Monday, November 18, 2013

Nik and Britt were  SO GOOD..and SO SOAPY!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he's like "is kissing me like PTSD?"!! ahahaa. OMG. 
I miss  Helena.

Luke is CURED!! Tracy is so happy! Luke finds out about Robert and Anna.

Faison is so mean to Dr. O-- she's KNOCKED OUT!  Get up get up!!! He ties her to the pole next to Duke. Um ..doesn't Britt know they went down there? Not that she seems to care. 

OMG Dante told the truth! Lulu about killed him with her eyes. He'd better go get her some BLING tonight!! she's not happy. Spinelli was all contrite on the stand..awwwww.

Robin tells Carlos she's EPIPHANY. ohhhhhhhhhh. that may come back to haunt her. And it does like 2 minutes later when he sees Epiphany's photo in the hallway! aha. He figures out who she is from the photo Sabby showed him at the house.

Anna and Robert shoot Jerry!! 

Tomorrow : Luke is going to see Robin


  1. Spinelli is the only sensible one in the bunch. At least he spoke up. I hope the judge give him the baby. That will certainly stir things up. lol

    And how adorable was that little baby today! When Tracy started pumping her fist and asking "Are you 100% sure...?" Connie curled up her little fist and started moving it back and forth. I thought that was just too precious.

    All in all it was a good show today. I didn't feel the need to FF through anything.

  2. Court: Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: Oh God you're killing me.

    ROFL! Poor Diane. :) Spinny was great on the stand! Awwww Spinny!!! So sweet! Dante told the truth about his wife's lying!!! Oh if looks can kill! He would be dead! The judge has decided who gets baby Georgie!!!! To be continued!!! :)

    Cassadine Island: Robert and Anna almost escaped rats! JERRY YAY! My Robert shot my Jerry!!! At first I thought Robert shot Jerry's Johnson. :) Whew glad he didn't. Jerry wants to show them where Robin is! :)

    Wyndemere: Dr O and Faison physical fighting! Faison won! ROFL! Oh Dr O you let your jealousy get the better of you! Britch and Nik kissing!!! YAY! Faison don't like Nik for his daughter hahahaha!

    The hospital: Caaaarlossssssss notices Robin looks familiar! Her name is Piffany (sp) Johnson? ROFL! He sees a picture of the REAL Piffy hahaha! He remembers where he saw Robin!!! He is freaking out!!!!! Get proof first Caaaarloss! Or neither Patrick or Sabrina will believe you!!!! Luke is healthy again! No more poisoning YAY! Baby Georgie is still in the wrong side of that baby carriage! Turn her around people!!! It looks strange!

  3. Tracy to Sabrina while getting the test results: "Here, could you take this?" and promptly hands her the baby. Loved it hahaha

  4. Two things that were really bugging me were resolved today

    1) Diane pointed out that Dante's father is an alleged mobster. I STILL do not understand why he was present in the court room - sometimes it's best to stay away.

    2) Duke pointing out that Dr. O was able to take superspy Robert down but can not take Fiason down, saying Fiason was basically nothing more then a corpse. Wins line of the day for me as well.

    I agree with other commenters that Britt has been totally redeemed. Interesting to see how Ben's paternity storyline plays out without ruining Brits character again. Perhaps she does not know whose baby it is? Dr. O arranged it all?

    Carlos is a waste of screen time. Why have him interact with Robin? What is Liz or Epiphany had been the one to discover Robin? Hell, even Felix or Ellie would have been better. See Ellie cope with having to keep another secret.

    They keep putting Ellie in scenes with Tracy and just the other day Tracy said she always wished she had a daughter. I wonder if they are going to go there...

  5. I hope that Spinnelli doesn't get custody by himself so Ellie can try to slide right in there


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