Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BYOB Today

Sorry..dog crisis again... he is good at contortions to get his staples out!  Even with a CONE ON! 


Have at it! Let me know if I should watch the DVR  fast--or slow!


  1. So, here is an informal poll. Today, Sonny threatened to take Derek/Julian out by having Max kill him. This means that one of 2 things is guaranteed to happen

    A) Max will stand in front of Julian with a gun and not pull the trigger and just stall until Julian turns the tables on him and the bad guy wins


    B) Max will shoot the gun but he will miss Julian and hit an innocent bystander.

    So, what do you think it will be? A or B? (We all know that Julian will NOT get hit. Villians on GH never do...)

    1. Both, but when after 55 minutes of standing there Morgan gets shot! A girl can dream.

  2. My money is on "B" with Morgan getting hit.

  3. I'm with CareyN. It is Morgan's turn to get shot. Maybe then he'll understand why his parents chose to send him away to school.

    Personally, today was a bit boring. We didn't learn anything new and the focus was on the mob club. The only bright spot was Scotty/Heather/Lucy.

  4. I think Saint Michael will get hit instead...

  5. It was slow today. Poor Duke will probably lay in that hole somewhere in the Bat Cave at Windy-mere for weeks.
    I'd like to see Heather interact with Faison and Dr.O.
    My answer to the poll is probably B.

  6. Did anyone notice that the gallery hung the painting wrong - the strips should be horizontal, not vertical. The look on Heather's face when she saw them was priceless!

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  8. Oh Karen! You have got to watch the Heather, Scott, and Lucy scene! Priceless!!!

    Sonny's office: Wow that DA is so nervous!!! I hope he is wearing depends! ROFL!

    FranTodd's room: OH LOOK! FranTodd's band aide is gone from his forehead!!!!! :) YAY ROFL!

    Jerome Gallery: Sam and Ava scene haha. Ava's claws are out! More warnings over McSilas!

    The hospital: Oh Mcslias has his hair cut! I don't remember ever seeing him with that short of hair. It looks strange. Oh when did McSilas and McStarki get closer? When did they bond?!! Did I blink and miss it?! Mcdaddy is telling her all about her family! :) Her jaw drops to the floor. Sam and McSilas scene! Oh she don't want to know his secrets! Shhhh. :)

    Starki and Michael: Blah blah blah. I have family I didn't know I have! Blah blah blah Zzzzzzzz.

    Voting room: Oh wow!!! Love the scene!! :) Heather wins the line of the day!

    Heather: Last time I voted it was for Justin Guarini., And then Kelly Clarkson came on! Damn her! Damn her all to hell.

    ROFL! Oh oh! Run Kelly Clarkson run!!! :) Oh Lucy looks jealous!!! And then she finds out it's Heather and is more unhappy ROFL! Three of them in the voting book! ROFL! The DA isn't happy! Jealous much? Oh look baby Morgan has a gift for Scotty! :)

    Julian Jerome's room: Gee for a high priced hotel room, Carly has got some ugly bathrobes ROFL! Morgan and Julian together awww! And FranTodd sees their closeness and in tomorrow's episode, misinterprets them sleeping together, which I had a feeling that is what he was thinking hahaha!

    Reenactment of Daddy McSilas and daughter McStarki. A scene of them bonding that we never got to see.

    Mcstarki: Oh daddy! We have bonded so much! Like going to the movies and having dinners! I love you!

    McSilas: I love you too sweetie! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! Why don't we go out for ice cream and bond some more!

    McStarki: Okay daddy! Let's do that!!! Can I have a cherry on top of my ice cream?

    McSilas: Anything you want sweetheart!

    1. I know! I thought it was in a ponytail at first. Part of ME's sexiness comes from his hair. Oh well it will grow out. There are still those baby blues to get lost in. If you have Soapnet they air old back to back so's of OLTL and his hair has just been cut then too. I think the yr is 09.

  9. Sonya, I also thought that I missed something when I saw Starki and McSilas together. And, how will we EVER figure out now who is related to whom? Everyone is everyone else's mother, aunt, uncle, cousin . . .

    Lucy, Scott and Heather are SUCH pros, anything with them in it is a joy to watch. I thought that Heather and Lucy looked GREAT . . . But, c'mon, how unrealistic did they have to make that voting booth scene? Lucy wouldn't have overheard Heather and Scotty?, there WAS NO DOOR. Gee, the voting practices upstate are soooo much different than those here in NYC . . .

  10. I didn't mean to imply that voting booths in NYC have doors, just that Lucy would have overheard Scotty and Heather because voting booths have no doors, just curtains.

  11. I vote for B - Morgan is playing with fire. Since Heather is obviously going to turn out to be Tranco's mother I was thinking maybe Scott is his dad, since Heather was so insistent on him going to the show. ME's hair did look strange-too coiffed. A shirtless Derek was very nice - that man is so sexy! Unfortunately he has the most chemistry with his sister.

  12. AntJoan, I was thinking that you're voting practices are very different from here in Canada too.

    No way would people be able to move from booth to booth, and the "doors" are always facing away from the front. And someone talking would definitely be overheard.

    As someone who takes the voting process seriously, I found the whole scene totally ridiculous.

    As for the poll, definitely B. Although I doubt that Sonny would be dumb enough to have Max do the hit. lol

    I'd love to see Kiki get hit...harhar...or Morgan.

  13. LSV422 said. I was thinking maybe Scott is his dad, since Heather was so insistent on him going to the show.
    OH! I didn't even think about Scotty could be the dad and that is why Heather was so insistent on him going to the show! Soapy delicious!

  14. I think Carly is going to get shot instead of Julian. No way we'd be lucky enough for it to be Morgan. Then Morgan can be all guilty b/c he basically put his Mom in the middle, and he can emo about it FOREVER.

  15. LSV422 said. I was thinking maybe Scott is his dad, since Heather was so insistent on him going to the show.

    I read a spoiler last week that said Heather reveals she is really Franco's mother, and that Scott Baldwin is Franco's father!

    I had suspected she was his mother but Scott being the father would definitely be a surprise.

  16. OK, please explain how this is even remotely possible, didn't we all see the flashback to the back story where Susan Moore gave birth to twins?

  17. How is it even remotely possible that Carly would be kissing Franco.


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