Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Day, New Wubs

Yes, the blog was down for a bit. I wasn't going to get it back up until I watched the show again. Then I got messages from many of you on FB and Twitter about it saying only "invited guests" could view. That wasn't my intention. I had to pick "Privacy" option to keep the blog while allowing it to be down for a couple of days. 

Many have known me for ages. I'm a speech pathologist by day--and this is something I do for a hobby, I do like connecting with other GH fans/watchers while giving my 2cents on the show. I have restrained myself greatly in this blog and (unlike during the Iraqi War) I have tried my hardest to keep politics out. 

I work with children who are 3-5 years old. Many are in preschools that are home to refugee and immigrant families that have come to this country. Some even seeking asylum. This was an issue I refused to keep silent about. I didn't even think I came off as that bad-- I just made a comment that my husband was an immigrant as well.  

The images and the knowledge that I've had for several weeks now (not just last week when people finally paid attention) filled me with rage and sorrow. I've been to our local refugee center to volunteer and I'm trying like hell to find someone in our local ICE detainment center to give me an answer on how to apply to foster one of those children that are now in limbo.  I put myself and my resources where I believe it will count. I do not sit here and blindly rage on a blog.  I don't need compliments or kudos--I don't need backlash and snotty comments. Yes, I spoke out. I sincerely believe that where you were the last few weeks would mirror where you would have been in the streets of Poland before WWII. 

I refuse to sit idle. GH is important to all of us and we are fans. I will NOT comment any further on politics (cross my heart) and hope you can all enjoy the blog as I move forward. 

One more note:  I apologize that I thought Dom Z's last air date was June 20th. I read it on Twitter and it turns out to not be the case. I don't have a final air date for him-- and there's no recasting information as of yet. 


  1. Thank you for your heartfelt message. Glad you provide the fun recaps that you do.

  2. You're a peach Karen and I love your blog! Will keep you and your efforts to make this a better world/country in my prayers. Have a blessed day!

  3. Oh Karen!!!!! I hope I didn't say anything to offend you, but if I did, I'm so sorry. :(

    "I'm trying like hell to find someone in our local ICE detainment center to give me an answer on how to apply to foster one of those children that are now in limbo."

    Wow! That is wonderful that you want to foster a child that is in limbo!!

  4. If only there were more people like you in this country. Sadly the situation here will probably get worse. What is going on here is revolting. Not only the children/immigration crisis but the fact that we are watching our country spiral out of control. I'm scared. We all should be.

    But anyway....always love your blog and your humor! Looking forward to more. Thanks.

  5. SO glad I wasn't blocked from WUBS - love reading recaps and comments!!

    if Bensch IS killed - I say it's Francesa - since she is back and telling Kiki that she was harassed.....but I keep reading conflicting reports - like in court Bensch exposes Kiki and Griffin and then the next he is going to killed?

    it WON'T be someone on Kiki's side...

    again PLEASE let Michael be the one to take down Nelle - not Jason - I love this new side of Michael...

  6. June 20th episode.

    Charlie's pub and grill:

    JossCar: Oh come on Joss!!!! Snap out of it, and stop listening to miss lying liar that lies!!!

    KimLian: Are they in the wuv yet? :)

    Julian and Oscar: Oscar wins the line of the day!

    Oscar: Is that a hickey?


    CarlyKim and Oscar: She is such a mother hahahahhaha!

    CarlyKim and Joss: Awwww. :( Great scene.

    Q home:

    Ava and Janey: Besties!!!!!! :) Man the baby bump looks like a bowling ball!!! It looks so fake! ROFL! They couldn't do a better job with this? :)

    Michael and Janey: Michael be careful! You don't want Janey to be suspicious!!!! That shirt hahahahahahaha! Yes Michael she did send it to herself. I knew it!!! :) Glad you are figuring more and more things out. :)

    The hospital:

    Scum Pig and Alexis: Oh shut up you scum sucking pig!!!!! You and Alexis didn't date long!!! She is NOT on your side!!!!! Go try Diane! Oh wait don't do that. She might win!!

