Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Blind Trust

I'd really like Cook 2 to bring back the Q BREAKFAST BAR..can you arrange that, please?

Welcome to one of my fave types of Surgeries! Yep.. it's "Blind Week"...I didn't watch Wed/Thurs shows --and have no time right now so.. I'm going to just run with what I think happened based on Friday's show! There wasn't a show Monday remember and not much happened Tuesday did it?? Hmm...

Anyway, here we go!! 

Since it's a Short Surgery please just grab a snack. 

I mean, what the hell, Anna.... seriously? This Henrich guy ..
It's Petah! his name is PETAH!! :cry: 
Okay..Petah... crickey, haven't we spent enough time on with this guy...
TIME? Of course not! I missed Harry and Meghan's wedding for this! were invited to the royal wedding and you skipped it to look for Hein..I mean Petah..
:Sobbing: Of course I did! A mother's love never fades, Robert! 
Anna, you didn't even remember him for what? 30 plus years? !! 
Oh bloody hell...just shut up! 

Excise me? You want me to have her plead GUILTY by means of insanity? Or ... NOT-GUILTY by means of insanity? And how can you NOT grant bail for someone that's been in Shadybrook numerous times, faked her own death and shot Dr. Tony Jones?  I mean, she did plead insanity at that time, so, clearly she's not a flight risk. 

SO.. did you water the plants in the den because they need water EVERY day. 
Yeah, yeah, whatever. You know... I was thinkin''re in there, I'm out here... maybe we can you know, take a little break? 
Oh My GOD. You like the DA, don't you? 
Well...she is kinda cute. 
You got it. Oh, and don't eat the oatmeal... it's known to cause digestive problems...

Memories...... like the corners of my mind..... misty water colored memories....
Hey! You! Andrew! I got them... all of them... 
Why did you keep them? Why my memories? And how could they fit on a flash drive? 
Don't you know by now? Can't you feel it? 
I don't know, I haven't felt much since I hit that dashboard... 
That wasn't YOU that was Jason.. 
I AM Jason... I mean, at least in my thoughts. 
Oh for the love of GOD... Just go get me a laptop, let's end this. 
We can use a laptop? 
Hell, we can use a Galaxy 8 if you want, just get one fast.  

Wait...what..happened. Oh !! Does Drew finally realize?? IS this fantasy come true?? .... or.. will I need to pee into a bottle for the next month while someone holds me captive. Oh well, either way, it's a win-win!

Don't try it man....don't even go there...
I was just... 
Welp, okay then. But I think you need some more therapy time...
As long as you DON'T TOUCH THE FRITOS! 

So.. it's time to put up or shut up.  You get to the hotel and we'll discuss changing your report. 
Um...are you harassing me? 
I don't know, am I? '
I think you are...
Nope... I'm just caressing your cheek with this key card because you are so soft.  Oh, don't tell anyone. This won't work if you tell anyone. 

Are you stinking telling mes that ...that... seed of Faison killed my Nasion!!? 
Well, Faison was the real one that...
But...zis...zis Petah... he's really zah cause? Excuse me, I must goes to make ze poison strudels!! 

TWIST OF THE WEEK: Ok, so admit it. You though it was Lesil Obrect that took Heiney, right? I am really hoping BOTH of them did-- Nina will start and then Obrect strolls in with Rubber GLOVES and a hose. heh. 

THE 45,000 CAST MEMBER TO JOIN THIS WEEK: So, yes..this guy was in North and South and Charmed... and Days. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...Finn and Ford Chases' Dad? When Franco is busy googling Jeff Webber? What did I do to get punished like this? WHAT!!?? 

SET OF THE WEEK: You have no idea how wonderful it was to see a storage closet!! They used to be used ALL--THE--TIME on the show. Major stuff happened in there!! 

MADE ME THINK OF AN AQUARIUM OF THE WEEK: Ok..all I could think of was Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in SPLASH... (I am weird, ignore me).

HIGHTLIGHTS  OF the WEEK:  Movement on the Bensch Kiki case. Alexis seeing Kevin. He could have his own show and just talk to each character at length.  On, one more thing... doesn't NuFace Insta-Maxie look like Lisa Niles? 

So...that's that. I have so many suggestions. Ideas.... it makes me crazy sometimes. I feel like GH is SO expansive and out of control. I mean.. Mike was basically off this week.. we won't see Aunt Stella in forever. TJ?  Molly? Who knows. Now Finn's freaking DAD is coming on-- just when his brother got there and Dom Z is leaving??  Why would I want to know about Finn and Chase Ford's past when there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS that we could be focused on??! 
 Um... this seems assbackwards. And forgive me if I missed it but...has Bobbie been to visit Carly? Has she been to the Q's to figure out what Nelle is up to? Where's Monica (even fake Monica??) WHY IN THE HELL ISN'T TJ in the Kiki story??!  

