Friday, November 8, 2013

The Caprese Sandwich!

Max knew the sandwich of the Day that Heather painted!! LOL 

'MY OWN Flesh and Blood--Morgan BETRAYED ME"!! Said.who? I wonder. Sonny did smash that clock up! I so wish he had theme music for betrayal. Like Jaws. 

Diane just goes on and on..about bologna. LMAO    and Franco comes clean. Says Heather did them all.  Aw, he's being so sincere.
Alexis shows up at the show and is like:  what did I miss? Oh, Alexis..what DIDN'T you miss!!?

Heather spills that Scott and she are Tranco's parents.  Hope you read my spoilers and knew that was coming.  And yes,  Franco could have still been a match for Danny because Heather and Susan are cousins. 
Oh for god sakes, Heather's backstory is a riot. She and Scott met at Kelly's "one night" and she got PG and she hid it from Jeff.  Okayyyyyy. 
MEET: BOBBY BALDWIN! That would be Franco's new name !! 

I just thought of something!! Heather totally should have said: "I remember the night you were born... I looked down at you, and named you...TODD"!!
OMG That would have been IT! 

Sonny shows up to the party. :eyeroll: Gonna be a lot of yelling Monday!

We all know Shaun is a shitty shot--so who gets plugged?


  1. I was hoping Heather would of made comment when asked for proof regarding Scotty being the baby daddy - just look at their hair!

  2. My first thought when I saw the gallery was that they had hung all the paintings the wrong way. They were supposed to be horizotal--according to Heather when Franco received the gift. From Heather's point of view the strips represent bun(tan), mayo(white), tomato(red), bacon(brown), lettuce(green), bun(tan).

    But like Franco, I didn't get it either at first! lol...

  3. Did you see what Ron Carlivati tweeted about the paintings?

    Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron:

    "Heather originally ID'd them 1 by 1, adding: "Hung Wrong!" until she got to the hot dog, which she dubbed: "Well hung!" BS&P made us cut it."


  4. I didn't see that!! Dang it.. That's a fun tweet :)

  5. OK, I did kinda like the paintings, esp. hung the right way, a BLT, of course, makes perfect sense. And Heather and Scotty ate them the night they conceived Tranco, so now we have a BLT backstory.

    So Steven Lars and Tranco are now brothers? Heather shoulda told Tranco about his brother . . . my head reels trying to figure out who is related to whom.

    There was SO MUCH high drama going on at the art show, everyone indulging themeslves with airing their filthy laundry in public--while the "extras" in the gallery just stood there with their fingers up their a**es--no expression at all!! Not realistic, they either would have left, or would have had some response.

    Is the art dealer really Sean Connery's son, as someone said?

    And yet, all of this drama was OVERSHADOWED by the momentous showing of boobalge, which NO ONE has mentioned. Yesterday, Tranco had his head on Diane's massive chestaloons, then Sam was pouring out of her dress, while, meanwhile, Olivia's perfect orbs were flouncing around Sonny's office.

    No offense to anyone, but mostly women and gay men watch soaps, so I don't get why we are always being "treated" to these displays. Of course, the new writers have evened things up with the male torso display, so I guess they're catching on.

    Of course, I know that heterosexual males, and well as Lesbians, watch soaps--someone must be ogling all those boobers . . . And, soon, Bobbie is coming back, the original queen of all things chestular.

  6. AntJoan you made me spit my drink! I don't think I've seen so many references to the ta-ta brigade in one posting. And I thought the same think while I was watching (especially Diane - I had no idea!).

  7. mybelle18, that was a total missed opportunity because i thought the same thing. lol

    today's show was very entertaining, imho. i loved everything about the gallery show. i just hope that Sonny calls Derek Julian in front of everyone and Alexis passes out or needs her paper bag to breathe into when she realizes that he's Sam's dad.

    I'm participating in NaNoWriMo and this crept its way in today:

    "Devon joined her in the living room, a tall glass of beer in his hand and a take out menu jutting out of his pants pocket. From what she could tell, he wanted deli food. Just seeing that menu made her realize that she hadn’t eaten anything in hours and could definitely go for a BLT right then, despite not really liking them. She blamed her favorite soap opera because it has been talking about BLT’s for awhile now."

