Monday, November 25, 2013

The ROBBIES Reunite!!

Ava and he'd believe a psychopath. Although he is slow on the uptake. geesh! She even CALLED YOU

Faison and Luke..stand off...  Obrect and Anna stand off... 

BOOM goes Faison! Luke shot both Helena and Faison!!  Faison for the fake-out! He's up!  Then he's down..then he's tied up. Don't they know how to kill people? Go for that kill shot, son!

Obrect is so  nutty LMAO... Anna out smarts her and Duke gets out of his bondage to trap the woman. Good team work.  TOOK FOEVER though.

Britt and Felix fight in the Lab.. that lab has more action than any other place in GH. Brad says he's no the daddy to Britt.

Awwwwwwwww, Robin and Robert.

Juan..hell, he and Liz look the SAME they did eons ago. Did you hear what Juan's "wife's" name is?? 

Awwwww, Anna and Robin seeing each other? Adorable.



  1. i am a betting man. so, this is my thoughts. let me know if any of you think this is going to happen...

    A few years ago, on Y&R, Tristan, Genie and Stephen (Nichols) were all on the show at once. These were 3 GH fan faves and a coup for them.

    Now, Steve Burton is over there. And they now have Tristan. There was talk that Stephen was coming back to GH as Stefan but with Genie not around, that is kinda moot. Does anyone think that Y&R is going to sign Genie and Stephen to stick it to GH and its fans?

    Does anyone think that there are other GH fan faves they might try to take? Is this just bitter grapes by Jill over there?

    (I know at one point when Jeanne Cooper died, I thought they would try to get Constance to take over the role,).

    As for today's show...

    Doesnt anyone ever SHOOT TWICE? Have we learned nothing from the movie "Scream"?

    Did anyone else notice that Dr. O rarely ever had the gun pointed directly at Duke's body? It was always to the side. If anna shot her and she pulled the trigger, she would have shot a wall.

    Tristan knocked it out of the park with Kimberly. The genuine affection between the two of them is unmistakeable. Ditto with Fin. Tomorrow's reunite will be waterworks.

    Did we miss something when Luke checked Faison's pulse? Bad editing?

    The Juan scene was really cute with the inside jokes, etc. For those of us who know the background, it was really adorable.

    Nice previews for tomorrow.

    I still agree that this dragged on WAY too long, but I am thoroughly enjoying this week and the way it is playing out.

  2. Half the time Obrect had her gun on Duke her finger wasn't even on the trigger. lol Anna had lots of opportunity then to shoot her.

    I laughed at the inside jokes in the Juan scene too. And Juan still has the same baby face he did years ago.

  3. Nice work by the vets and the newbies today as well. Ava and Patrick scenes were great. He is coming across as the biggest dolt in history though LOL!

    Love Luke shooting Faison (though I knew he'd be wearing a bullet proof vest).

    I think Becky and her husband are Vampires - how can they both still look so young! Oh wait...forget I said vampire - don't want to go down that road again.

    Looks like a fun short week coming up. I always like GH events like weddings. Let's see if they can actually gather most of the cast together in one place, old-style.

  4. I swear those two must have the fountain of youth at their house because damn do they look young.

    I liked today's episode; I just wish this would have happened weeks ago.

  5. "You stupid cow!" GO ANNA! And then Obrecht cursing at her in German. Hilarious.

    Is anyone going to find Nik?

    And Juan talking about his wife, Becky. Adorbs.

    But really, just get this reveal overwith, already.

  6. "You stupid cow!" GO ANNA! And then Obrecht cursing at her in German. Hilarious.

    Is anyone going to find Nik?

    And Juan talking about his wife, Becky. Adorbs.

    But really, just get this reveal overwith, already.

  7. If this is the last we see of Tristan on GH, thank God they gave him a few scenes of genuine emotion with Fin and Kimberly. Scorpio was never the deadbeat dad that Guza retconned him to be when Tristan came back in 2006...
    The Night Shift 2 writers got this and the current GH showrunners seem to grasp it too. For those of us that remember the great dynamic of the Scorpios circa the mid 80's on through the early 90's, there was a real chemistry between the three (and although Mac was a little late to the party, I'm more than glad to add him to that count!) that you can still see in today's show. Scenes like this have been a long time coming for us old school fans and I hope we get a few more before Tris departs. At least we will have some future Fin and Kimberly scenes to look forward too though.

    Not a Juan fan, but he doesn't offend me either. Glad to see a familiar face back for a little while. The little visits from characters like him, Ned, Bobbie, and Noah Drake are welcome in my opinion.
    I just wish the showrunners would get the main characters and storylines straight - I get whipplash some weeks trying to figure out what the heck is going on and who is where.


  8. Wyndemere: Robin and Robert YAY! Love their scene!

    Robin: Daddy?

    Awwwwwwwww! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :) This is so ironic! When Robin was young, she thought her parents died! Now it's the other way around! Luke and Faison, and Anna, Dr O and Duke all talk and no action!!! Come on people start shooting! :) Oh here is comes!!! Luke shoots Faison and Faison flies to the couch ROFL! Faison is wearing a bullet proof vest hahaha! Learned a lot from experience did you Faison? :) Come on Duke get out of your ropes!!! Oh there ya go. :) Anna sees Robin YAY! :) Will there be a slow mo running to each other like in the past? :) Luke wins the line of the day!

    Luke: Took you long enough Captain Kangaroo. Another second and I would have been yesterday's mashed potatoes.


    Felix and Sabrina's home: Juan!!!!! :) Or as Sabrina says his name, Whan! :) Love seeing Juan!!!! He looks the same!! Oh he brought Sabrina's mama's wedding dress. Goodie. Juan and Liz scene!!! Love it! Altho stop talking about Emily UGH! She sees his wedding ring! He says yeah to a wonderful girl named Becky.. Hahaha! I wonder if he calls her Becky in real life. :) And I wonder if the ring is his ring in real life. :) Can Liz and Juan have a fling? I mean since Quiz (AJ and Liz) is over. :( Maybe Liz and Juan can have a little fling before he leaves. :) No? Rats! He has to leave.

    Sabrina: I'm so happy! I've got it all! I've got the perfect dress, the perfect daughter, and the most amazing friends in the world. My face hurts from smiling so much. This is without a doubt the happiest day of my life. And the best is yet to come.

    Me: Oh oh! That means her life is going to implode!!!

    Patrick's home: Woah Ava got a haircut! What's with the bowl haircut she has?! Yikes!!! Maybe when she burned those tapes, she burned her hair. :) Speaking of the tapes, Macgyver has to show up and restore them! :) Listen to Ava Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes she can tell you still love your wife!!!!

    Brad and Britch: What the hell is with Britch? Why is she acting like she doesn't know what to say to Brad?!?!! She is the Britch! She can think on her feet! Is she becoming soft on me?!!?! Yes Brad baby Ben is not your son I know that! :) Tell us something new! Like who the father is! :)

  9. Lots of tears here from Robert & Robin and Robin and Anna. Doesn't get much better than this. There were a few scenes with Faison and Luke that did look like they forgot to show something. Becky and her hubby were so cute and they do look so young.


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