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Felix is Mike's nurse...will Mike spill the beans on CROTON? 

Nina and Obrect team up to get Nathan to confess..OMG I MEAN PETER!! ahahaha. Geesh!!

Maxie and Ford Chase chem test exactly 44 seconds after Peter is gone. 

Nelle goes and sees Carly in Jail --basically saying: NEENER NEENER 

AHAHAHAA... Sonny wants to send Joss to AUSTRALIA TO JAX!! ahahhaaa!! 


  1. We all know you mean Peter - not Nathan! I truly thought it was Andre - cause someone had to DRAG Peter there ----------

    I always wanted Chase and Maxie together.

    so glad Anna wasn't on - truly the writers have ruined her character for me - she just cries all the time.....I hope Robin chews her out and won't speak to her - is Finola going a vacation this summer as usual?

  2. Anna was on today. Probably Barbara. Wanted to bitch slap Nellie, and Carly did EXACTLY what she wanted her to do. Ugh....Love that Felix is Mike's nurse. 😁
    Really thought it was Jason at the cabin door. Oh and when Sonny told Nellie that she's "part of the family now" because of the baby or however he said it. Haha!! Yeh he totally didn't mean it that way. He's on to her and bahaha he's gonna have people watching, waiting for her to mess up. Can't wait!!

  3. I loved how Carly mouthed "thank you" to Nelle when she had her meltdown.

    When Dr. O raised that axe I had flashbacks to Misery. lol

  4. Did Carly stage the meltdown? Why did she mouth "thank you"? I came in at 2:30 so maybe missed something

    1. I'm not sure. I didn't see her mouth thank you. To me it seemed like Nelle was goading her. The look on Nelle's face was scared, really thought she'd smile, but that would ruin her plan I guess. Haha!!

  5. Q home:

    Nelle and Sonny: Yeah I don't get what this scene was all about.. Very odd.

    Drew's office:

    Drew and Monica: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwww! :)

    Drew and Oscar: See Drew? You have a lot of options!!! Go to the school thing, live with Monica, you don't have to sign the DNR!!!!!!!!!

    Jail waiting area: Or wherever the hell she is! ROFL!

    Oscar and Carly:

    Carly: Joss can't come on her own because she is a minor.

    Say what now?! That is so stupid. Also, I'm not really sure what the point of the scene was.

    Nelle and Carly: BAHAHAHAHA! Nelle you are so evil!!! Oh crap Carly you shouldn't of let her get to you! The fake shock on Nelle's face!!! ROFL!

    Carson home:

    Felix and Mike: Oh oh! Mike moved the body near closer to home?!!?! WHERE?!!?!?!?!?!!?

    Felix, Mike, and Sonny: Oh shoot!!!! So close Felix!!! Don't get distracted!! Tell Sonny what Mike told you!

    Joss and Sonny: Wait what?!?!?!! Sonny you hate Jax!!! Jax should be coming back for good!!!!! Do you hear me writers?!?!?!!?!

    The hospital:

    Maxie's room:

    Anna and Maxie: Ann this is sweet and all, but why aren't you on a plane by now to see Robin?!

    Maxie and Chase:

    "Karen says Maxie and Ford Chase chem test"

    YUP!!!! :) Although Molly Burnett and him have chemistry, I am not so sure about Kirsten Storms and him.

    The hallway:

    Chase and Finchy:

    Chase: Catch ya later bro.

    Finchy: Huh?

    BAHAHAHHAHAHA! What's the matter Finchy? Are you confused about what he said because he is your son and not your brother? :)

    Anna and Finchy: Anna stop talking about your twin sister!!! You don't have one! She is your rewrite twin sister!!! And stop the kissing!

    The airplane:

    Anna and Finchy: UGH!

