Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day WUB

My usual laptop is not working--it IS a DELL Vista though. Yes, a VISTA. And this one is really slow/bad at posting. SO, I don't know what you're going to get today. 

I feel like a pioneer lady! ahahaha. Ok, not that bad. Can you imagine? Not me, I want my indoor plumbing, 

GH is rolling along and posted some of it's best numbers in the "good demos" in awhile. SO, that's good! I am liking it, even though I still think it's bloated with characters.  Wish they'd let me go in with a hatchet and cut a few :) 

Morgan acts all clueless to the bug that Sonny brings out. Not had for him to act all dumb about it though LOL 

OMG Michael was on MY LAST NERVE! He's so Jason and Morgan is so AJ in this. They go to the Death Docks to hash it out.  That can't be good!!  Michael calls him "Sniveling"!! Says Kiki never loved him.  They SWING! MICHAEL falls into the water!! 
OMG on the previews Kiki jumps in after him---and its' so FUNNY. Wait until you see it!

Meanwhile. Sam and Silas make out.  Then they come in and find out that Derek is really Julian. Alexis is gobsmacked.  And Julian is trying to explain himself.  William D did a great jog. 

Todd's hair is way different than at the gallery! Geesh, huger!!  He went nuts on Carly, and Carly of course loves a man that rejects her so.. they kiss like hungry animals LOL


  1. FranToddBob's home: FranToddBob's wins the line of the day!

    FranToddBob: I'm the product of a one night stand between a politician and a lunatic.

    ROFL! He is so confused and doesn't know who he is, but he hasn't lost his sense of humor. :) Carly is right there for him awwww! :) Nice hot kiss! I wonder why he hasn't brought up the mother that adopted him, who he thought was his bio mother.

    Jerome gallery: The truth is out!!! Derick Wells admits he is Julian!!! :) The look on Alexis and Sam's faces! Priceless! Sonny and Morgan scene was awesome! Great job! Sam and McSilas outside kissing!! YESSSS. :) And then he wants to continue to kiss when Morgan runs out ROFL!

    Pier: Oh Morgan you idiot! Don't hang out at the dangerous pier!! Morgan and Michael scene was another great scene!! Morgan still whining, but the scene was fantastic! Morgan you are so delusional!!! Listen to Michael!!! Your dad is in danger of being killed! Oh oh did Michael fall and hit his head?! But then he fell in the water! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  2. They have sooo tried to make Tranco sympathetic, now he is crying thinking of Heather as his Mother as Carly stands there with her sympathy face--they are trying SO HARD to get us to buy Carly w/Franco, but I don't care what they do, I'm not buying what they're selling.

  3. Ron did a interview will TVGuide . I liked today's show.

  4. RC's TVGuide interview confirms he doesn't give a $hit about Elizabeth.

  5. aycreel said...sonja: FranToddBob = brilliant! Thanks for the chuckle!
    ROFL You're welcome. :)

  6. the only thing missing from the gallery opening was Sonny handing Alexis a brown paper bag to breathe into after finding out who Derek was. Who cares that he didn't know that Julian is Sam's father? He always seemed to have them back in the 90's. Why couldn't he have one now?

    As for Michael and Morgan: maybe Michael will find Jason down there and he'll finally prove that St. Jason is dead.

    I loved Silas and Sam making out while Morgan goes charging out. They were like: ah, who cares. Then, Michael runs out and Sam just needed to know what was going on. Hmm. This might prove Morgan's point.

  7. Wow - 2 reveals in 2 days! I agree with AntJoan about Carly and Tranco. RH is really miscast as an artist or a love interest for Carly. I wish they would bring Jax back. RH is really creepy. William D. is such a great addition to the cast - cool as a cucumber especially when little Sonny starts spouting off. Morgan may have been wrong to plant the bug but Michael was wrong in going after his girlfriend - inexcusable regardless of who had feelings for who. ME's hair looked a bit better.

  8. @absolutelunatice:

    RC's interview does not imply he does not care about Elizabeth. He simply used her character as an example of fan reaction to GH's method of balancing characters/actors/ money/contractual obligations. Sounded to me like she will be appearing a lot fairly soon. When, of course, the Robin fans or the Sam fans will complain that their characters don't have story or that RC hates them. He can't win.


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