Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Crabs

Ok,  so... I chose "Crabs" for one reason-- because that's what I AM! Lol.. I realize you are not all on the same page, but you have to admit that I did twirl and sing GH's praises for a long time. Just this week, I got nutty. SO, you ready for some rant-o-rama?   WHIP YOUR HAIR Faison-style and let's dish!! 

Jackie O? 
This week just got to me in so many ways. I'd run home from work and settle in to watch and be so frustrated! Of course, there were many good moments to savor but I wasn't feelin' them too much. Like I said, the crab got me!  I understand the need to block tape for the budget. What I don't understand is the flow of the stories. I loved OLTL (and I'm presuming the taping is much the same) and didn't feel like it was as choppy as GH is now. I'm going to compare it to Volleyball. Yes, Volleyball.  Remember this call? "Side out--rotate"!!! ?? Our gym teacher would absolutely bellow that LOL. That's what I imagine on the set: Frank yelling 'SIDE OUT--ROTATE"!!  These people leave for 3 weeks...these people come in for 3 weeks and some poor characters well... they come in 3x a year.  Not that every character needs to be on daily, I'm not saying that at all.  Just make it flow better-- ebb and flow..ebb and flow.  OR cut down the number of people on canvas by making the cast smaller.  Plopping TJ in there every 4th week is just puzzling. Kind of like Milo--he had a big ol' story when Lulu didn't know who she was, now? Um. Vaporized.   
One more thing (and please don't think I'm crazy), but yes, I do think having characters like Bobbie or Juan "pop up" for visits is just fine and in fact, welcome. That happens in real life. People live far away and come visit. THAT makes sense.  That lets us see old friends now and again in a normal story flow.  
Ok, enough of my crabby ways!!  Here's GH in a nutshell: 

This happened:   Spinelli got custody of the bay-bay, Lulu lost her damn mind, Ava burned some stuff,  Everyone but the people that count found out Robin is alive,  Kiki found a penny, Maxie moped, Dr. O got tied up next to Duke, Britt and Nik made out, Franco almost killed his mama, Felix tried to get Sabby her dress, Liz and Paddy went out (off camera)  and Juan showed up with Madre's gown for the bride. 

Monday was ok.. it had the trial ending and Lulu going on a giant rampage of  emotions.  There she is up there, trying to mind-meld Dante into lying like a rug for her.  Um, NO DICE, SISTER!! Yes, Dante lied to save his Dad's butt ...however, this is different because he truly thinks the kid belongs to Spixie.  Dom did some of his best acting this week, imo. I felt for all the characters involved but he just did such a fabulous job. 

EVERYONE and their Carlos knows Robin is alive, all but Mac and Patrick. You've seen my rant below.  I hate that this story has dragged out to a thousand suns.  Just reveal already! 

Hey, anyone remember me?'s AJ in Orange!!  Monica is there too. Seems no one remembered to subpoena anyone though.   Everyone is acting like they didn't know they'd be testifying.  Sonny's still mad. Olivia is still hysterical. Connie's still laying there in the photo all bloody in her white dress.  Diane must be exhausted, btw. Running from trial to trial! 
BTW---Have you seen this picture going around?:  

"Note the date and  time stamp--August 23rs "..which is actually the 8th month..not the 9th when this tape shows! ! Leave it to us soapers...don't try to get away with ANYTHING!!  do it right! 

Heather...your molars are showing! Heather escapes..again--AND Franco thinks he calls the hospital but basically, she has everyone on the payroll. Look, this was funny the first 12x it happened. NOW? Just let her out already.  Have her live over Kelly's and get a job making/serving BLTs. Geesh.

There is still no reason in hell why Diane hasn't said--"so who ELSE CAN HAVE these initials? Aunt Judy? Archie Jackson? Angelina Jolie?"?  I am going mention the fact I was HAPPY THAT Scotty was in those scenes as the DA! He didn't disappear!! Lucy did--but hey, gotta take what you can get. 

Speaking of....this happened. Ava had lighter fluid--IN HER PURSE. So go figure.  I would think plastic would smoke, no? 

Good Mac-Flea-Maxie scene. Kirsten did a fabulous job as well on this. Of course her hormones have to be NUTS right now! LOL  I also want to mention the Diane scene with Maxie and Spin. She got all choked up and it felt very real. Diane never gets choked up! 

Interesting lighting wouldn't you say? BriK is a highlight for me! She was worried about Mama who is tied to a beam in the tunnel-- next to Duke.  Even Dr. O is surprised that Britt's worried about her. I'm glad Robin told Luke about being alive.  But..why she couldn't do that with Patrick-- is one mystery you know I'm not happy about! 

