted he had no clue Tristan was going back to Y&R and had one day to rewrite "February Sweeps". Um..okay. Didn't know you taped that far ahead but oh well. While the Tristan thing is interesting, it's double interesting Ron called him out on twitter. I'm really wondering if Robert will now die a slow and painful death--or maybe quick and easy. Juicy, ain't it? 
The show this week was ok-- the custody battle was of course, the major focus along with Sonny's rant-o-rama at the Gallery. Derek is Julian!  Gasps all around, especially from Sam and Alexis. He's going to hold his own bone marrow hostage so Sonny doesn't kill him. Hey, whatever works. If Sonny was REALLY ruthless, he'd give him propofol (drug of GH choice)...make him paralyzed, have his marrow harvested, then kill him. But, I think like an evil person that way. 
 Poor Alexis, drawn to her baby daddy that she had good drunken sex with in the back of the car. *sigh* Who can't relate to that!?  She slaps him--and you know darn well what's probably coming in that area. Sam of course, is reeling to find out she's 1/2 Jerome and 1/4 Cassadine. Whoops. Bad combo there. With Jason's genes, you're going to have to watch baby Danny mighty closely! 
The Brothers Corinthos. The Brothers Quartermaine redux. Michael the golden-boy. Morgan walks away when he's drowning.  Kiki does that wicked funny jump to save him. Franco comes along at the right time--and Carly rewards him with sex. That certainly started an online firestorm. (Which Carly even acknowledged--lol)  I love RH and LW together-- but her sleeping with psycho Franco? Even without his tumor? That's a stretch. I still think making Roger Franco was the wrong call...but hey, that's me. 
Luke and Tracy were cooing over the baby--- which was sort of weird to see. The whole lab thing was also strange-- you'd think with all the money they have, they'd just get lab stuff to put into Wyndemere instead of taking the chance of having Robin parade around  GH. By the way, they have a tiny lab staff, don't they? LOL.  Brad leaves, and it's a free for all in there. I did hate the "Sabrina and Paddy wedding talk' while Robin was under the table. Yes, it's soapy--but it's also really REALLY stupid to think Robin couldn't tell Patrick  (or Nik could tell him) and he'd keep it secret! Whatever.  At least it's not as bad as Brenda's six month re-into while she was in Paris!! 
 Dr. Obrect is looking more and more like Anna Why doesn't Faison just kill her? He doesn't love her, she's a pain in his ass--so? Why not?  
 This Happened. I like SoLivia but let's be honest, it's happening because Sonny's gone thru every lady in town--and the rest are dead. 
On to the trial.  First of all, I always enjoy Carolyn and Nancy together.  That said, the 'content' of the trial was just ... more than weird.  I and so wondering why Diane didn't bring in the social worker that denied Lulu and Dante adoption! Wouldn't that be telling?  To scream murder at both of them for stuff that isn't murder?? Entertaining but--strange. Will Dante tell the truth?  BTW, I'm saying it (because you know I'm honest)-- Dom just doesn't seem into things lately.  Dante IS the most sane right now, along with Spinelli. They should get married and rasie ConGeorge. 

Sabrina and the dresses? Um..NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo
 SCENE OF THE WEEK: Michael "drowns" LOL.. sorry but it was so funny. We all know Kiki did the frog jump to "save" him. And,  of course, this led to  CoDD sex. 
FACE OF THE WEEK: I loved Dante's look when Lulu said she didn't tell him she wanted to fell the country. Ut. Oh.
 PROP OF THE WEEK: You can barely see it, but the Salt Shaker takes it! I'd go with the gum, but  without that salt shaker, we wouldn't have had the fingerprint impression!! 
QUIP OF THE WEEK: Cesar Faison: "If we hadn't had a daughter, we wouldn't have a problem." — Dr. Obrecht: "I'll forward your complaint to your sperm."
HOW are you liking the show? It is better than it has been in years... but still uneven. And people seem REALLY mad about Todd and Carly. Errr. Franco I mean, ya...Franco.
Anyway, have a good one! I have a birthday party today and tons of work to do for tomorrow. I have a new client that STARTS at 1pm now, so blogs may be running a bit late-meaning not posted right at 3.


  1. Hi, Karen, I guess I'm the first one up, as usual (of course, I work all day Sunday, so I have to get my Sunday Surgery "fix" early!!

    I'm loving the show, w/lots of exceptions of course, but oounting our blessings (Lucy, Scotty, Anna, et al.) HATE Carly and Tranco, of course, and CAN'T STAND that no one can tell poor Patrick that Robin is alive--so stupid!! But then he'd have to cancel the wedding, which might arouse suspicion . . .