And that concludes Surgery for this week! Grab some pain pills on your way out and have a great day! 


  1. Yes, Karen, I also think that Dr. O and Nina may be in cahoots.

    I also wonder where Bobbie is. And Carly's plea . . . like I said before, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to prove not guilty by reason of insanity. It would have to mean that the person didn't know right from wrong, and is really INSANE. Maybe someone with severe schizophrenia who hears voices telling them to harm someone and really believes that the voices are real, maybe they are crazy enough to try that defense. But Carly does not hear voices and knows right from wrong--she is UNDER STRESS, that does not make her insane, it is CRAZY to have Diane, who is supposed to be a great lawyer, have Carly make this plea.

    And, PLEASE, tell me Dom isn't leaving!!

  2. I still think it's Andre......

    so LAURA can't come back by CLYDE can be there as Finn's father?

    I need a recap - where do people live now? Molly? TJ? Stella? Julian?

  3. Barbara, Good question, I know that Julian lives in the back of his restaurant, that is where he bonked CarlyKim.

  4. You missed Fridays show. The best day, Michael finally believes his mom and not Nelle, I know somehow he's got a plan to trap her. Can't wait!

  5. Monica was prominent on Thursday's show.

    Wednesday's show brought us lots of Mikkos mentions (and his photo!). Also got mentions of Stavros, Tiffany, Kristina (the dead one) and Cheryl Stansbury.

    Still waiting for Nelle to bed Jason so I can watch Twitter implode.

  6. Frank, what? You are not serious, right? Jason would NEVER sleep with that skank!

    Anyone know when real Monica and Maxie are coming back?

  7. I don't know about Leslie Charleson, but Kirsten Storms was supposed to be out only June 1st and June 4th.

  8. Joan, it's a soap so anything can happen, right? I know it would be out of character for Jason but if the writers could figure out a way to make it happen...imagine the chaos that would create. It would be glorious!

  9. The only ONS that I ever remember Jason having EVER was with Carly. I forget the exact circumstances. It was Sarah Brown's Carly and they met in a bar (I think).

  10. Maybe Curtis drug Peter and is looking for the flash drive for Drew

  11. Peter doesn't know that Nina was REALLY CRAZY at one point.

  12. Have a feeling the Kiki/Bench story is going to get very messy, the way he went to Ava makes me think he already knows about her and Griffin, plus he's staying in the same hotel. It's too convenient. When Kiki lodges the complaint he'll blackmail her with footage of her leaving Griffins room.
    Anyone else like Coocoo Nina? Hope she leaves Peter there to rot. And is it just me or were those ropes on his arms waaaaay loose? LOL

  13. they are bringing in the new father character because the writers get bonuses and residuals based on characters they create, not based on veterans returning. its about money, not about fans. never has been, never will. we havent mattered to the show or the writers in almost 20 years.

    besides, this group of writers cant write their way out of a paper bag.

    i think ava will find out about dr. residual and then go bat shit crazy like ava of old and get really evil on his ass.

    has anyone else heard about a new character named terry coming on?

    jason and nelle? why not. the writers dont know what they are doing, so i can see it happening. maybe nelle will drug him and get pregnant. becuase, well, you know, original story writing.

    are the final numbers out for the money raised at the nurse's ball?

    i think drew, who has become the most underused emmy winning actor of all time, will get his memory back and there will be "something scandalous in his past that he will be shocked to learn". wow. that last sentence made me an official soap opera writer. because that is pretty much what we get nowadays

    sorry for the lack of caps. i am in vegas and we are #nocaps right now.

  14. Wow. I didn't know the writers got bonuses for creating their own characters. That would make some sense now. Plus, I know my wonderful vets cost a lot of money. Still wishing upon wishes they'd bring Genie back to stay again, and keep Tristan. Don't think I'll get my wish

  15. They'd better bring Genie back!! And they should change the rules, and pay the writers more when they use our beloved vets, and dock their salaries when they create new characters! Why is Franco speaking about Liz's family if they are not bringing them back? If they don't, then the only thing I can think of is that it's so obviously crazy that Liz has been married like a million times without her family showing up, that they feel like they have to address this.

  16. What if their father IS Jeff Webber?! He HAS been known to get around. And maybe Finn and Chase both use their mothers' last names?

  17. Actually, I just realized that that would mean Hayden and Finn were half-siblings, and that would make their baby it's own cousin, so let's just pretend I didn't suggest that.

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