Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Surgery: A Cabin in the Woods

I vill burn his boxer shorts in a blazing bonfire ovs GLORY! 

HELLO! Welcome to yet another installment of  Sunday Surgery! Today we will be looking at the seemingly endless story of Peter "The Heiney" August and a myriad of other things making up this Summer of 2018 in Port Charles.    

Did that sound like a professional introduction or what??? Better than saying  "Hold the hell on--I'm winging it"!!  This was a tough week for me to watch because of work winding down and the fact that when I'd tune in, I really couldn't muster much of anything up as far as enthusiasm goes. Just a rough week all the way around. 

I really want some Cheetos this am--but the crunchy kind. The Poofy kind just don't do it for me! 


Loved this exchange...loved the snark and the sheer soapy goodness that was presented to us in a nice little prison phone call.  Perfection. Both Chloe and Laura seemed to have a blast with it too. When Carly went "THANK YOU" when she was being hauled out? I grinned like a fool.  More scenes like this please. 


This is no Law and Order folks, hell, it's not even LA Law! I like to call it "courtroom light"!  It drives me insane when they don't even try. Yes, I know it's a soap (so don't even try that with me). The problem? We've evolved since the 70s and every trial in daytime seems to follow the same totally NOT legal pattern every damn time I watch. First of all, this is  fast even for GH. Carly should have been evaluated by a court appointed psych person.  Not only that-- every witness sat in the room while others testified! You can't DO THAT! Ya can't Blanche! And before you stop me -- I get that it's the drama but I also know I've seen enough compelling more real-based court stuff on my TV for the past 30 years that I don't want to have to keep yelling at the TV.  

Carly's crazy...she's not crazy...she's seeing/hearing things..she's not seeing and hearing things. Carly has a mental history but SO DOES NELLO-BENSON. Hello! Knock Knock.. get that dead ex-hubbies sister to come back in town and testify. Get a multitude of people to testify to her kidney bamboozling.  :throws up hands: It's not a jury trial, right? Is it her criminal trial? Someone said it's a trial to determine sanity. But isn't that a hearing?  Jason said if she fired Diane she'd have a mistrail. I just don't understand.  Basically Kevin said Carly has an anxiety disorder and her meds could have caused her to lash out at Nelle. That's all you needs tah know. Oh! Jason wore a suit. 

Pretty generic way to "introduce" a character. You'd think maybe she'd know Scotty Baldwin and he would have run in and said something-- or-- something.  She could be Drew's sister he didn't remember he had when he was adopted. OR she could just be new-rando character. Who knows. 


And we already got a Kiki Griffy sexy-back when Griff was trying to have a nice lunch with Ava. I think he liked the nookie WAY too much.  It's a good story idea but with Kiki entrenched in the whole Bensch harassment case, I hope they still explore this. 

Well. ..yeah, I have a CAREER now. A BIG ONE--HUGE.
Lulu, it's been like 2.3 seconds on the career scale ..
OH Excuse ME if I have been busy having my eggs harvested, frozen and giving birth...

Here we are!! Our fave spot!! 

I know, it's so cozy and so... not private! 
I think we should meet here again...
Oh yes!! Please!! We could plan our entire wedding right on this window ledge!


Drew is still wandering around PC aimlessly--NOT finding his memories. *sigh* This should have been dealt with awhile ago. At LEAST have him have some glimmers of his past life. Body snatching or... driving in his underpants. I don't know!!  One step forward is getting him in the Q mansion. I love it when a bunch of people live under one roof so they can come and go and run into each other. Maybe he'll even catch Nelle out. Did you see him looking at Michael? He looked like he was moving in to steal all the silver. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST --THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: (or...why is this still on?)

Dr. O called Peter Flopsy Cotton Bottom...Which is pretty funny. It was humorous in a campy kind of way but let's be honest. The old "Tie them up in a cabin" has been done TO DEATH on this show. I would think that at this juncture there would be something a bit more compelling to tell? But? Who am I? 
Nina's all complicit now because she brought food to the hide-out.
Question: Am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy?? Because if I am-- um.. nope. 

I can't say much about this without dropping about 9 F-bombs. I mean-- so much wrong with the whole Anna "I got pregnant by accident when I seduced a really drunk guy that had stalked me as a kid just to get information from him for a spy mission." AND she didn't even use protection! Or if she did--it didn't work . Ok, so Robin is there --and Anna tells her she has a brother--who she never mentioned but "thought about it everyday".  I for one was glad Robin was a little pissed off.  ESPECIALLY Since it was FAISON!!  That's neither here nor there. We are changing Anna's history to fit Heiny-McHeinyson in and we just have to accept that.  I guess. Unless Lesil does us all a favor and kills him in that cabin. heh.