    P.S. I don't like BLT's either, but damn. they talk about them A LOT on GH.

  8. I haven't had a BLT since I was a kid, and, being Jewish, I'm not supposed to eat pork, but I do feel a mighty craving coming on . . . gotta go find some turkey bacon and gluten-free bread . . .

  9. 11/7/13 Episode.

    FranTodd's home: FranTodd isn't going to his own party at the art gallery! ROFL! Yes Diane try to convince him! :)

    Michael's restaurant: Oh so let's see. StarKi having to tell Sonny about her big bad mama and then we have Lizaro whining to Sonny about what Scotty did to him. Lizaro is so afraid! ROFL! Sonny found the bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shawn and TJ: Great scene!!! They talk about TJ's mama! Does she even call her son?! The actor who plays TJ sounds like he has a cold.

    Jerome art gallery party: McSilas wins the line of the day!

    McSilas: No not me. I haven't payed attention to Ava for years.

    ROFL! Great line! And then we have Sam having to make sure Carly is okay hahaha! Ohhhh the paintings that Heather made, are BLT's!!! ROFL! I should have known! And the paintings were hung wrong! ROFL! I can't believe Julian had to tell Carly he isn't sleeping with Morgan! Hahahaha! Oh and here we go with StarKi warning Morgan about her mama! And then she calls him captain! SUCK UP!

  10. 11/8/13 episode.

    Jerome art gallery party: Heather Webber wins the line of the day!

    Heather: BLT meet Dr. Clay. Dr. Clay meet BLT.

    ROFL! She is so funny! Great scenes today. Max and Diane scene was awesome! Max is still carrying a torch for her and she misses him! Come on get back together!!! Heather's secret is OUT! :) FranTodd's bio parents, are HEATHER AND SCOTTY! YAY! SOAPY DELICIOUS!!! OH! Is that what Heather was saying when she was in jail, when she said I know something the Quartermaines don't know?! :) Franco is now Franco Baldwin/Robert Baldwin/Bobbie Baldwin!!!! :) FranTodd is in shock! And hey there is proof that what Heather is saying is true! :) FranTodd's art dealer says he is finished as a painter hahahaha! Awww I wonder what FranTodd is gonna do now!!!

    Michael's restaurant: Sonny sees the bug and is so hurt and pissed! He says Morgan betrayed him! Well that bus is so busy going back and forth between Morgan and Sonny!

  11. Wanda Woman said. Did you see what Ron Carlivati tweeted about the paintings?

    Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron

    "Heather originally ID'd them 1 by 1, adding: "Hung Wrong!" until she got to the hot dog, which she dubbed: "Well hung!" BS&P made us cut it."


    ROFLMAOPMP! No I didn't see that tweet! Oh man too bad it had to be cut!!! :) No pun intended. :)

  12. Sonya--LOL on your "no pun intended" pun!

    Mybelle18--LOL and ITA about the hair thing. Was thinking that all episode.

    AntJoan--LOL about everyone's boobs. But honestly, even as a straight, single, middle-aged gal with a nice rack I don't mind all the displays! I like to know that "when you got it, flaunt it"...and so, sometimes, flaunt it I do!

    Is it sad that GH was the highlight of my week?

    Also, Karen, I hope Gus is doing better and things are calmer around your home. If you have time, can you post the answers to the Maxie/Lulu quiz?

  13. Yes, I will post the answers to the quiz!

    and...I tweeted MASSIVE BOOBULAR tweets during the show.
    Just forgot to mention them here. Todd in Diane's pillows was hysterical

  14. CareyN said...Sonya--LOL on your "no pun intended" pun!
    ROFL! Glad you liked it. :)

  15. Karen, again we are on the "same page." I KNEW you must've noticed/mentioned the boobalage, I just don't follow Twitter.

    CareyN, lucky you, having a nice rack, I always have believed also that "if you've got it flaunt it," and I certainly appreciate female assets also, it's just that, for a mostly female audience, the boob display is no turn on. I still love my Sonny, he is the biggest turn on, even with all his clothes on, he is SUCH a beautiful man!!

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