    So sorry, also, that TR is leaving, it woulda been a GREAT Feb. sweeps w/him in it, he will be missed . . . And I HOPE that they don't kill him off.

  2. At least Liz had her 2 minutes scene this week! It was crucial and interesting, like RC said it would...

  3. Always love your Sunday Surgery but I think you and I must hang out with different twitter crowds because I didn’t see any of the Cranco hate LOL On another note, the gum thumb trick was pretty cool.

  4. Under Guza we saw the same 5 or 6 people every day, usually having the same coversation over and over. With the new regime we see lots of people (one episode last week I counted 16!) If Guza wrote last week's custody trial (which admittedly was full of holes) none of the relatives would have been present (and there would have been no explanation as to why).

    This isn't perfect. There's stuff I don't like. Many of the new cast members are not good actors. But it's so much better than it was under Guza.

  5. I agree Dar...if Guza was still there he wouldn't have had a custody battle that didn't directly involve Sonny and Jason. As for RH I wish they would have left him a Q since Kiki isn't his daughter anyway

  6. I agree with Wubqueen and the wubbers here.

    We are a far cry from the Guza GH debacle, and the show has improved a billion percent. However, there are still holes and problems. And frustrations.

    Personally, I enjoy seeing my vets from time to time and not necessarily on a daily basis. I could not take the character of Heather every day. But having her come and go (although implausibly), it a welcome treat and I am glued to my set when she is on to see her intereact with Scotty. Always a priceless pairing.

    I have mixed reviews about the trial. I am glad they got nasty. They didnt go far enough. It could have gotten really ugly. I believe they are writing this in a way to foreshadow a breakup between dante and lulu. Its starting to become obvious there will be some holes in that relationship. The chemistry is gone. And I think there will be a storyline there.

    The RObin in hiding thing is so stupid. I already posted ad nauseum my take on good guys vs. bad guys so I wont bore you again. But for all the reasons the wubbers have mentioned here, it is stupid that this cannot have played out better.

    Why is Carlos in this show?

    Summer is over. The tweens are AWOL. Couldnt be happier. I know that TPTB have to throw a bunch of darts at a dartboard and hope for a win, but there were no bullseyes in this recent cast of tweeners.

    Have they hired an actor to portray Lucas yet?

    It is disjointed. Block taping isnt working.

    I watched Y&R when Tristan and Genie were over there just to see them. That show wasted them in meaningless storylines. Apparently GH wasted them too.

    Which makes me ask: How hard is it to write a good storyline for a good actor?

  7. Dar - speaking of family that were at the custody hearing, if your father was known as the biggest gangster in town would you want him in the courtroom or wouldn't you tell him to stay away. Makes no sense to have Sonny there. Why wasn't Nicholas there? Or Laura? Or Lesley?

    Would of been great if Frisco showed up for Maxie. Or if Mac was there (I know his absence was explained as out looking for Robert but then we did not see him at all).

    I still think Lucy, Felicia's bff and a surrogate mother herself, should be in this storyline somehow.

    I HATE that Alexis is doing this to Maxie and dont think it is true to Alexis character, especially given her pass relationship with Mac.

    Instead of Alexis, Scott should be Lulu and dante's lawyer. I know Scott hates Lulu but perhaps he could do it as a favour to Laura.

    Id like to see Diane ask Grandma Olivia who it was cousin Connie trusted more, Lulu or Maxie. Connie always gave Maxie more respinsibility.

    Or as someone mentioned on facebook, perhaps ask Lulu/Dante why, if Maxie is so unfit, did they ask her to be godmother?!

  8. Agree with you all the show is disjointed, but waaaaay better than with Guza.

    RH and LW are awesome so they may grow on me, but I was a bit grossed out by them this week.
    Did you see Franco jump in the water? He held his nose!

    Lovin Nik and Britt. More of this story and the craziness at Wyndmere. Doesn't Emma want to go there?

    The whole lab thing is nuts. No way so many people could skate in and out of there. Carlos- looking for Sabrina- "she's in the lab" Just go find her! NOT.

    I like Ava and Morgan. Ready for more secrets and find out about Silas.

    Hopefully Dante will tell the truth and their marriage will spiral. I'm hoping Spinelli gets the baby! Way too many holes in the court cases. Love Diane and Alexis however.

  9. To some fans. Bob Guza is the greatest headwriter this show has ever had. Ron and Frank may not be perfect but I would take them over Bob anytime.


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