Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ER at the Vets

Oh yes...  Gus, Gus Gus!! Good lord... and guess what? When I foursquared there while I was waiting, I Stole  MAYOR-SHIP. 
Because I AM ALWAYS THERE!! Good news: Gus got Valium. Bad news? They didn't give ME any!! 

20131105 1612(9)
So, people on Facebook said I didn't miss much yesterday. I still haven't had the chance to watch the DVR. So much DOG to care for lol!! 

Hope today is better!! 

Heather just comes and goes from Shadybrook LOL .. and today has on Jackie O sunglasses!

OMG!! SILAS' HAIR!! WHAT THE HELL!  .. that's a well, non-flattering cut!  Kris Jenner via Criss Angel? 

AHHHAA...Todd tells Carly that he thinks  Derek is sleeping with...MORGAN!!!!  ahahhaa.  OMG. 

Sonny wants Derek dead tonight and Morgan gives Sonny the wire.  Sonny decides to shoot Julian himself.   I guess because he knows Shaun can't shoot straight to save his life.  BTW, great shots of Badger Bob today--he looked FABULOUS! 
Scotty is going to listen to the zip drive Morgan gave him and find out the DA is on the take. 

Olivia tried to reason with Moronigan.  He was like : DUH. 

WOW! Diane, Carly and Sam all looked FABULOUS TODAY!! 
Tomorrow: Carly/Ava cat fight! 

GREAT article on GH on YaHOO! and looking at another Nurses' Ball! That's Producer Frank up in there with our actors!


  1. I personally get a bisexual vibe from Morgan.

  2. Isn't the art dealer Sean Connery's son? Scott says that Lucy's been watching too many James Bond movies. HA!

  3. Carly and FranTodd: FranTodd wins the line of the day!

    FranTodd: Derick is sleeping with your son. Maybe they are taking turns with the kid. Maybe they are passing him back and forth. I think both of them are sleeping with Morgan.

    BAHAHAHHAHAA! Priceless!!! And Carly is all he doesn't swing that way ROFL! Great scene! :)

    Ava and Julian: Awww poor Ava is so scared that his brother is gonna get killed by Sonny! Don't worry Ava. Sonny will miss because he sucks at shooting. And so does Shawn.

    Lucy and Scotty: Great scene between them! Scotty has Lazaro!! :) My Lotty had a moment! Kiss!!! Rats they didn't. Time to end it with Doc (who is hardly around and is out of town at the moment) and be with Scotty! :)

    Sam and McSilas: I really don't like McSilas's hair. I still love his eyes though... And his lips. And nose. :) Oh McSilas can read Sam like a book haha!

    Jerome gallery: Heather and FranTodd's art dealer haha! Heather when are you going to admit that FranTodd is your son? :) Oh the art party starts!!! Who is going to end up accidently shot at the party? Hmmm? :)

    Morgan and Olivia: Oh Morgan quit your whining and don't disrespect Olivia! Listen to her she is right!!

    Michael's restaurant: No Michael! Don't tell Sonny about my mother being in organized crime!!! Oh but then she tells him herself!! She is so wishy washy. What next? She will hate her papa the next day?

    FranTodd and Diane: FranTodd is not going to his own art gallery show! ROFL!

  4. david said... I personally get a bisexual vibe from Morgan.
    ROFLMAOPMP! Good one. :) Priceless. :)

  5. Luke and Tracey were trying to explain their motives (to us, I think), as to why they are not sending the authorities to arrest Jerry J and rescue the doctor. But that STILL doesn't explan why Nik et al. don't do it.


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