    Scum Pig and Ava: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH AVA! Get him! GET HIM! HIT HIM! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Hit him again!!! :) No Griffin don't stop her! Let her beat him to a pulp!!!

    Kiwi, Ava, and Griffin: Oh shut the hell up Kiwi!! If you had a child, you would do the same thing your mother did, so stop with the self righteous attitude! And I hated that you and Griffin talked about the sex! UGH! I wish the flashbacks were over!

    Police station:

    Michael and Chase: Oh come on Michael! Tell me you don't really believe what Janey is selling you are you?!!!?

    Dante and Chase: Oh shut up Dante!!!! Janey is a lying liar that lies!!!

  7. Karen, I was terrified that you were offended and were ending the blog. I reached out to my late best friend's daughter who follows you on Twitter, and she said that you said you would re-start it this afternoon, SO GLAD YOU DID!! I so rely on GH, and the blog, to take me away from the mess this world has become. (Which does NOT mean you shouldn't comment on anything in the real world that you want to, I think you should.) As my late friend Karen and I used to say to each other when signing off: "See you in Port Charles."

  8. Karen, I commend you. This all completely breaks my heart as well. I am a former teacher and now I am a nurse. I too have had students that were immigrants and refugees in Texas. I taught PreK and kindergarten. My students were from all over the world. Thank you for speaking out. I don't mind if you talk politics. I have watched General Hospital for 40 years. I love GH, but don't mind other things on this blog. Thank you so much for doing this blog, as I have enjoyed it very much. You are amazing to foster one of the children. Hope they will let you. I just can't believe that things get worse and worse all the time.

    Be well.

  9. So glad you're back!! Took a chance and here you are! Finally watched Weds and Thurs shows and LOVED Weds!! Just died laughing with the cologne and tshirt. Catching up to her!!

  10. Karen, I think you and your blog are terrific! I appreciate all you do.

  11. "Michelle Latta said...Just died laughing with the cologne and tshirt. Catching up to her!!"

    Hahahaha she didn't erase the history!! She is slipping! Hahahahaha! Love that Michael is catching up to her. :)

    1. What I don't get is how nobody realizes she's "lucid" in Ferncliff... no missing scarves or baby blankets, etc, she's not acting crazy so good God Kevin, Jason wake up.

  12. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian: Yeah Julian I agree. Maybe it's not a good idea.

    Sonny and Julian: What are you going to do Sonny? Break his legs if he doesn't give you the money? What the hell was that scene about?

    Mike and Sonny: Hmmmm that guy in the picture!!! Is that who Sonny killed?

    KimLian: Really CarlyKim? You don't have a problem with Julian going to therapy with Alexis?

    Brad and Julian: Okay what a strange scene. There was nothing new to talk about. Were they supposed to be in a scene together, so that Julian can think about the pregnant mother and ask where in the hospital she is? Brad just go home to your husband.

    The floating rib:

    Anna and DocFinch: Zzzzzzz.

    Anna and Dr. O: FUN FUN FUN! Love when Dr. O calls her scarecrow! :)

    Anna and DocFinch: DocFinch won the line of the day.

    DocFinch: How did your talk with the German go?



    V.C. and DocFinch: OH MY HAHAHAHAHAHA! DocFinch acting all big and tough and threatening!! BAHAHAHAHA! Great scene! :)

    DocFinch: Mine is bigger than yours.

    V.C.: No mine is bigger.

    DocFinch: No! Mine is bigger! So stay away from Anna!!!

    V.C. and Nina: WOW! LOVE IT!!! :) Take him back Nina! He wuvs you!!!!

    The hospital:

    Sonny, Mike, and Francesca: Mike wants Franscesca to be with Michael! Hahahaha. I want them together too!!!

    Kiwi, Alexis, Liz, and Lulu: I am sure there is someone out there!!! They are just afraid to come out!!!!! Oh my! Francesca is looking strangely!!! Did Dr. Scum Pig did something to you Francesca? GREAT FRANCESCA IS SPEAKING OUT YAY! :)

    CarlyKim's office:

    CarlyKim and Liz: Oh okay that is much better! :) Great scene with them! Come on CarlyKim! Go tell your man you don't want him to be in a therapy session with Alexis!!! Well just because he isn't going you can still tell him.. :)

    Near the elevator:

    Julian and Alexis: DOH!!!!

