Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shirtless Hump Day!

Well, Julian, Todd and Sonny were all showin' the goods--- I guess I can be glad Luke had his on! LOL 

Lulu shows up with Baby Cawnie and Dante at Luke and Tracy's. Maxie's all dressed up to get on the judge's good side. 

I LOOVED SOlivia!! WOW. I wanted her with him since she came on. And I was a huge JOlivia fan. But she and Sonny? Just go together, imo. If Brenda isn't in the picture, let it be Olivia! 

Alexis and Julian. She so want him, why would she go there if not? 

Maxie and Flea...Kristina looked gorgeous!  WOW, Liz told the whole sordid Lucky-drugging story! OY!! and the fact Maxie tried to get PG then threw herself down the stairs! Now Maxie is on the stand. You know this is PISSING ME OFF!! Maxie wouldn't have to pass a TEST to BE A MOM! GOOD LORD.  It's her bio-kid. There is no contract in place and it's under 6 weeks. OMG LULU is saying Maxie MURDERED Robin?! What the hell?!! That's tomorrow! 

You know Heather send those dead roses to Carly, I bet they smell like BLT's!   Yep, Heather sent them.  She's going to control Franco from afar! 

Luke said he got Baby Connie on e-Bay when Ellie asked him. ahaha. "Bidding was brutal" HEH 


  1. Maxie knows Lulu killed Logan. Why doesn't she bing that up in court?

  2. What annoys me most about the trial is Alexis working against Maxie. Given Alexis past history with Mac there is no way I can beleive she would try to keep Maxie and her baby apart. Maxie has been to Alexis house for holiday dinners even. Scott should be the one representing Lulu/ Dante. He could do it as a favor to Laura. I understand he is now DA but they could have delayed that storyline a week. Also, if you were Dante would you want your father, the gangster, present in the court room. Sonny is so dumb.

    Where is Jax? With everything going on with Morgan, who Jax basically raised, and with Jerry it is time to bring Jax back.

    Cast too bloated to bring back Jax? Get rid of Olivia, Sonny, Silas, Franco, Kiki, Ellie, Felix, Sabrina, Shaun, TJ and Carlos

  3. Bobby Baldwin's home: The afterglow with Bobby Baldwin and Carly! :) Dead flowers for Carly from Heather! ROFL! Oh Heather wins the line of the day!

    Heather: Dearest Carly. Stay the hell away from my son or else. Hugs. Heather Webber.

    ROFL Wonderful note! :) Especially the dearest Carly and hugs part ROFL!

    Julian Jerome's home: Mmmmm sexy man with no shirt and pants! Is it cold in that room? Julian's nipples are always looking hard. :) Alexis just HAD to visit him! She wants him! :) Oh don't slap him Alexis! That is uncalled for!! Just kiss him you know you want to! :)

    Sonny's home: The afterglow with Sonny and Olivia! Well maybe not with her, cus she is half awake ROFL! Oh oh Sonny is cheating on ghost Connie!!! Is ghost Connie going to want a divorce?!

    Luke's home: Ewwww Luke and Tracy had sex?!!?! Yuck! Oh Lante visits with baby Georgie and they are gonna babysit! :) Luke with baby Georgie awww! :)

    The hospital: Love SpinEllie scene! What?! Diane encouraged him to marry Maxie?! ROFL! Oh he said no. :) He wants to someday marry Ellie awwww! Oh oh Ellie sees baby Georgie with Luke and Spanky and is suspicious ROFL!

    Courthouse: Wow Maxie looks like an adult! :) They really are hiding Kirsten Storm's baby bump. :) And the court starts!

    Hey where is Mike and Starki?!!?! It's morning!!! Are they still in bed? Did they fall asleep?! HE HAS A CONCUSSION PEOPLE!

    Karen says Luke said he got Baby Connie on e-Bay when Ellie asked him. ahaha. "Bidding was brutal" HEH
    ROFL! Yeah that was a great line, and he was going to win the line of the day, but then Heather had to write that card! ROFL!

  4. That card from Heather creeped me out...just remember all the things Heather did to Olivia when she was dating Steven Lars...pumped her full of LSD, pushed her down the stairs, and (I think) stabbed her. At least tried to stab her. Carly's in for a world of trouble and I think Olivia should WARN her to stay the F* away from any child of Heather's!

  5. Yes, what happened to Steven Lars, wouldn't Tranco want to know he has a brother? And, yes, I also noticed that Carly keeps her hotel rooms very cold, maybe to save on heating bills . . .?

  6. I'm also pretty sure that Maxie doesn't have to incriminate herself. Maybe, something like the 5th amendment.

  7. If anyone can hold their own with Heather Webber it's Carly! Let's not forget what Carly is capable of when properly motivated. Remember a certain baseball bat?


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