Thursday, June 14, 2018

Seeing Things


Jason is going into Ferncliff. I should have played that nurse BTW... I would have been AWESOME playing her! LOL I think I should have been hired.   St. Jayson walks the halls with her. Carly sees him.  Later, the nurse gives Jason the job to start LATER THAT DAY! lol..not even a pee test? Okayyy... 

Sam and Curtis find stuff in the tunnels. Not sure what, didn't pay attention. Val tells Nina to give him a month and if he can't win her trust, she can divorce him. 

Alexis is talking to Kevin about being her mother and making the same mistakes.  "I don't want to talk...FIX ME!!" He says bring in one of your old boyfriends. She says Ric hates her, Jerry is a fugitive and Sonny is too busy so she's going to ask Jules. Later, she boxes stuff up for Charity. Kevin goes to visit Carly.

Griffin takes Bensch and smashes him against the lockers after he hears him threatening Kiki. Bensch gets a twinkle like "I know something"--which means he's going to out them for having ZEX.

Liz talks about her absentee family. She wants Franco to let it go... OMG they are sitting on their damn shelf. AGAIN!  When she leaves, Franco calls Sarah to ask for her parents address. 

REALLY WEIRD ending with Alexis. It was sooooooo strange. Anyone see it? 


  1. I got the impression that they're going to have Alexis suffer from some kind of mental break. SHE seemed to be channeling her mother). I really think that when they want a new storyline they have these writers all do a themed story, such as a mental breakdown, and they then choose one. If they like them all, they use them all. That could explain all the insanity going on now. I'm ready to turn off completely again.

  2. ok time for some fun.

    some of you might have seen the pic of John Stamos visiting Kin and Maurice on set. What if he was to come back as Blackie, even for a stint?

    what storyline would he have?

    would he be related to any of the newbies?

    OMG what if he was Nelle's ex husband!!!

    lets have some fun with this.

  3. Might as well get Kevin with Alexis since Laura isn't coming back - I kinda like the idea of them together!

    in real mob world, wouldn't Sonny find dirt on this nurse and blackmail her?

    Let's count AGAIN people who need to go away: Kiki, Bensch, Nelle, Olivia, Ned, Oscar, Kim, Drew, Peter, Lulu, Dante........and yes AVA AND GRIFFIN

    let's count AGAIN people who need a great storyline and not being used: Brad, Lucas, Felix, Stella, Diane....

    let's count AGAIN people who need to return: Laura and Spencer

  4. Don't forget Nicholas! Wish that Tyler Christopher would come back. Don't mind Ava, just hate the way she is being written. Break up her and Griffin.

  5. Words cannot describe how much I hate Ava and Griffin together. And I get it, wiriters; he does the guilt look really well, but do we have to have him wallowing in it in every storyline? Enough already.

  6. Ferncliff: Okay I already have seen Hiney being tortured! I don't want to watch Carly being tortured by this awful nurse and this big hulk! No thank you!!! I want this storyline to end now! I like that Jason is there.. Why is Doc there? I am glad he is there and asking how many drugs did they give you! Thank you Doc!!!!

    The hospital:

    Friz: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!! Sarah is too busy at work to go to the Friz wedding?!!?!? Pathetic!!

    Pig scum and Kiwi: Oh no you don't!!!! You let her pass you freakin scum pig!!!!!!! Oh I thought it was BobTodd who grabbed him.. I was so excited.. Well, Griffin being there, okay.. But Griffin you didn't even tape it!! Neither did Kiwi!! UGH! That scum has his own evidence!!!!!

    Kiwi and Griffin: UGH! Stop talking about the sex!!!!! I don't want to hear it!!!!

    Doc's office:

    Alexis and Doc: Great scene!!!! Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: She essentially sacrificed her entire life for a sociopath who was married to a sociopath and together they spent their entire lives trying to out evil each other. I mean it's a wonder that I am as sane as I am.

    ROFL! Oh wait! Get Ned in the meeting!!! Forget Julian!

    The floating rib:

    ValeNina: Hahaha I love it! No divorce Nina! Just a month Nina! You can do it. :)


    Curtis and Sam: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Curtis, Sam and V.C.: V.C. made the scene better! :)

    Alexis's home:

    "Karen says REALLY WEIRD ending with Alexis. It was sooooooo strange. Anyone see it?"

    Yes! I saw it!!!!! Is she going to lose her mind and think she is her mother?!!??!?!!

  7. Can the Floating Rib still claim being established in 1978 when it was closed, a different business and then started back? Kelly's has always been Kelly's.

    And how can Alexis say she's never heard her mother's voice? Didn't Helena leave her a recording of her mother singing when she gave her the knife she used to slit her throat?

  8. has sarah ever gone to one of liz' weddings? or has she ever seen any of her children? (come to think of it, we havent...) what a horrible way to write family and sisters.

  9. "Cheryl said...Can the Floating Rib still claim being established in 1978 when it was closed, a different business and then started back?"

    Yeah I was thinking that too!!!!

    "Michelle Latta said... Ned.....really??"

    ROFL! Okay maybe not. They would be talking about the wedding that wasn't. Although maybe it would be therapeutic for them. Hmmm but the only other person that is left is Julian, and I don't want them in a scene together. I am sick of them together. Too bad we can't get Jerry. :)

    1. No Barbara was mentioning people who need to go away, Ned isn't one of them. But the others I wouldn't mind.

  10. Dr.Creepy was spot on today, I needed a shower after that scene with Kiki. He actually made me jump when he slammed his hand on the locker. Why didn't you or Griffin record any part of that conversation????? Wish BobTodd had punched him in his arrogant face the other day.
    The ending with Alexis standing in front of the mirror with her mother's watch on? maybe she's just going to go full Cassadine after all and kill all the men who did her wrong? Maybe her and Carly can be roomies at Ferncliff. Not sure but it was weird.
    I thought maybe Kevin was a hallucination from Carly's drug trip. But probably not. Nurse Ratchet won't like this any at all.
    Surprise Liz's family doesn't care, and since when does she talk to Sarah every weekend? I thought they hated each other since Sarah couldn't stop sleeping with Lucky. What about your brother or your other sister? Have any of Liz's family even seen her kids ever?

  11. I definitely am crushed that DZ is leaving. Recast will be difficult. I can only imagine 1 Dante. Fantastic, under used actor:(

  12. "Alicia said...He actually made me jump when he slammed his hand on the locker. Why didn't you or Griffin record any part of that conversation?????"

    Exactly!!! What the hell!!!!

  13. I know, I know, Jason's getting that job and starting work in the same hour was beyond ridiculous! Everyone I know now who is looking for work has to go through multiple interviews that usually take months. Plus there is paperwork with HR, etc. And she checked out all of his references? I know it's a soap, but, c'mon . . .

    Jason did seem like a different person, he did a good job acting like someone who just wanted a job. I also thought that he looked SOOO young . . . I think that when he is not acting like "Stone Cold" he looks younger . . .

    1. As much as we beetch and moan about storylines taking so long I have no problem with this. That would drag it out you said it's a soap. Reel life as opposed to real life.

  14. "Michelle Latta said...No Barbara was mentioning people who need to go away, Ned isn't one of them. But the others I wouldn't mind.'

    Ohhhh! Yes Ned does not need to go away!!!

  15. I too am sad that Dom is leaving. I really liked him when he was with Julie Marie Berman. They had great chemistry. Don't blame the actor. He will probably show up on Y&R. Bummer big time. The good ones all leave



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