Finn met his Dad by accident in a Berkley Coffee Shop (Poor Finn, stuck in cafes everywhere he goes).  He's mad his Dad married Chase Ford's mama so close to his mama's death date. We also found out that Finn took his Mother's maiden name after she died that's why he and Harry don't have the same last name. There's something else too-- he didn't tell Alexis the whole story. I still think it has to be that he had a thing for the mom or they were going out and his Dad totally stole her from him. 

Elizabeth helped Kiki with the Bensch situation...but Monica was like: Sorry! Go to HR!! Can't help because I was the victim of abuse myself!! Kiki goes to Alexis and Alexis takes the case. This can be a good story--I just feel like it's not "full" enough. Not enough people, beats missed... Dr. Bensch was shown 9 different ways--then MIA --then a letch.  I just don't want Kiki to get a big ol' #MeToo shirt and wear it around. Let's make this a bit less pop-culture moment and more nuanced.  


Prom photos... I mean PROMOTIONAL photos came out of the cast and for some inexplicable reason, Wes and Laura were in about 70% of them. Together. 

Alexis is going to see Kevin about her men issues-- and she found some diamond watch in an envelope. 

Michael's still playing Nelle. 

Felix is caring for Mike (yeah!) 

None of the kids seem to be on for the summer? It's usually the time we get to pretend they exist. 

Jordan hires Curtis (and by default Sam) into finding Peter August...which is par for the course for the head of a police force to do. :eyeroll: 

MISSING: (for me at least)

The Mike story was great. We were all loving it. Now it's all about Carly's trial and that stupid Croton thing.  WHY? WHY MUST YOU DO THIS?  It should have been a summer story about family struggle (the whole family) and trying to juggle care and medical issues. Now it's just another filler story. 

TOO MANY PEOPLE and now we have Finn's Dad, Brother and some new DA to contend with.  I mean, seriously?  I still consider Oscar and Kim newbies! 

Where is the summer stuff?  No pools, no fun in the sun adventures. (I don't count tying up some guy in a cabin an 'adventure').  The whole JaSam thing is baffling. I still say they should have succumbed to passion way before now.  They are having "Coffee" next week to "discuss the future".  SNOOZAH.  Maybe they end up with latte all over them? 

Cam should be getting in trouble. Big time. We need a bad-boy Cam to shake Joss the hell up. Bad boys and good girls are the STUFF OF SOAPS.  Oscar can be the Dean to her Jesse. I know how it goes. 


I have taken a sample from around the net -- you decide which is which: 

One female is leaving GH and it will be a BIG deal when it happens. 
One Male is already out the door and 2 may follow. 
A man from Alexis' past will be popping up from beyond the grave to haunt her dreams...
Finn and Anna finally make love
Drew and Kim make love and it triggers a memory for him...
A return will rock the canvas but most of us saw it coming a mile away...
A wedding is stopped due to family interference and a secret from the past 

BEST NON-FACE OF THE WEEK: Oh My GOD but Sonny was just asleep during this entire trial. LOL Jason was all jazzed up and nervous. Sonny acted like it was a pain in his ass to be there. 

WELP! that's it!  Hope you all had a good week-- I have 2 weeks of work left then it's summer vacation!! Yippee!! 


  1. kim, oscar and joss. can all leave gh. all boring. carly has always been crazy.doesn't need to be proven. and drew needs a storyline. put him back with liz.

    1. Liked him with Liz but I like Friz also. I hope the other two men leaving aren't them, Roger and Billy. I'd rather see Steve go. Or many others.

    2. Roger and Michael Easton have 3 events scheduled in NY and NJ for November and its already sold out. I think Roger is safe. Must admit though Friz isn't on much lately

  2. I'm curious about the Spoilers!! Dom is one, I'm sure, non wedding or interrupted is Friz I'm sure. 😡😢....

  3. julian and heinie can leave. no redeeming them

  4. Is Laura coming back? I don't know how that would rock the canvas. Noticed Kevin had his wedding ring on. Maybe Nicholas!!!!!