OH...why BOTHER?? *sigh* 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Lante gives up Connie... Dom knocked it out of the park. He was upset yet strong-- and just so sad.  Bravo. The baby playing with Maurice was adorable too.

PROP of the WEEK:  Invitations to the wedding ... of Sabrina Santa-Maria Dominican Republic Santiago and "Drake" LOL. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Robert sees Robin !!! awwwwwwwwwww WOOT! 

So, things are just dragging a bit to much for me. I'm over the "Back from the dead" stuff. I know that Tristan is leaving-- that the Baby Ben reveal will take an age and... *sigh* I also saw my Faison get shot in the previews. :sobbing:   
Who thinks Obrect should get Chief of Staff at GH?
Oh, I do! I do! 


  1. Knowing that Tristan is leaving has been a huge buzzkill for me...

  2. Faison will live and Anna will finish him off.

  3. WHERE IS LUCY AND HER SPA?? I know Laura left, they should explain this. Scorpio leaving--WAH!! BUT, his face when he saw Robin was PURE JOY, ITA, he knocked it out of the park!!

    And THE WEDDING WILL DRAG ON ALL WEEK? Oh Nooooooooo!!!!

  4. I don't know how these idiots could let TR slip away, but seeing him at Luke's door and finding Robin was the best!! They have no idea what joy it brings us to have him on our screens. Really had to ffwd. the Sabrina stuff-unbearable. Hopefully things will be resolved this week. I liked Nik and Britt but they just don't look good together and it affects their chemistry to me. She looked better with a big guy like Patrick. Duke and Dr. O were entertaining.

  5. The spoilers say the hit on Shaun goes wrong. Maybe they dragged TJ out last week to remind us he exists before they kill him?

  6. Dr O for chief of staff...I like it , I like it alot :) Can't believe I'm likeing Britt and Nick but I am. I thought we would finally see alot of Milo with Lucy's spa :(

  7. Wasn't Claudia's mother named Domenica? Hmmmm....

  8. Why, why, why didn't they show Elizabeth and Patrick going out?! They could've bumped into Nik, which is how that all started, some drunken flirting...missing the fun the connected characters could be having...And very glad Patrick acknowledged how much Elizabeth helped became so focused on Sabrina....

  9. Not totally crabby about the week but agreed with all the block taping - very obvious. The Lulu/Maxie trial turned out way better than I thought. The Nu Lulu was great as well as Dom, Masie, Spin, and Diane. Love her. I can't believe Alexis wouldn't even go out for a drink though! Also think it's crazy Luke wasn't there for Lulu or she didn't even call Laura.
    Very choppy indeed. Don't bring these people back and get a story going then see them depart-like Laura and soon Robert. Hoping they can keep AJ and a story.

    Hoping Dr. O and Faison get to stay on or at least alive in some capacity. They'll be missed when this story ends. Hoping Baby Ben is an interesting storyline...

    I think Sabby will still be pregs.

    TJ's a goner.

  10. So.. is anyone else hoping that Sabrina will go crazy like Lisa Niles crazy after all this is done? Maybe Heather could give her some crash courses...

  11. Goodness--so little patience! There was so much happening this month that as soon as it slows a little, everyone cries hurry-hurry, we want our anticipations NOW!

    Soaps don't work that way. Ron has got so many major stories all going at once, that he can hardly keep up, much less the rest of us. Frankly at the speed of all this, I'm getting exhausted! They do have to be careful in that they don't make us wait so long it takes the impact out of it.

    I am mourning the loss of Genie--guess she isn't coming back. It's obvious now why they broke up L&L as soon as she returned, but it still makes me bitter...

    I wonder if Y&R will keep Tristan very long. I think he played a thorough bad guy there, so his story may be short. We will certainly miss him. I loved when he showed up at Luke's door and it was good to see them together off on a mission, but we need a lot more of that with those two.

    Both he and Geary are such terrific actors. Their faces say so much. That moment when Luke turned and saw Faison suddenly--surprise, a touch of fear, a bit of excitement--all ran across his face better than words. Same with Tristan when he saw Robin: shock, disbelief, relief, was all there. I don't care how old the actors get--when you have this kind of super acting to watch, it simply makes for great watching. And Finola, too, when Luke told her he'd seen Robin himself.
    Pure gold actors.

    I look forward to Bobby arriving. I do agree about Sabrina, though. Something about her annoys me--can't put my finger on it. Don't want to watch her.

    I wonder if the Spa thing will even happen now...


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