Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Surgery: It's A BOY!

From Bobby Baldwin!

 Well, revelation week rolled right on along!  By Friday, my fingers were tired from blogging, tweeting and FBing. So  much happened--most of it by totally inventing a new past. But hey, it's the soaps, right? Who cares if Scotty and Heather would have been 12 and 17 to have birthed ol' Tranco. Look at Olivia and Dante!

Put on your baby blue scrubs and get ready to slog through the week with me. It might take awhile! 

Monday was still Halloween-- and  Robin was almost  discovered by Patrick. Of course it's TOO EARLY for that to have happened, so she hid in the corner while Nikolas tried to talk his way in there by saying she was his NANNY.  Um..okay.   (well, not "his" nanny--Spencer's)!  

THIS Happened...again. Then Duke got knocked out and is in cold storage until whenever. And I know we are supposed to think 'outside of reality" with soaps  but thinking that Duke wouldn't notice that Anna was way taller and heavier? Um. okay. Robin maybe--because she was in shock and wanted to see her mama so bad. But Duke should have gotten it from the minute she stepped ze the room. And Duke...a pretty good mobster/indanger trained man, has a GUN on them and is still knocked out? What?

Tracy and Luke had their "dances with enchaladas" talk. "What do you mean"..."you know what I mean"..."Do I think you mean what I think you mean"??? UGH Frustrating as all hell. I personally thought their last 4 talks together could have been condensed in one 4 minute scene. Geesh!  Just either move back in the mansion or break it off or WHAT THE HELL EVER.
I swear, they really have had the same convo for years now.

WHOA there, Morgan!! I can see the smoke coming out of your ears!! LOL.. This kid.  Just cracks me up. I also loved that Tranco thought he was having an affair with Derek at the same time as Kiki! Carly freaking out over it. When, really-- Morgan is busy BETRAYING HIS FATHER (more on that later) and planting the least concealed bug in soap history. Oh, and having lots of hot sex with Ava.

These two were priceless at the gallery opening. Wow-- they had catty remarks, eye-rolls.. it was just fun to watch.  Did you also notice that when Heather started going cray--and pulls out her cheese knife,  the guests at the party didn't bat an eye? They just kept on drinking--looking around at the 'entertainment'. Heh.

KUDOS to the wardrobe department for making our ladies so fabulous for the art show!! I loved all the dresses.  Lucy in her purple...and Carly's leather rivets..awesome.

WHY? Why stick this in here? I mean... it's like TJ is some invisible kid and all of a sudden he shows up every month to just to say something.   NOW all of a sudden he's talking to Shaun about his Dad and Mama. I tell you what, either write for these people or stop it. And BTW, if his mother IS coming, make her Keesha Ward. Thank you.
Molly and Taylor and Rafe also seem to be in the storage closet. Keep Rafe and Taylor in there. Molly we need for the Davis girl-angst.

 If I only knew how to do memes....I'm sure there would be great ones to do with THIS face. LOL "I'm Mad"!!  HE BETRAYED ME!! MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD!  BTW, we all know Olivia is there because Sonny needs a confidant now. Jason's gone..Shaun was 'voting with TJ' and I guess Max i isn't that sort of pal.  So...there's Olivia. Which is fine with me, I love LLC. She'd make a great mob wife who happens to have a cop for a son! 
And FINALLY-- let's talk about Heather's "revelation". From the comments here and on FB most people in the Wubs circle seem to hate it. I don't, because the whole "Franco" stuff was weird for me from day one. I never thought RH should have been changed to him in the first place. That aside, I do like he and Heather together and I can't wait for Kin and he to share some scenes. They'll be fun for sure. . I also love how Heather said she hid her 'Belly" from Jeff -who is a DOCTOR.  Um, 'kay then. No one has mentioned yet his DNA match for Danny, but I guess that's due to Heather and Susan Moore being cousins. The other puzzling part is WHY--WHY would Heather tell the lie in the first place? Why not just tell Franco to being with? To get the Q money? It's also way hard to swallow that Heather, SO SO obsessed with Steven Lars, would just give her baby up, even if she was nuts. 
And wasn't the revelation scene just a giant letdown in the end? Scotty was like "Yeah, well, could be true"...Franco stood there like a deer in headlights. The best reactions were in the crowd. Just a giant-- flat pancake, imo.