    The cabin:

    Nina and Finchy: Oh man!!! GREAT SCENE! When Nina was hurt and angry, I felt shivers!!!! AH HA!!!! So it IS Dr. O who took Hiney! :) Dr. O is strong like bull!!!! Oh oh Dr. O has a hatchet!!!! Is she going to cut off his ummmm nevermind. :) I really want to see this play out. :)

    1. Sonny is probably wanting Joss to go to Jax to keep her away from the mess that is Nelle. I wish Dree would move into the Q's house. Be cool if he caught Nelle doing something evil all on accident and HE could put her!

    2. *Drew....*out
      Stupid auto correct

  6. I could live with Molly Burnett as Maxie if Kirsten left. She seemed to have a good vibe with Chase.Never cared for Carly and I like a good villain so it's great to see the evil Nelle. Waiting to see how Robin reacts when Anna tells her "You have a half brother who was responsible for his brother's death. I think you will love him as much as I do. And by the way he is Faison's son."

  7. "Gambilly33 said...Waiting to see how Robin reacts when Anna tells her "You have a half brother who was responsible for his brother's death. I think you will love him as much as I do. And by the way he is Faison's son."


  8. The Nelle/Carly scene- I think Carly's meltdown was staged to help with her insanity defense and I thought Nelle did look a wee bit scared. The Nelle/Sonny scene- I got the impression he was implying that as soon as that baby is out of her she is going to sleep with the fishies.
    Of course Felix will hold onto the Croton thing forever just to make everyone wonder where "closer to home" means.
    The Maxie/Chase chem test means nothing since it's not Kirsten, the replacement isn't bad but she lacks the sass and snark that realMaxie has.
    I still like Cookoo Nina, too bad the whole thing wasn't even her idea. How long now this nightmare going to last? Peter tied to the bed blah blah. Dr. O just kill him already.
    Sonny! Please send Joss to Australia! Maybe she come back as a normal teen and not a moron.

  9. Hopefully staged.
    Love Felix, pretty sure he won't say anything.

  10. i was hoping that sonny would remember that he is a monster er... i men mobster who kills people on a whim. and that nelle would be next or he would at least threaten her with his Godfather violence.

    i can only hope.... that once the baby is born enough people will want nelle dead that there is a murder mystery and she dies and there are dozens of suspects. but, that would require good writing...

    i agree they destroyed anna. i wonder if finola sees it too or just reads what is given to her.

    wow. love this show. what is it? love in the afternoon? it that the tagline i am thinking of?

  11. I don't know why Sonny is so worried. Mike has Alzheimer's. Whoever he told, would just assume it's the Alzheimer's talking. Maybe.... Is Sonny growing a conscience?


  12. YES, send Joss to Australia. What kid would believe some flake like Nell over their own mother?

  13. I LOVED the "Thank you" to Nelle!! So good

  14. I think that Nelle really was scared when Carly mouthed "thank you". I think she realized that she played into Carly's hand somehow and that caused her to worry. As for Sonny, the "family" that he will take care of is the baby, not Nelle. And the point was not wasted on her. She understood, which is why she went running to Carly. Hoping since Felix is Mike's nurse now, that we will see more of him. I always liked him. Especially as the BFF of Sabrina. I still miss that girl.

  15. Maybe it's just me but I think Chase would chem test better with Felix than Maxie. Nice performance by Michelle S., but not so good for Wes R. Love having Dr. O back!

  16. Maxie just had a baby. So she's in a wheelchair ready to leave and the most important thing is Chase wheeling her out. A new mom with no mention of bambino. What's up with that.

    1. All I can say is....its a soap. Haha!! OR maybe because the baby is so premature since being born early he has to stay a bit longer.

  17. I agree Zazu - no last minute goodbyes with her baby. Very odd.

  18. sonya said...Dr. O is strong like bull!!!! Oh oh Dr. O has a hatchet!!!! Is she going to cut off his ummmm nevermind. :) I really want to see this play out. :)

    *** lol Sometimes I worry about you girl.

    And, yes. Nelle realized she played right into Carly's hands. lol And she looked very worried.

  19. "Di Sometimes I worry about you girl."

    ROFL! What? :) Dr. O is just THAT crazy!! She is capable of anything!!! :)



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