Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wedding...HA !!!

Hey, I watched B&B towards the end... and I loved the "thanking game"... cool.  I saw Dillon Q, and LOIS and JR from Pine Valley and the lady from The Wonder Years!! Lookie there!!

Todays' SHOW:

I thought Bobbie was going to walk in on Tracy and Luke!! DOH!! There's Jerry!! She and Julian Stone used to be a couple when he was Jerry!! They almost got married themselves.  How stupid i she? GEESH.

MAXIE Stop it.  You are making things worse.

Luke gets Nikolas free... well..whoops --Luke you were NOT PAYING ATTENTION! lol. This is round 99 of hostage taking Luke almost gets shot! But wait! Anna's there!

Wedding: Lucy..well, that was random  "My marriage is over"...ok, we haven't seen Kevin in forever.   

ROBIN, do you really want Emma to watch a wedding KNOWING  you are going to bust it up at some point? MOVE YOUR ASS.

STUPID CLIFFHANGER..that was just stupid.


Mac is going to cut a bitch when he finds out about Robin 

EVER.... ugh.... actually hated it. Yep...I hated it. 


  1. I thought they were going to try to get Kevin when they could, since the actor has made an Indy film and is out touting it to film festivals with some success! This keeps him moving so I thing GH hoped to get him if he was in town, which hasn't been often. I like him so much, love him with Lucy, and wish they could get him back permanently, but that looks less and less possible.

  2. I agree it was the longest day ever. I am so sick of this. Please make it stop. Awful!

  3. Please tell me that Robin is not going to just stand there and let them get married! How stupid is that? Then what? I've tried to be patient with this but today was my last straw.

  4. Yes, today was awful. Dragging it out to the point where everyone is asked if there is an objection?! It's INSANE! If Robin doesn't say something, which she should have as soon as she arrived, I think that GH is lose viewers permanently.

  5. I DID NOT hate it, lots of exciting action, lots of vets!! And I was SO RELIEVED that they at least mentioned that Noah was supposed to be there; and that Bobbie was there!! She NEEDS to be in Port Charles, hope she is home to stay!

  6. well Aunt Joan I'm glad you liked it! LOL :) I loved Anna, that's about it. I keep waiting for her to rip her face off though heh

    1. I agree! LOL! she was acting so odd that I thought it was Dr O. Glad I'm not the only one. I wonder if they will go thru with it.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving/Thanksgivakkuh to all!

  8. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but OH MY GAWD! Speed this shit up already. I'm sorry but if my husband AND child thought I were dead, aside from letting your parents know you're alive, UH pick up a damn phone and call him!! I'm off my soapbox..oh wait, no...The Lucy thing was random and how stupid is Bobbie?! Then the end, UH HELLO! Why aren't you running down the aisle??? Did Jerry or Obrect mess with her head?? Ok, now I'm done, thanks for the vent. ;)

  9. Wyndemere: Oh for crying out loud Robin! Why are you acting like a insecure teenager?!!! You are a grown ass woman! Get to the damn church!!! NOW!!!!! Oh no! Faison's men is beating up my Nik! :(

    Faison won the line of the day!

    Faison: Why the hell would I talk terms with the man who ruined my new jacket.

    ROFL! Damn I love him. :) Oh Anna is pretending she is going to kill herself!!!! She tricked Faison! :) He isn't even mad he still loves her hahaha! Luke is going to give his blood with the antidote to Sean Donaly! YAY! Anna wants to kill Faison!!!! OH NO! I don't want him dead! But it is fun hearing her say it haha!

    Sam's home: Maxie! NOOOOOOOOOO! You can't be anywhere near your daughter!!! What?! You don't care what the judge said?!!?! BAH! Spinny closes the door on her! GOOD JOB SPINNY! :)

    Bobbie and Jerry: YAY! A scene with them! Oh talking about their history! I don't think it's a good idea to let him go!!!

    The church: Lucy's marriage is over? :( Aww Lucy I'm sorry. :( Well Scotty can make you feel better. :) I love panicky Emma ROFL! It's adorable! Patrick's father was going to walk Sabrina down the isle? That's strange. He is never around ROFL! Ah well he can't make it anyway. OH the wedding is starting!!! My stomach was feeling so tight and my hands were sweaty!! Hurry Robin hurry!!! Oh there she is!!! Wait don't stop and look at Patrick and Sabrina's picture!!! She opens the door! Robin what are you doing?!!! Don't just stand there and hide!!!!! WHAT THE $w%$#ewt$et%$e%w#$%t$w#t%w$%$^#$%^$^

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  11. I'm taking the option that after 2 years of having her mind messed up by Dr O and Jerry, that Robin isn't her old self mentally and emotionally. That said, Robin go get your man from Betty.

  12. Bobbi- WTH? How stupid is right. I almost forgot about Jerry until she showed up. Geez- way to drag this way out.


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