1. Morgan betrayed Sonny, now feels guilty
2. The DA had to resign, Scotty is the new one
3. Duke is MIA after being knocked out in the tunnels
4. Patrick didn't see Robin
5. Heather told everyone that Franco is her kid..and Scotty is the Daddy
6. Shaun is lurking around trying to shoot someone

MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Diane's boobalage in Todd's face. OMG. ... his expressions were hysterical. Just a fun, unexpected treat. 

MOST TALKED ABOUT THIS WEEK:  Hashtag: SilasHAIR!! or ..lack thereof.  Now, it must be hard to go for a new look when you're someone like Michael Easton who has had his locks FOREVER-- and even more so when the cut turns out to be weird.  

FACE OF THE WEEK: Tranco tells Carly that he thinks Morgan and Derek are "doin' it" ahahaaa. 


So, that's it. Sorry so long. I probably left out parts too--like Liz and Britt's bitch fest in the hall. I love feisty Liz and adore bitchy Britt so I was happy.  Too bad they didn't think ahead and have Liz and Nik be involved and then Britt step in. Given the fact that AJ is now totally evaporated, it would have made more sense.  What IS  going on with that? Behind the scenes stuff? I have to imagine something happened because it was a big story that is just--well. Totally dropped at the moment. Even if it picks up tomorrow, it's still a huge gap. They also need to explain Laura's on going absence.  "Tests" a month ago? When Lulu's on the verge of a breakdown? 

Have a great Sunday! I am so happy to get Monday off as well. yippee!


  1. Nice recap! A LOT did happen on GH this week. Nobody can accuse this soap of being slow LOL

  2. I could never get behind Tranco, Franco was too awful. I guess i wasn't alone considering this change. I don't love this Baldwin thing HOWEVER if they just give him a new history then I'll accept it with open arms.

  3. Enjoyed the week and loved the recap- it can never be too long. I did miss Dr.O and Faison after Mon. Agree totally how stupid it was Duke was knocked out.

    The reveal makes my head swim. Nuts. Tranco would be better as a Q but they've tossed them aside too now.

    Morgan is really growing on me. The kid is pretty good. Wondering if he's the one to get shot.

    It's a shame the AJ thing has been dropped or whatever is going on. They killed Connie for "storyline" right? She could still be on between Derek and Sonny right now.

    Hope to see Anna/Robert and Duke next week along with more Nik. (Diane anytime). Hope we won't have a week of Franco and Carly

  4. I like it better that RH is Heather's son....Tranco just never worked for me. But just how many long lost kids does Scott have?? lol

  5. Great recap of a busy, eventful week. Franco as a Q didn't mesh in my book.

  6. Karen I think the reason AJ and Laura aren't on is because they were let go. I read it online. Here's a link:

    I hope it's just a rumor as I enjoy both actors on the show.

  7. Who do you think Julian's guardian angel is? Danny? They need Julian in case the tumor comes back?

  8. Franco is a failure of epic proportion.

    I love Diane.

    I miss AJ. Sean Kanan has taped in October and he's taping this week.

    I'm tired of Liz being roadkill for useless newbies (Britt, Brook-Lynn, Siobhan, Courtney).

    GF contract is over. She's gone.

  9. The Scotty/Heather/Franco think is kind of a weak retcon, but on the other hand ANYTHING that gets them more screentime, a storyline, and more airtime with Lucy Coe is worth it in my book. One of the most hilarious things I have ever seen was the Heather/Lucy/Todd jailbreak from Ferncliff and those actors play well off each other. 3 years ago I would have KILLED to have Scotty, Heather, and Lucy back so I'll take whatever form we can get them in now. All that said though...yeah RH should have be recast as Alex Quartermaine, son of Tony Cassadine and Alexandria Q...that could have worked.

    I am mightily disappointed if SK and GF have been let go. Both were a welcome sight to see and I thought SK in particular had reclaimed the role of AJ well.

    Anxious to get back to Anna and Robert. They are locked up together for how long now? Let's see some heart-to-heart talks with them - their stuff on Night Shift 2 was brilliant and among the best stuff ever to come out of General Hospital.

  10. Let's all guess who gets shot this week--my bets are on Morgan.

    I am SO SAD if GF and SK were let go, Laura is supposed to be a partner w/Lucy Coe at the new spa, and SK also has (or had) a major storyline, PLEASE PLEASE bring them back!!

  11. Someone on twitter said that Sean exceeded his episode guarantee so that is why he has not been on lately. Frank said Genie will be back down the road. I liked this week a lot. Ron has all the sandwhiches on his twitter. Sean K will be on sporadically for the rest of this year.

  12. Cooks, thanks so much, you give me hope . . .


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