Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ruining the Robin Comeback

Enough's enough. I'm sure this will be over like TOMORROW but I have to say I'm tired of it. While it's no where in the league of the "Brenda's Back" in Paris debacle, it's still pretty much a pain the viewing ASS.
It WAS exciting.
It WAS intriguing...

Good lord, make it STOP.
I actually didn't do the blog today at 3 because I was getting my hair done. Three of us sat (all generations) and dished on GH. I was surprised at the degree of the frustration out there with this story. (I always think we blow things out of proportions on the net). And, swear to god, this MORNING I was at a preschool and the teachers were dissing the fact that Robin hid under the desk while Patrick and Sabrina kissed. LOL. They can't take this story either!!

Despite the fact I HATE "back from the dead" dribble, I watched this hoping for a somewhat fast-paced story.

It should have ended when Luke/Tracy were there--or at the very least when Robert and Anna got to Jerry. This skulking around is just.. please. Stop. First the "masked party"-- then the poorly guarded "lab" crap and the hiding under the desk.   There are SO many holes in this story it's just laughable. To think Robin wouldn't have somehow gotten word to Patrick is just redonkidink. 

So, here's hoping that some of the 99 people that know she's alive finally fesses up to clueless  Patrick tomorrow. Which's about time.

Thank you.  And by the way... If you're going to kill someone--KILL THEM. 

People  on canvas NOW  that were presumed dead and came back to life:

 two I forgot but people knew: Julian and Duke!! DOH!
Leslie (recurring but still...) 
and I'm presuming Helena still isn't dead. 
Who did I forget? I know other people like Lucky, Jax and Brenda too--but they aren't on canvas.
Others: Kat Bell, Stavvy, Stefan.. on and on and on.. 

Hey. you. soap writers. STOP IT.



    I swear I just IM'd you 5 seconds before you posted this. I agree 100%. And pretty much, have been saying this word for word, not that I am taking ANY credit, but other than great minds think alike. Esp. war vets like the two of us who have been watching this show since the 70s.

    It wont be Robin tomorrow. I have a feeling either Carrrrrrrllos or Luke will enter the church and stop the wedding. And it will be the last 5 seconds so we wont know who it is until Monday. There will be a huge gasp among the crowd, a close up to Patrick's face, and then.....


    I'm liking the smarmy sneaky sleazy Scotty. For those of you who didnt know Scotty back in his "hey day", this is Scotty at his best. Sneaky and underhanded and will sell his parents under a bridge to win a court case.

    speaking of Scotty's parents. no mention? not even when he was running for office? are they still alive?

    and speaking of parents (again!) Noah couldnt show up to his son's wedding? With Bobbie on his arm? and maybe Lucas?

    I so agree with you. End this.

  2. Duke and Julian were presumed dead and came back. Luke did too, Robert & Holly married when they thought he was dead. It is as tired of a story idea as amnesia.

    But I'm not quite at the same level of frustration with the story. I know it has to climax at the wedding, right?

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  4. delcodave! I am with you on Scotty - good, evil, or shades of both I have always liked Kin Shriner and the character. Gail and Lee Baldwin are off the canvas in PC and I don't think have been mentioned in a long while. I saw a picture floating around on the 'net of them both at a recent GH fan event...they are both still "with us" but the guy that played Lee is like 90 and he looks it. I think he's pretty much retired...Not sure about the actress who played Gail.


  5. Big ditto! This storyline dragged on waaaaaaay too long! Enough already!

    Way to alienate an audience GH!

  6. back from the dead list also includes Duke.

    honorable mentions:
    -Liz when she faked her death to fool Helena.
    -Felicia when she faked her death to fool Ryan Chamberlain. I can still remember Felicia in the casket and everyone really thinking she was dead.

  7. Court: Aug 23!?! The time stamp on the dvd video says Sept 23! ROFL! Wait Diane didn't know about the dvd videos?! That's crazy! Drunk AJ shown in the video hahahaha! I love drunk AJ. :) Diane wins the line of the day!

    Diane: My job thank you very much. Now pipe down mother.

    ROFL! Great line! And hey Scotty only had half of the videos!!! Yeah Diane you tell them! You can't have the jury see these videos! They are not complete!

    Metrocourt: Sabrina wants Felix to be maid of honor awww how nice! But then he had to trick her by saying no! Uh Sabrina? Change your mind about Felix being your maid of honor!!!

    Wyndemere: Oh Robin! Snap out of it! Stop whining! Your husband is not in love with Sabrina! He is in love with you! And I can't believe that Robin talked about Sabrina being Emma's mother! COME ON! YOU are her mother!! Someone smack her!!

    The hospital: Liz and Patrick scene awww! Patrick wants her to be best man. Awwww! I love Liz's new hairdo! :) It's so cute!

    Pier: Caaaaaaaaaaarlossss and Ava scene! Very interesting. Come on Ava make Caaaaaaarlos feel better with sex! :) Come on! :) Caaaaarlos leaves. :( OH OH OH! AVA HAS THE OTHER HALF OF THE DVD VIDEOS!!!! Wow and she is burning them up!!!! She is smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE KILLED AJ! I KNEW IT!!! What a great scene!!! *standing O* BRAVO!!!! *stands up and cheers* :)

    Oh and Karen, about the dead people coming back to life, I just hope they don't bring Courtney back!!!

  8. Does anyone believe that Patrick won't drop Sabrina the moment he sees Robin? There is no real conflict in the story. We knew Robin was alive almost from the get go. This is not a Frisco/Felicia/Colton situation.

  9. Skeebob..this should have been over a month ago in my opinion.

  10. I have this odd feeling that Kimberley is on a short contract and will not reveal herself at the wedding and then will head off into the sunset after curing Jerry and Shawn, ,not telling her family that she is alive at least for now. Like the end of Stella Dallas where Stella is standing at the window watching her daughter get married and not revealing herself and walking away. Makes soap sense and they seemed to be telegraphing it yesterday...

  11. I agree, too - really sick of this dragging on. Missed seeing Julian this week. I hate to say it but I really don't like KM's hair. Finola had this style awhile back and it is now pretty much passé. I can't believe Carrrrlos thought she was Sabrina-he needs glasses. I do love the Patrick/Liz friendship.

  12. I was thinking of the Felicia/Frisco/Colton situation as I was watching yesterday

  13. it is TOTALLY Felicia and Colton!! Exactly!!
    I think I said that one twitter

  14. You're right! It IS like the Felicia/Frisco/Colton situation! Colton UGH!


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