    1. Sonya I wondered about that Jules/Brad scene as well. There is for sure a reason behind it. Loved the Valentin and Finn scene. Surprised he went there.

  13. I just started watching, but I've already seen a few new (or semi-new) faces--as this is the first day of summer, maybe this will be a trend?

  14. Karen,
    There is a refugee organisation in Buffalo called Vive that has been active for decades. An attorney friend of mine volunteered there. I don't know if they can answer your fostering questions for you but it might be worth a call. Good luck and bless you for trying to help

  15. Karen, I clicked on my link tonight, just hoping, and I felt like my ray of sunshine had come back. Your blog is a staple with my morning coffee. I'm so glad you're back.

    Sonya I think Jules is going to try to get the info from Alexis, probably surreptitiously while he's "helping" her with her therapy. He wants to check up on the mother to ensure thatb Lucas isn't hurt, and also maybe to get in good with them so he can see his grandchild some day.

    I'm glad Michael is making some headway with finding the truth. This con has dragged on way too long for my liking. And I hope Joss recognizes that perfume and realizes where she must have picked it up. I so want her to catch on to Nelle soon too.

    1. I can't wait til Joss realizes all the crap her kidney donor has pulled and punches her the "F" out!! Such a fool is she!

  16. So glad we are back on and I think most of us agree with your point of view and appreciate you tremendously. Good luck with your attempt to foster.

  17. I believe that most of us are trying to keep quiet and wait GH conversation to continue.

  18. Sp pleased you are back online. I love reading all the comments - even those I don't agree with. I hope the action picks up in Ferncliff soon. I am sure Jason or Kevin or both will get the boot soon so we can see the Nurse and her bad ass sidekick get it on with Caroline again.Finn & Anna playing tonsil hockey in public is a bit disconcerting for adults.I will be glad when this Peter story ends.

  19. I'm a long time lurker on your blog Karen, and have enjoyed your thoughts and comments from others for what seems like forever. Thanks for doing this and so happy this is back up for viewing! As for being a GH fan I've been watching since 1979, and I am enjoying some of the current story lines. Biggest pet peeve....anything to do with Sam and her mumbling and Peter. I was rooting for the snake, too!

  20. Julie...I've watched (regular, meaning not with MOM) since 1978!!

  21. mom watched All My Children, I started watching GH freshman year of college after class. I believe Leslie was helping Monica give birth to AJ in a storm, everyone thought the baby was Rick's and I was hooked! Ha!

  22. Thank you for coming back Karen! I am a teacher in Syracuse with a huge and rapidly increasing refugee population. We greet these children with open arms and ready to give comfort as they are very fearful and confused when they come with their families. Like you, I have been having visceral reactions to what is happening.I can't imagine our studetns being alone. That said, I understand your wanting to keep the blog GH related, however, if a moment comes that you want to speak your truth, you should.

    I think I started watching around the same time as you and Julie. I spent summers in the Adirondacks with my aunts who watched every day. I remember seeing Heather slip LSD into Diana's (I think it was Diana) drink, but the lazy susan was turned and Heather took it instead and went crazy. I think that was around 77 or 78. I was hooked, much like I am hooked on your blog. Thanks again for all you do!

  23. "Di said..Sonya I think Jules is going to try to get the info from Alexis, probably surreptitiously while he's "helping" her with her therapy."

    Hmmmm. That would be interesting!!! :)

    "He wants to check up on the mother to ensure thatb Lucas isn't hurt, and also maybe to get in good with them so he can see his grandchild some day."

    Yeah I know, but I have a bad feeling that it's going to blow up in his face!!!

  24. I also thought that Julian changed his mind when he finally accepted Alexis's invitation to join her in therapy in order to get info from her on the birth mother for his grandchild. I guess Kim will be miffed when she finds out that he changed his mind!

  25. So thankful the blog is back up! It's hard to not speak of the horrors a majority of Americans saw this week. If someone is offended, perhaps introspection would be beneficial.


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