  5. I just saw a movie with a girlfriend called "The Book Club," it wasn't great, but it was fun. It was a fantasy, showing "men of a certain age" eager to be with women their same age! Even if you look like Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Diane Keaton, unfortunately this is still a fantasy, for the most part! But this is good, I hope it starts a trend for fantasy movies for females. First on my list, I want to watch movies and TV shows where women and girls get TOTAL REVENGE on their abusers, rapists, sexual harassers, etc. Let's start with Kiki, she has been WAY too tame and scared about all of this, although, of course, she has a lot to lose, and has spoken up. But I WANT FEMALE ANGER AND REVENGE!! I want to watch it, and I'm sure other women do, too!! (Too be clear, I'm not criticizing Kiki's reactions and responses, they are totally normal and show how/why it is so hard for women to speak up.)

  6. I think Alexis' storyline - is her father - in fantasies - WHY we care now about Mikos I just don't know.....I guess Hayden is the return but I think it would be funny if Jordan and Curtis were getting married and SHAWN walked in (WHY is he still in jail?)
    and we must be having Jeff and Sarah come back when we don't care ----- so that is family interference - I can't think of what secret THEY would have UNLESS UNLESS Franco had an affair with Sarah who went by another name at that time?

    BUT WHY can't Laura come back???????????

    what female is leaving?

    1. I want so badly for Laura to come back, but just as much Hayden as well. She and Finn were so good together even as much as I like him and Anna.

  7. One female is leaving GH and it will be a BIG deal when it happens.

    One Male is already out the door and 2 may follow.
    Older spoiler? One out the door is ryan paevey. the 2 to follow will be Dominic and then billy in the fall

    A man from Alexis' past will be popping up from beyond the grave to haunt her dreams...
    Mikkos. but who will play him?

    Finn and Anna finally make love

    Drew and Kim make love and it triggers a memory for him...
    make love? no. worthless one night stand? sure, why not.

    A return will rock the canvas but most of us saw it coming a mile away...
    helena. will bring back nikolas and deal with valentin and natasha

    A wedding is stopped due to family interference and a secret from the past
    this is what i want to happen. spinelli and michael find out that nelle is already/still married. so michael agrees to marry nelle in a big scheme. they have the wedding at the Q mansion and when they are ready to say their vows, spinelli ushers in nelles husband and the jig is up and michael exposes nelle.

    ps. can she wear the red dress lucy wore when she married alan in the mansion?

    pss. KAREN!!!!! What happened to TERRY?????????

  8. you know how the soap magazines have a best/worst of the year issue at the end of the year? well..... Karen just wrote their worst section in todays sunday surgery.

    worst storyline
    worst scene
    most underused actor

    you should get paid for doing their work!

  9. I don't dislike the actors, but I don't believe that Wes Ramsey (Heinrich/ Peter) would leave since he is on with his girlfriend Laura Wright. I wish they'd just give Dominick Zamprogna a storyline. They have not given him material in so long. The female leaving could be Finola going on her summer vacation.

    1. True. Finola leaving could be just that. When someone "leaves" the soap mags seem to dramatize it to sell.

  10. I would like to see franco and/or Ava making Bensh's life a misery when they find out about this.


  11. guys are OFF your game. One of the people leaving aren't on contract. We know Dom is leaving so it's not him, btw.

    You're off on the wedding as well.

    AND the return! geesh!!

    Some are speculation but I do speculate on some known info I get.

    David, I am waiting for YOU to spill the Terry info!

  12. note: this is speculation, not proven, no way in hell fact. please do not look at it as such. its just something read online and contrary to popular believe, the internet is NOT always right.

    ok everyone. so, there is a spoilers site that is usually about 80-85% right. The bottom line to this "spoiler" is that they are adding a character named TERRY. (female). It turns out that Terry and Liz hit it off right away. Why? Because Terry is really Lucky, who transitioned into a female.

    Karen and I have laughed at this to no end. There is no way in hell they would do this to a monumental legacy character. Now, that is not saying they SHOULDNT do this storyline. As, gender transitioning can be a very pivotal storyline and can help many viewers. Only, no way with Lucky.

    So, it has kinda been a side joke with Karen and I as to "where's Terry"? "When is Terry coming"?

    This is probably not now nor ever going to happen, but if it did... how would you react if it was Lucky? accept it? how would Luke react?

    ps. i cant believe I was so wrong on the spoilers! but I will say this Karen... I like my answers and wish they would happen!!!

  13. I would like a transgender story line that is done well. I don't think Lucky is the one to do this with though. Maybe bring a kid like Cam or Aiden back for that story line.

  14. I think the female who is leaving is Lisle. She has gone totally crazy and I think it will be a really big deal because she does not like Lulu blames her for her sons death, and Dante will get killed saving Lulu. The wedding is definitely Frizz. Person returning, I think it's Helena, but I wish it was Morgan!


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