Thursday, November 14, 2013

Better Late Than????

UGH.. My laptop is still in the shop--they can't get in it! That's how bad my hard drive is broken  LOL. I wouldn't care if it wasn't for all the great GH photos I have in there. ALL the faces of the week, man!!

Today's show: Lulu--geesh, I just want to punch her! WOW-- I think she's going to go a little crazy after all this. Poor Dante just stands there. LOL Now it's going to be Lulu's turn at the 'questioning". Notice how shocked she looked when they brought up Logan? UH..DUH. Did you think that that wouldn't be mentioned? Geesh!

Sabrina and the dresses. Oy. Emma was so cute. "Here, wear one like this"..her Mommy's! awwww. 

Tracy and Luke with the bay-bay. Sweet. Did you read RC's explaination of why GF wasn't on? I told you she wanted time off to get her kid settled in college, and they wanted her part of the time. So, it didn't work out in the schedule so, there it is. 

Robin is just IN THE LAB, hanging out like that? Um, ok. I do like that Nikolas played the "I own everything, now get out" card! Spoken like a true Cassadine. Dr. O looked jaunty today and her hair was a bit different.  BTW, that baby looks SO MUCH the opposite from BOTH Britt and Brad!!

BTW: BIG Thing on Twitter today! RC said he didn't know Tristan Rogers had gone back to the Y&R and had ONE day to write the Feb sweeps scripts differently! WHOOPS. There's a story there, huh? Must be Tristan got offered a contract over there. Interesting. So, with RC not happy about not knowing he was leaving, will Robert be killed off? I wonder. I mean I'm expecting him to be "gone" again--but one never knows when you piss off the head writer!


  1. OMG, Dr. O is SUCH a laugh riot!! When she said it was Faison's "old shtupping grounds," the look on Britch's face was PRICELESS as she corrected her, HOPING she meant "Stomping grounds." Do my non-Jewish friends here know what "shtupping" means? Whoever writes for Dr. O must be Jewish (although I know that German and Yiddish are similar, although Dr. O doesn't speak exactly German--what language does she speak?).

  2. Another question: Why did they use an updated "flashback" of Robin and Maxie, why didn't they just use the original one? Did they re-write the dialogue, or was there another reason?

  3. If Tris got a contract with Y&R, who can blame him for jumping ship? GH is rotating through actors so quickly these days that it's hard to have staying power on there for some, I guess.
    Kind of bummed though. Hope that they don't give the character the shaft as has been done in the past.

  4. Did they really expect Tristan to hang around for half a year waiting to see if they were going to use him again? These actors have to make a living. A few weeks every 6 months or so just won't cut it. I don't blame him for leaving.

    Ron said he was gong to use him in a big storyline in Feb. That's 4 months from now!!!

    I'm really mad. We lose a character like Robert so that we can keep people like Kiki full time?!

  5. Patrick's home: Oh the Patrick and Sabrina wedding is next week!!!!!! Caaaaaaarlosssss where are you?! It's time to share more of your wisdom. :) Oh look Sabrina trying on wedding dresses! Felix wins the line of the day!

    Felix: You look like a Las Vagas drag queen channeling a bad Scarlett O'Hara.

    ROFL! That saved the scene. :) I also did like the scene between Sabrina and Emma awww! :)

    Wyndemere: Dr O is acting strange hahaha! And her hair looks different. Hmmm food Dr O? Is that for Duke?!!?!?! Where is Jerry? Is he visiting his mother and brother?

    The hospital: Gee Brad. What's with the picture of you and Felix? They are acting like they are dating hahaha! Oh and an almost kiss!! Damn I really like them together. Oh oh! Patrick is gonna see Robin!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Flashbacks of what happened at the lab when Robin "died" :(

    Courthouse: The mud is slinging!!! Time to throw mud at Lulu!!! Lulu you look shocked that your past has been brought up!!! Did you think it wasn't going to be brought up? I've seen the promo on tv. The announcer says that the verdict is going to be shocking. I'm thinking is the judge not going to give baby Georgie to neither of them!?!?!

    Hey where is Michael?!!? He has a concussion! Did he go to the hospital?! Did he fall asleep that night?! Did he fall into the abyss?!!?!?!?!

  6. AntJoan said...OMG, Dr. O is SUCH a laugh riot!! When she said it was Faison's "old shtupping grounds," the look on Britch's face was PRICELESS as she corrected her, HOPING she meant "Stomping grounds."
    Hahaha I actually thought she ment stomping grounds. :) Maybe by shtupping, she ment sex? :)

  7. Jen Lilley was playing Maxie at the time,and they would have Pay her.

  8. YEP I know Shtupping! I think she speaks German.

    Was it because KS was gone during that time?? I can't remember. Not sure why, I didn't see it, I saw the show 1/2 way thru.

  9. It was Jen Lilley in that original Robin in the lab scene. I must say I think the redo was flimsy. Robin's hair was so much darker in the original, "Maxie's" hair was so much longer. Sheesh. The redone Lulu and Dante scenes were much closer to the originals.

  10. Oh, that's right, JL was playing Maxie at the time, I totally forgot!! Yes, Sonya, "shtupping" means f-----g!!

    Thanks for the answers, folks!

  11. AntJoan said... Yes, Sonya, "shtupping" means f-----g!!
    ROFL! Glad that is cleared up hahaha!

  12. Being Jewish I got the "shtupping" - so funny! I hope Dr. O stays on for a long while. I guess during Robin's captivity at Wyndemere she had a hair stylist come and highlight her hair, which shouldn't have been in the flashback, but then again KS shouldn't have been there either. I really hate this Lulu. I love having Felicia in court to support Maxie. Emma was darling as usual. I don't feel sorry at all for GH that they let TR slip away. Only the big stars that are on regularly, like MB, LW, RH must be making a great living and what are the recurring supposed to do? And if we had a choice between seeing Kiki or Robert as a regular who do you think WE would choose?

  13. I am so delighted that they reshot the Maxie/Robin scene!!!! It was such a bummer that KS couldn't be a part of that storyline (back when we thought Robin was really dead it was even sadder). Love love love it!


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